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I Want To Start A Nano Reef Sometime This Summer...

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Feb 7, 2016
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Hey guys I have a lot of freshwater tanks but this summer I wanted to set up a saltwater tank. I have some live rock/dry coral or something that my dad got from florida a long time ago. It's a pretty big piece, and I think it would fit nicely in a 10 gallon. I have never had a saltwater tank before and don't know what size I should make the tank. I for sure want to get lots of nice corals, some anenome, and some clownfish for sure. I was also looking at getting a couple other fish as well but I don't really know any other beginner saltwater fish. Damselfish? Cardinalfish? Anyway, what would a good tank size be?
I would like to have some sort of cube as the tank but the LFS near me only has rectangular tanks. Any suggestions on tanks? I really don't care too much about that. Thanks much
Hi.read my thread on marine journals.90 litre saltwater.
First thing I would suggest is getting as big a tank as you can. The bigger the better for marine. For ease of keeping water parameters stable and also to fit coral, nems in because I guarantee you'll want more space once you start.
I started with 65l within 4 weeks changed for 94l which was too restricting then went 180l then 300 which was ideal
I agree but if money and space are a limiting factor then nano is ideal
Are there any "nano fish" available for saltwater? Fish the size of ember tetras for instance.
I'd definately get a yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp combo
I'm looking at 30-40 right now. I want clowns mainly
I've read somewhere (don't remember where) that the best option is like 80 gallons (not quite sure how many liters that is) or more. But I've heard of people going as small as 5 gallons and being successful.

Definitely following this thread, as I'm thinking of starting a saltwater soon as well. Good luck!
Cool since you are following it I will try to make it educational and maybe it can become a sticky or something lol.
I might do 55, still not sure on size yet. I plan on doing this one with my dad. He doesn't know much about fish but a while back he went to florida and got some really big pieces of corals that are dried.

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