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  1. Jan Cavalieri

    Cycling a Salt Water Tank

    Long time since I've posted, not for all good reasons - a rash of deaths in the family - ALL my aunts and uncles on my mother's side have now passed away, of course before this round of deaths I lost both my parents and my husband and my dog all pretty close together - but this last round of...
  2. ChrissFishes01

    Chris's Pico Pest Reef!

    Hey guys! So, I recently had a disaster in my hobby. My apartment had to be treated for pests, and I was required to remove all of my tanks from the apartment during treatment. During this time, I ended up losing about half of my livestock - including my beloved Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I do...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Starting a salt-water /reef and fish tank - how to cycle it?

    Since I didn't want to sink thousands of dollars into this I bought a 32 gallon Biocube (and am now sinking thousands of dollars on extras and modifications) - but I'm just about ready to mix my salt water. Since I am renting this duplex I didn't want to permanently alter the plumbing so I...
  4. Barry Tetra

    How to properly add sea salt to the water?

    Hi everyone, I just started the saltwater aquarium with my saltwater mollies. I realized that I add salt probably the wrong way so can you guys help me out? I bought the reef salt and it doesn’t say how much I have to add on the package, what I normally do is I pour the salt until the salinity...
  5. I

    Planning a tank with seahorses!!!(dwarf probably)

    Hello everyone. I have a plan for a dwarf sea horse tank but I just want other people's thoughts on this to make sure it's good! So, I would want a fluval Evo, 5 gallons. I would probably have 12-16 dwarf seahorses as I read you can have 4 per gallon and I want to go easy since I'm just starting...
  6. cooledwhip

    I Want To Start A Nano Reef Sometime This Summer...

    Hey guys I have a lot of freshwater tanks but this summer I wanted to set up a saltwater tank. I have some live rock/dry coral or something that my dad got from florida a long time ago. It's a pretty big piece, and I think it would fit nicely in a 10 gallon. I have never had a saltwater tank...
  7. RRaquariums

    10 Gallon Nano Reef

    I recently had to downsize my 220 gallon tank dew to moving later this year but I couldn't really give it all up lol. So I've kept a few corals and set up a little 10 gallon nano tank with a hang on back refugium. Since I can't post pics on this site from my iPad for some reason I'll post...
  8. cooledwhip

    Nano Saltwater Reef Tank?

    I was just wondering if it would be doable to create a small nano saltwater reef tank. I was thinking something as small as 5 gallons and have a low tech setup with an anenome and maybe some small saltwater fish. Is it possible? I have a freshwater planted tank right now and want to move on to...
  9. RRaquariums

    Diy Frag Plugs. My Experiment

    So I'm downgrading from my current 300 gallon reef tank to a 75 gallon frag tank. New job and less time made me choose to do soemthing a little smaller. But I've had a lot of fun growing and selling my corals and I'm looking forward to really focusing on getting the corals to grow fast and have...
  10. RRaquariums

    Why Every Reefer Should Have A Generator.

    So last Tuesday we had a massive wind storm that blew over trees knocked down power lines and put 180 thousand+ people out of power here in my area. The power didn't come on for me again until Friday night. It's winter here so nights are getting down to 20 degrees which is well below freezing...
  11. RRaquariums

    My Bangaii Cardinal Pair Had Their First Batch Of Babies

    So I have two Bangaii cardinals I added about 4 months ago to my 230 gallon reef tank they where about the size of nickel when I added them and are now about the size of a quarter. I got lucky and they paired up almost right away which is what I was hoping would happen but it's very hard to tell...
  12. RRaquariums

    90 Gallon Reef Cube.

  13. RRaquariums

    Visit To My Saltwater Lfs

    So took a trip to one of my LFS to pick up 10 yellow tip hermit crabs to start of my clean up crew in the 230 reef build. Anyways while I was there I figured I'd take some pics of his display tank and some of the fish for sale. They aren't the best pics but could be a lot worse ;) Copper...
  14. P

    Saltwater Fish For A 55 Gallon / Flame Angel!

    Alrighty so i posted a while ago about a ton of saltwater questions and so far this is what i got (this referring to the picture attached) i still have a bit of aquascaping to do but this is my 55 gallon tank so far it's cycling now and i want to start seriously considering fish/invertebrates to...
  15. RRaquariums

    Tips For Getting Clownfish To Pair Up?

    I currently have a little clownfish in my 25 gallon tank I believe he/she is an ocellaris he/she is the normal orange white and black of a clown. I will be putting him/her into my new 230 gallon tank but I'd like to get another clownfish and pair them up. Here's my questions have any of you guys...
  16. RRaquariums

    230 Gallon Reef Tank.

    So I found a good deal on craiglsits for this 230 gallon starphire glass tank that I decided to set up instead of my 125 gallon. It will fit on the same stand and I'm going to use the same set up idea but just with this bigger tank. Because of the way my basement is set up the sump and refugium...
  17. RRaquariums

    125 Gallon Reef.

    I've been super busy but I found a 125 gallon saltwater tank set up on craigslist I couldn't pass up. I did have to build a new stand and I'm still have to pretty it up but it's ready to hold the tank anyways here's some pics of the stand build and the tank on it. I'll have some more as I start...
  18. RRaquariums

    Fluval Edge 6 Gallon Nano Reef.

    I found this fluval edge 6 gallon tank on craigslist for a good deal and couldn't pass it up so I will be making it into a nano reef tank. Hopefully I will have it set up and cycling by next week after that time permitting I will post updates once a week. So if you want to come along for the...
  19. RRaquariums

    25 Gallon Nano Reef

    Well I got my 25 gallon all set up about 3 weeks ago and it is now cycled. I got a new little clownfish his name is Stewie a skunk cleaner shrimp named Rupert and two red legged hermit crabs named tick and tack. These are my fist saltwater fish so I'm pretty excited to have them and I can't wait...
  20. RRaquariums

    225 Gallon Reef Set Up

    So I have been keeping freshwater fish for years but I've just decided to make the leap to saltwater. I went out and found a used 225 gallon tank that came with a sump and all the plumbing over the next few months I will be building a stand and canopy for it and adding a refugium it's going to...