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  1. atarah

    Help sexing angels

    Can someone please help me sex these two? Not the best pictures as they are quite skittish. I’m thinking white is male and black is female just based on how round they are and forehead look but I have no idea. They are still small about 5cm of body (no fins). White was being bullied in the...
  2. H

    New to TFF

    Good morning, I've had tropical fish off and on for over 60 years. At present I have a 55 gallon tank, fairly heavily planted, with the following: 1 old bristlenose plecos and two younger ones 4 Siamese algae eaters 3 little bronze corys (C. aeneus) 5 diamond tetras 4 yoyo loaches and a...
  3. I

    Honey gourami gender and behaviour enquiry

    We have just added 2 honey gouramis to our 65 litre tank. We are new to fish keeping. Can anyone tell me if they are male or female? I have attached pictures They have pretty much constantly been following each other around and tapping each other with their ventral fins since introducing over...
  4. J

    Issues sexing German Blue Rams

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if I can get some help sexing my 2 new rams. I’ve been looking up online how to sex them but one of them I am stuggling with. I think the latter one is a female however the first one appears to have traits of both male and female rams so I’m struggling to identify...
  5. D

    Are these both males?

    At first I thought because the one had more color it meant male but I'm sure. Thank you!
  6. J

    Concerned About the Sex Ratio of Two Blue Rams

    Hello all, I've been keeping an aquarium for about a year now and so far, things have been going pretty well! But recently I splurged on a new tank setup and, after cycling was complete, decided to fill it with a bunch of neon tetras and a pair of blue rams. The local fish store (which has...
  7. D

    Keyhole sex?

    I'm pretty confident I got a pair (I watched them for an hour to make sure they were bonded and wouldn't kill eachotger before I got them) and I've had them for a few months and I just wanted to double check :) tank is cloudy because I redid the tank including adding some new sand
  8. T

    Sexing German Rams

    I have a gold and a blue variant. Here are the pictures. I apologize for not getting a picture of the full dorsal fin, but he only let loose when facing me. The blue ram is new and getting bullied so I can't get better pictures. Thanks for the help!
  9. Kelseyghardin125

    Sexxing my Lyretail Molly

    Hello again! Can someone identify if this is male or female lyretail creamsicle Molly? I have a make Dalmatian Molly in my tank also and know that the Dalmatian Molly is a male. He constantly is chasing my lyretail and rubbing his nose on the lyretail’s belly like an attempt to mate or...
  10. G

    Honey Gourami Not Eating!

    Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 pH 7.3 gH 200 ppm Chlorine 0 29gal, moderately planted, gravel bottom with 15 cardinal tetras, multiple cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and three honey gourami (2 red). I do a 25% water change every week, water temp is 76F. A week ago I got two red honey gourami...
  11. S

    Help me identify Doug:)

    So I bought this flowerhorn from ebay earlier this year. Personally I think it's a female but the eBay ad said it was male. Does Doug have poor genetics or is he a different type of FH as it also said he's supposed to be a super red dragon FH, but he has little to no red. Much appreciation in...
  12. Dephea

    Bristlenose pleco - male or female?

    I was looking for a female BNP. I already have a boy so when I went to LFS I specifically asked for a girl. We found a BNP wit no whiskers on the head so I assumed it was a girl and the guy in the shop assured me it was indeed a female. I have her/him for roughly a month now living with my other...
  13. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, I did post about this bristlenose a couple of weeks ago. I had a hunch it was male when bought as female. Since a couple of weeks ago, his/her bristles have grown even more. And grown on his/her head - which by my understanding would mean it was male but I’m no expert so wanted to check to...
  14. C

    Bristlenose female or male?

    Hi, Please could I have some help sexing my bristlenose? He/She is around 8cm. It was bought as a female blue eyed bristlenose but with the bristles I’m a bit concerned that she is a he. Sorry for the terrible photos. If you need more in different angles please just let me know. Thanks in...
  15. B

    Help me sex these fish

    I have a JD and a green terror coukd you help me sex them i think the jd is a male but im not sure
  16. C

    Is my Bristlenose a male or female?

    Hi, I was just wondering whether my pleco is a male or female please? I always believed him to be a male but it never really mattered as I only had him but now I’m considering getting him/her a friend. Thanks
  17. M

    Sexing GBR's

    Picked up a pair of GBR's and was wondering if anyone else can confirm the sex of them. I did spend some time taking a look at both of them and think I have both a male and female. The supposed female holds the back of the tank and they both seem to get into a "fight" when they see each other...
  18. W.R

    Another Help! what sex are my honey gourami! Post

    Heya! so I've got three honey gourami, one male? in sunset colours who's starting to show some black on the cheeks, one wild coloured variant lady?? who I got from a really renowned fish store but who is now starting to show a black nose to anal fin and white dorsal, is she a he?? and another...
  19. H

    Yet another molly sexing question

    I know it's been asked plenty of times about mollies, but my lyretails seem to be a bit harder to tell, just because with the cases of heavy inbreeding I'm not sure if it's a deformity or just a very pronounced gonopodium. Also, I cleared the algea right after this picture. They just get too...
  20. E

    Is this guppy male or female?

    I'm new to tropical fishkeeping! Recently added some guppies to my tank which I were told were male but I am starting to think the black one is female? Mainly because lack of colour, shorter tail and rounder body compared to the others. Just wondered if anyone could clarify through the photos...