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  1. K

    Can someone help?

    So it's been about 20 years since I last saw a pregnant platy. Can someone please confirm for me that I am correct in thinking this girl is carrying babies? And if so, any clues as to how long she may have left before she births some tiny fry?
  2. Circus

    Trio of Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus

    So, when I was at Fishtoberfest I picked up a trio of N. Caudopunctatus (Red Fin Shell Dweller). They have been in the tank for less than a week. I added the Rift Lake salts according to directions on the container. They are set up in a 29 gallon, and I am hopeful I have at least 1 m/f pair...
  3. abegonzalez0221

    Should I breed out this Guppy Strain?

    Does anyone find these two appealing? I’m trying to decide if I should breed out a strain of these. They were a really random coloration out of all the cobra tailed ones I have. Unless it was the other female who spawned these. Idk I think a feeder male mustve crossed with one of the cobra...
  4. Unknownfuture

    ANGEL fish Pair for sale Chelmsford UK

    Established pair of angel fish to go. Location - Chelmsford - pick up only - I have Fish bags. Getting rid as they do not share with other tank occupants. Background - I’ve had them for a year and have successfully bred 100 ish fry. All I ask is for £10 cash on collection.
  5. pimudh

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    I've kept fish since I was a kid but seriously started looking into it about 3-4 years ago. I've got experience with tropical community and betta tanks but I'm quite new to owning GBR. I recently got a GBR pair (2-3 weeks ago) and since day 1 they've been absolutely amazing. They're still quite...
  6. Circus

    LFS, Firemouth Pair

    My lfs had two more of their firemouths pair off and breed. Here is the pic I caught of them. This is the 2nd pair so far from that shipment, the first was sold as a breeding pair and the customer also got all of the fry.
  7. quinnARIUM

    How to Breed Sterbai Corydoras???

    Hi everyone, I have a 75 gal tank I would love to get some Corydoras for. It will be at 82-84 degrees F so I probably get Sterbai Corydoras. However I would really like a big school and I noticed their relatively high price. I have a 20 gal tank that I can pretty much modify in any way and I was...
  8. S

    Help me build my dream planted German Blue Ram breeder tank

    I have never done a planted tank before but have been reading about it and want to go all in on a 10-20 gallon for my desktop. I work from home and can, fortunately, do whatever necessary to keep up with routine maintenance. I am a chemist and like to stay on top of chemicals, water changes...
  9. A

    Are these neon tetras mating??

    Hi! I have never been breeding fish, and that wasn't my intention either. I was just keeping 10 neon tetras in my aquarium, and I from what I read online, neon tetras needed special conditions to breed. But then I saw this, and I am wondering if they are breeding after all? If so, what do I do...
  10. shaziasadiqah

    Breeding Guppy

    Help! My husband owns a guppy tank. It’s a 10 gallon with 4 guppies, 2 male and 2 female and 3 nerite snails. today as we watch the tank we notice that there are something moving, very small fishes and then we found out that was one of the guppy baby. the question is, what should we do now...
  11. AmberLucy

    Is my Kribensis still breeding?

    Hi there, I recently bought my kribs a coconut and straight away they took to it, spending a couple of days digging it out and guarding it. The female then spent about 2 days in it constantly apart from when the male chased off other fish, she would come out to guard it and then go back inside...
  12. A

    Platy swimming with an egg in its mouth

    I've just discovered some eggs on the side of my tank, but one of the platys is swimming round with an egg in its mouth? Is it protecting it? Trying to eat it? The others keep trying to get them off the glass too.. they're very greedy fish so not surprised if they're eating them but been...
  13. R

    Did my guppy give birth?

    Hey so i took this first picture 2 days ago and the second right now the dark spot is completely gone does that mean she gave birth? She never got too big so i didn’t get a chance to move her to the separate tank to give birth. Thanks in advance!
  14. R

    Cherry shrimp breeding, how to keep the red?

    I bought 4 beautiful cherry shrimp from my LFS, they are all solid red in colour. They've now bred and the first generation is reaching adulthood. None of them are red. Many are clear, some have dark patches on them. I have a passing knowledge of genetics, for example I know that recessive...
  15. A

    Vampire crab BREEDING!!

    Hey guys! Wondering if there's any information you guys can give me about breeding vampire crabs? There isn't much information online only categorizes it as difficult and tells you what the female does once pregnant. Any information would be brilliant!! Cheers Ath
  16. S

    Red Cherry Shrimp - Beginner who doesn't want them to breed

    Hi All I have a Nano tank (21 litre/5 gallon) which I've had many challenges with previously, which, due to tragedy, is now empty again. I've decided to give myself a fair number of months to sit down and put together everything I've learned so far, but also carry out more research knowing...
  17. lighthouse

    Breeding Zebra Danios Glofish + Tetras in clay pots

    Hi there. I’m a newbie in this. I keep my fish in huge clay pots —there to get rid of the mosquito larvae— but now I’ve got into it and want to breed them. Guppies and Swordfish aren’t a problem at all but I cannot manage with Danios and Tetras. I know these two do it through eggs so I keep...
  18. Ellie Potts

    Stocking advice needed!!!

    Hello everyone! I have a 55 gallon aquarium that currently has 2 siamese algae eaters, and 1 male dwarf gourami. As soon as they're out of quarantine I will be adding my shoal of 6 harlequin rasboras and hopefully a bamboo shrimp. I would also like to add a female dwarf gourami and a pair of...
  19. S

    Is my Platy pregnant? NEWBIE

    So I’m a very new newbie! Had my 64L tank for a few weeks - I started with 2 platy and some cloud mountain minnows. I got 2 more platy at the weekend and one is really quite podgy. I chose 2 females so now my platy tank ratio is 3 females to 1 male. But she arrived like this- so she’s really...
  20. Guyb93

    I just can’t stop them

    I need advice on how to stop my electric blue acara from breeding , it was funny at first now it’s becoming a real issue , at first they had eggs then fry and two days later gone they ate them this happens about 6 times or so every 14 days . After changing my gravel to sand I knocked there...