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  • Lucky you, haviong a Synodontis brichardi! I'd love to source one without it costing an arm and leg for my African riverine setup.
    there are some pics of it somewhere on here not sure where though.
    150 liters is pretty cool but just be prepared for the expense I quickly realised that if you can chuck enough money into it you will have a successful tank very easily. But I mean like serious money for students like us :p
    hey, no the reef went ages ago it just cost too much I easy spent £300 in a few weeks and was no where near finished and for the compromises of a small tank it just was not worth it lol. Probs worth a go on a 30g or bigger though, something for me to try in the future but a while off yet.
    Hi Liam,are the aquaone850 and 980 good tanks
    and the filters good?i really like the look of those tanks
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