Pregnant guppy having trouble with birth?

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Kelly Preussner

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Sep 7, 2019
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I have what appears to be a very pregnant guppy. We had 2 guppies that were pregnant & they were in a 10 gal tank. I also have a 20 gal tank so put all the males & other females in there. The 1 female had about 9 fry so I then moved her over to the 20 gal tank. I have this female in the 10 gal with all the baby fry. She doesn't try to eat any of the fry & she barely has moved in almost 24 hours. Her gravid spot is dark & actually looks a bit reddish. Today I thought she was having her fry but instead it looked like poop in a sack and it looks twisted. She has had this dangling & growing bigger for the past 2 hours. Any ideas?


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The dark stuff is just poop but the fish could have Camallanus thread worms. Section 3 of the following link tells you how to treat intestinal worms in fish.
Just waste. But it won't hurt to check on worms like Colin has already mentioned.

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