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zeke the black ghost knife

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  • about 8 months ago you posted on my profile did I have Black ghost knifefish, Well not anymore, I no longer have knifefish, I now have all Piranhas, red belly, Yellow King empouer, ect
    Really good thanks :)
    I still haven't been able to get that heater cover as it's being delivered, but he's healed up completly and the other ones fine aswell :) how's yours?
    Ouch! i've fed them frozen bloodworm by hand and they've never bit me...thankfully
    I'm going to get a heater cover, so if it was a burn i'l make sure it doesn't happen again :)
    I know!
    Poor little thing, i'm glad he's alright :)
    Someone said it might have even been that he burnt himself on the heater, as it did heal up pretty quick.
    My BGK is fine now, it has all cleared up :)
    I would get a pic but he is hiding and i don't want to catch him in the net just to show that he's alright, wouldn't be fair.
    i do reserch but i would like peopel that have had them sort of fish because you read one thing about a fish somewhere and total dif somewhere els ?
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