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Jan 29, 2021
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Hey so i took this first picture 2 days ago and the second right now the dark spot is completely gone does that mean she gave birth? She never got too big so i didn’t get a chance to move her to the separate tank to give birth. Thanks in advance!

Yes she did judging from the first pic, Depending what else is in the tank & how many fry she had, You may find some hiding, If you cant see any fry look in & under plants or decor

If you look near the gravid spot area, She is still enlarged at the opening & the dark gravid has gone. With her being a Blonde/Yellow Guppy she may look slightly orange now in the bottom of the gravid spot, You may need a certain light to see it
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Here’s a picture of 4 of my female guppies. All gave birth the day the pictures were taken. They all have different sizes of belly and some had fewer fry than others. Something to look out for! Belly doesn’t always matter. Their scales and behavior do!
thank you for the help! However right now i took this pic and i’m seeing more dark do you think she still gave birth?


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She seems to have a barely noticable spot. I’d give it a few days and if it starts getting darker and she looks a little swollen... I’d place her in a breeding box. Female guppies sometimes give birth a week or two after giving birth. They’ll only birth the fry that are ready. They store up the male sperm for up to 6 months at times so she may be pregnant but not ready to birth yet. Just keep an eye on her
ok cool i have some other questions about breeding if you don’t mind. So i have another 5 gallon tank i was gonna use for just the fry do you recommend getting a breeding box for that as well? Also for future purposes when should you make the switch to other tank i see i might have been a little late so i’m wondering when i should make that decision. Like a week in advance? Thank you in advance! I’m new to the topic and really interested in learning
Breeding boxes are not recommended as they cause stress for the mother. This could lead to aborting the fry or sometimes the death of the mother. The 5 gallon tank is preferable, or heavy planting of the main tank will provide cover for the fry and mother.
I let my guppys give birth in the main tank, Then collect the fry with a net,Then transfer the fry to my 10Gallon breeder, They grow fairly quickly with regular water changes & food. After 4 weeks or until they are big enough not to fit in the other fishes mouths i return them to the main tank, Then it all starts again ?
Before & after pics, These were put in a breeder whilst i was collecting the rest of them
The other picture is 12 Weeks old


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