1. J

    Male Betta Not Making Bubble Nest - Breeding first time

    Hello, As of today i have given breeding my male and female betta fish. My female is in a tank with my male an she is inside a jar, at first she had the stripes that mean she is scared and now she has the breeding stripes. My water parameters are all ok, temperature is at the correct level and...
  2. B

    Apistogramma tank?

    Hello, I have a 60l 2foot x 1foot tank, currently stocked with a pair of A. Cocatoides, 2 sterbae corys and 3 ottos, and was thinking about making it into more of a Pisto breeding tank? Is it possible to add more than one type of apisto? Maybe 2 females of each to one male of each species...
  3. G

    Should I remove different species shrimp?

    Im getting 20 new blue velvet shrimps, but my tank already has 3-4 orange sakura shrimps and 1 red rili. My concern is if they breed the offspring will have bad coloring. They are housed in a 25 gallon, I also have a 90 gallon but I house turtles and large goldfishes in there. I could feed them...
  4. D

    Drape Fin Barb unexpected fry — help!

    Hi freshwater fans, Brand new to this forum and hoping to get some much-needed advice. I have a heavily planted 70l community tank containing six Drape Fin Barbs (three males and three females), four male guppies, three dwarf corydoras, and a pleco. Everyone gets along famously, and I was happy...
  5. D

    help to breed platys

    I have 3 female and one male platy 3 Mickley mouse (1 male 2 female) and 1 panda (female) I have had them for months but they won't breed the male is chasing but none are getting pregnant Don't say they probably already have been because there has been no signs from the gravid spot to any...
  6. Barry Tetra

    Discus lay eggs every weeks

    My discus lay egg every weeks but never got fries because they always eat after they laid their eggs, any Ideas? My discus already paired (Red discus-female, Heckel discus-male)
  7. K

    Questions on Mollies

    Hello everyone, had some questions on my Mollies... Started a tank about a month ago now. Currently I have one male and two female mollies. I had one other male, which ended up not making it. I did see him a couple times try to breed with one of the females. But like I said he passed on.. The...
  8. Meg0000

    Best fish to breed in 10 gallon

    Hi, I would like to know what is the best fish to breed in 10 gallon for profit (and also just for fun)? Also what is the fish the most in demand right now? I would like to do shrimps maybe or panda corydoras but for these the parents would be in a 30 gallon. I would love to breed paradise fish...
  9. M

    Gourami breeding

    Hi everyone, I need advice's from you regarding the gourami fries care, I have bred 3 sets of gourami fries and all of them died,please help on this to save the kids for my next breeding.I am breeding blue gouramies,using 2*1 feet box,with 15cm level water after bred i am losing fries after 1...
  10. Irksome

    Will my amorous nerites stop laying eggs if I separate them?

    My two snails are getting busy, all the time. They give piggy backs all day long. If I separate them will they stop laying hundreds of eggs? I’m assuming they are male and female, is there a way of sexing them? Would the top snail be the male one? Would two females behave like this? Has anyone...
  11. Medusa313


    I’ve had my all black molly since about may 2019... and I’ve had other mollies and guppies(I have two tanks). But some of the previous group didn’t make it. Anyways back to my point, my black molly is male while my two newer Dalmatian mollies are female. One has more spots than the other(so she...
  12. Ama

    Help me to determine my angel's gender

    How can i identify angel's sex I know it is difficult to identify, could anybody help me to find out?:)
  13. S

    Out of control!!

    I have a 60 litre tank that is in perfect balance with gouramis neon tetras bsn plecos and 2x albino corys and 1x salt and pepper corys and a few shrimp It is fine at the the moment however i have noticed at least a hundred cory eggs im worried that it will tip the tank over the edge I dont...
  14. R

    Am I about to get babies?(Blue Acara breeding behavior)

    Hi everyone, I adopted these two 10 cm (4"), and 8 cm(3") Electric Blue Acaras from a guy online that said: "-They are 1 year and something". I want to know if I really got a male and a female, and if they are about to breed I'd love to have some babies; I got the two that were together...
  15. L

    Males won't make bubble nests!

    We've decided to try and breed 1 of our 2 male Bettas, but neither one of them will make a bubble nest. We've been trying for 2 weeks now. Am I doing something wrong?
  16. Fishguy13

    Questions about keeping betta

    Hello all, I have seen many amazing pictures of betta on here and now I am looking to get some, and I just had a few questions. I am actually hoping to breed them do you recommend that to a person who has been keeping fish for a bit over a year? and can you keep shrimp with or will they be eaten?
  17. C

    Breeding Guppies

    I have a 29 gallon tank that I setup for guppies. I recently purchased some fish the other day (2 males 2 females) and I had a question regarding the fish. I am relatively accustomed to keeping livebearers as I’ve had swordtails and guppies in the past. I am well aware that unless I separate my...
  18. A

    Breeding in a fry-only tank

    i am thinking of cutting bottoms off a plastic breeder. Place it in the 10 gallon fry-only tank. Breed in the breeder and let the fry fall into the tank. I’ve searched for discussion of this practice. Why is this not a reasonable approach?
  19. E

    pleco fish bred and I don't know what to do..

    So today I was cleaning out my canister filter when I later realized that there was pleco fry on the glass. Anyway, I scooped as many as I saw up and placed them in one of those breeding boxes you put guppies in (which I've bred in the past). Now, as you'll know, breeding guppies and pleco's...
  20. S

    Breeding behaviors in female-only tank

    Hello world! I've been watching my Honduran Red Points fish do some stuff recently that I thought some of you might find interesting, so here goes -- My largest female, Zinnia, and my largest male, Rhaegar, successfully spawned about three months back. As soon as fry were free swimming, dad...