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Sep 1, 2019 at 3:49 PM
Jun 15, 2009
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Wills was last seen:
Sep 1, 2019
    1. Verminator89
      I'll prop this on your profile so you may actually see it. The thread you started the other day about two PM's (no not starting it again), just a quick one to suggest you remove your email from it. Never a good thing leaving it on show, especially seeing as it may not be required to still be sat on display.
      Hope your well.
    2. Liam2368
      Willis need some advice about nics.
    3. MrsTeriyaki
      Newbie question.. what fish is in your avatar? :) is it a FW fish?
    4. SharkWeek
      i got the eadstander you recommened
    5. SharkWeek
      how does this look?
      2 kribs
      1 male dwarf gourami 2 female
      5 long fin danios
      6 of a ruby bard
      4 or 5 harlequin rasboras
    6. LiamGoodaire
      Meant fluval edge pal, my phones on predictive ha
    7. LiamGoodaire
      Hey will, any advice on the quantity of household ammonia I should add to my floral edge to help during its fishless cycle? Cheers
    8. zeke the black ghost knife
      zeke the black ghost knife
      hey will! im so glad that you helped me on my aquarium. it turns out fixing it will be easy. just get rid of the mollys and the gouramis right? aand im going to put in kulhi loaches too. i already researched them and i found they are good in my aquarium. im putting a big glass bottle with sand in my aquarium so they have a nice place to burrow. thanks so much for the help!
    9. Liam50
      ahh i wasn't sure if you had actually got rid of it. Me and few friends are off to a lfs to try and get an idea. I was thinking of using a tank around 150l. Do you have any pics of your old reef?
    10. Liam50
      heyy i can't remember if you said you got rid of it or not but have you still got your reef?
    11. ahud
      Hey Wills,
      I can't find any information on Guianacara sphenozona and I stumbled across one of your threads. I'm trying to figure out if a group will work in a 36x18x25 tank.
    12. zophie
      Hey Wills, thanks for helping me with my tank!!
    13. Fantail_John
      LOL so what do you think, only do them when nothing else to do, just for a laugh :) I will never be like WG or Morph :)
    14. Truck
      Crap, that wasn't meant to go in there!
    15. Truck
      You are so hot.
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