pregnant guppy

  1. L

    Pregnant guppies & one platy

    Hi I have 3 guppies (2 female, one male) 2 platys (1 female, 1 male) and a fry platy- we got it from the pet store a few months ago. Well both of my girl guppies look pregnant, I think the lighter colored one gave birth and we missed it because her gravel spot disappeared and she got smaller -...
  2. Jennifer Gonzales

    Pregnant guppy

    Think she might be just a little bit pregnant lol I feel so bad for her! She dropped fry on 11/23/19 and today is only 12/11/19 so she’s only like 1/2 way through gestation, and looks like she’s going to literally burst!
  3. R

    pregnant guppy advice

    Hi all, My guppy has been pregnant for about over a month now (I'm not exactly sure but I think it's been about that long). However, although it shows signs of wanting to give birth (running from other guppies, hiding behind floating plants, resting on the bottom of the tank for period of...
  4. L

    Pregnant or Fat?

    Hi, I just rescued two guppies and I'm curious if my female guppy is pregnant or not. I've done a little reading and she appears to have a gravid spot, but it's been more than 21 days so I'm not quite sure if she's pregnant or just fat.
  5. Bri McLelland

    How Far (Pregnant) is My Guppy?

    I don't want to annoy people, I'm sure there are quite a lot of threads like this. if you are willing to help, can you figure out how much longer till my guppy gives birth? (an estimation) I'd like to know so I can put her in a breeder box to prevent her from eating the fry.... Thanks for reading.
  6. 7

    Guppies not getting pregnant!!

    I've had these guppies for about 2 months now and nothing is happening. I monitor my 2 females and they both look like they've been getting bigger but there is absolutely no visible gravid spot. I'm not overfeeding as my males look perfectly healthy. It's a tad bit orange/red on the backside but...
  7. pjwilford

    Babies upon Babies!

    Babies abound!! Here are some peacock cichlid eggs we found and incubated. Here are some peacock cichlid babies that just started free-swimming: And we have a guppy that is about to BURST!
  8. G

    Is my guppy fat or pregnant

    I just noticed that one of my guppies was looking larger than it used to. I haven’t noticed this before but my dad has been feeding it for 5 days and i don’t think he was over feeding them. When I bought them it said they were all males but i know sometimes they get the genders wrong at pet...
  9. alvintayyw

    I Don't know if guppy pregnant or overfed

    I have a community tank, and there are 2 females and like 4 males. I've noticed that especially one of the females has quite a big tummy. So i decide to separate incase. I moved 2 female and 1 male into another tank.
  10. C

    Is My Guppy Pregnant

    Got four male guppies in Oct!! they were very small, about two weeks ago I noticed one getting a lot bigger ie more rounder and then today it looks lot bigger and puffer. It looks like it's breathing very fast and the other 3 fish are following it constantly. Could it be pregnant? I've looked...
  11. fishiwishes

    Male Guppy Won't Leave My Pregnant Female Alone?

    Hi guys, I just got a new female guppy from the local pet store, the lady said she was about to pop. After getting her accustomed to the tank, I let her in. But now my male guppy won't leave her alone. How do I get him to stop?
  12. N

    How To Tell If Female Guppy Is Pregnant?

    I currently have female and male guppies in my fish tank, they've all been together in the same tank for about 4 days. When exactly do they start breeding? Do most start at a week after first being put together or days after? If days after, how can you tell if your female(s) are pregnant? I read...
  13. M

    Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    Hi Everyone I am new to keeping tropical fish and I have guppies males and females in my tank and I am not sure if one of them is pregnant or not just wondering if anyone can help shed some light on it for me as id like to separate her before she gives birth so her and the fry are safe :) this...
  14. ranish

    New To Tff And Need Help On Determining Whether Guppy Is Going To Drop

    I got some guppies yesterday and the females look heavily pregnant, but the guy that I brought them from told me that they have about 4 weeks to go and that they can stay in the main tank. I am not so sure because of their size. They are pretty big. Please help me if you can say when they look...
  15. Ny82

    How To Tell If Your Guppy/molly/platy Or Swordtail Is Pregnant.

    Hi everyone, one of the most common questions asked is "is my guppy/platy/molly/swordtail pregnant" In this thread I will attempt to explain very simply how to tell she is pregnant and how to estimate how far along she is with the aid of pictures, week by week. I will be using guppies as the...