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Tips For Getting Clownfish To Pair Up?

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Feb 4, 2014
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I currently have a little clownfish in my 25 gallon tank I believe he/she is an ocellaris he/she is the normal orange white and black of a clown.
I will be putting him/her into my new 230 gallon tank but I'd like to get another clownfish and pair them up.
Here's my questions have any of you guys paired clowns before? If so how did you go about it?
I'd love to pair my clown up with a black clownfish I've seen it done before so I was curios dose the method for pairing them up change at all based on color of the clown?
Any tips, advice or stories are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for any help :)
Hi, I have paired clownfish before just the common clowns mind never tried to mix colours, the one I had was quite small so when I went to get another I chose the biggest in the tank, this one took on the role of the female (the larger fish will be the female) so first things first try to get one bigger than the other otherwise they will fight over who takes on the role of being female if they are too closely matched then just leave them to it, there may be a few scuffles to begin with but they will get used to one another after a while, I think it is always best to introduce the female i.e the larger fish to the male rather than the other way around as she will be the dominant fish in the pairing.
As far as I know with clowns small fish can either become male or female but once they are female they are always female, where as a male can change into a female if paired with a smaller fish.
Thanks for the tips betta fish :)
My clownfish pairing is in process. If a success i shall post it
I've paired maroons in the past, which are one of the nastier ones to deal with. Some of the more peaceful species I know people will just dump in together and they'll sort it out with minimal wear and tear, but if there's a lot of biting in the first day you may need to intervene and try a more controlled approach. In such a big tank I'd think you could just dump them in and let them sort it out since there's so much space to get away from each other, but I'll give the way I used too (which was in a 50gal). I used the breeder net approach: put the smaller (presumably newer) fish in an in-tank net near the other's territory for a week or so, and then slowly introduce with supervision. Usually the one in the net will actually be quite ok with going back in the net if it gets bothered (it will identify that as it's territory). The first week or so in the net lets the big one get used to the fact that there's another fish there without letting antagonism start. After that I let the net sit sort of half-way open for supervised sessions so the smaller fish could leave as it chose and eventually took the net out once I saw both fish sharing the same area peacefully. 
Thanks Donya that seems like a really great way to do it if the clowns start to get to nippy I will use a net.
The tank is big and there are tons of good places to hide so hopefully they will just pair up naturally.

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