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    How should I stock my 16gal tank to go with my 3 golden barbs?

    Cool so your water sounds good for the barbs I would add more barbs to the tank as They are a schooling fish and at upto three inches a group of 5 or 6 would be the mad for the tank. If you wanted to get more species I think you could do to upgrade your tank.
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    How should I stock my 16gal tank to go with my 3 golden barbs?

    Hi do you know what your water is like with ph and hardness? Usually a good start. I’d probably suggest more golden barbs but you are going to end up fully stocked quite quickly as gold barbs are quite a big fish for 15 gallons
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    ADA 60F low tech

    I did try to explain to my wife that this set up has cost less than my light on the other tank but that just seemed to make things worse...
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    I agree with above that you might need some more plants. Lets look at your current plants - am I right in thinking that the taller plants at the back are Hygrophila Siamensis 53b and the ones at the front are Pogostemon Helferi? Its important to take the plants out of the pots and the rock...
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    In need of some stocking suggestion

    Hi welcome to the forum :) Your ph is really high but your water is not too hard. Do you know why the ph is so high? Is this test from the tank or the tap water? If its from the tank do you have any rocks in there? Wills
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    External Filters

    I always prefer external to internal. The Oase Biomasters are really nice as they are super easy to maintain thanks to a separate pre-filter and they have the heater in the filter meaning you save space on the tank, if you put some glass or steel lilly pipes on then it makes for a really nice...
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    15 gallon tank, looking for dwarf cichlids

    Am I right in thinking that Israel use big seawater conversion plants for most of your freshwater? Which could help explain why you have hard water. RO water would be recommended for keeping South Americans. You could look at some of the small Lake Tanganikans like shell dwellers which would do...
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    Advice: Two filters in 50 gallon? Too much filtration?

    Hi welcome to the forum :) 392 is really hard water so you need to be careful with what you stock. For water that hard I would be looking at livebearers like mollies and swordtails and rainbow fish like Dwarf Neons and Sunsets. Catfish you would be best off with Synodontis catfish like...
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    15 gallon tank, looking for dwarf cichlids

    Hi welcome to the forum :) It would be possible to house a single male of either of these species but it would depend on if your water is soft enough if you can accommodate them. I would recommend finding out your water hardness as it can have a big effect on the fish in there. It does not...
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    Suggestions For a 30 Gal?

    Hi do you know what your ph and water hardness is?
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    That could be a good option then I’d leave them in the 29 for now and look to sort their own tank once moved. No worries on the pleco I just want to work our what type it is as some shops will say anything
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    I’m not sure those dimensions are the best for the angels you want it at least four foot long which is achievable with 75 gallons. Are you limited in floor space? the Chinese algae eaters can get quite big uptin8 inches so a 10g is not really viable if I was planning a tank for them I would put...
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    Cool thankyou thats useful :) So water hardness usually affects fish in the long term and impacts on their lifespan rather than short term. A molly should live for 5 or so years but in soft water this could be reduced to 2 or less so its just something to be aware of. I'm not a massive fan of...
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    ADA 60F low tech

    Thanks guys :) I really like the ADA brand but man is it expensive! We have a couple of stores that stock it in the UK I went to get it this weekend before we get more lock down restrictions as no one wants to post ADA for some reason?
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    New tank plan -> feedback and advice appreciated!!

    Hi welcome to the forum :) really great when people get back into the hobby! So the first question we will ask you is how hard is your water? You mentioned your ph is rated as 8-9 which is really high (african cichlid territory) but I would recommend you get an API master test kit and check...