1. N

    Pregnant or sick? Or both?

    Hi everyone, New to this site and to keeping guppies. I have a female guppy who I think is pregnant, (I'm assuming upwards of 23 days). I moved her into her own tank a few days ago as the males harrass her too much I thought it was too stressful for her. She has started to swim completely...
  2. FishFry420

    Is my guppy pregnant?

    Hey guys I recently got a female guppy and wondering if she's pregnant?
  3. B

    Guppy eating other fish

    Hi everyone, I recently added 2 yellow cobra guppies to my tank, and they've eaten my smallest Endler :( i'm heartbroken I did so much research before buying them to make sure they get on with my current fish and this has happened... I read guppies are peaceful but now they've eaten my...
  4. B

    Yellow cobra guppy laid eggs

    Hi everyone. Recently I started an all Male tropical fish tank. I began by 4 male endlers and then last week added in 2 Male yellow cobra guppies. I didn't understand why all my endlers were chasing one of my new guppies every second of the day as they're all males. But today I noticed one of...
  5. B

    Male Endler fish harassing other males with mating dance

    Hi everyone. Has anyone had any experience with a male only Endler fish tank? I've had 4 male endlers for 2 weeks now and I noticed one of my males kept following another male everywhere and doing the mating ritual constantly. I introduced 2 male guppies 2 days ago and now 3 of my male Endlers...
  6. L

    How long does my guppy have left?

    Hi just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long my guppy has left please
  7. Jennifer Gonzales


    Help! I have a pretty new guppy tank (Only had it about 1-2 months) And one of my females appears to have camallanus worms :( not sure what to do or if that’s really what I’m working with... I was unable to get a good pic but it is definitely not just poop. I saw her poop and the red...
  8. C

    Fin rot or nipping? HELP!

    Hello, I have three male guppies and two female guppies. They are separated by a divider, and I am trying to move the females to a new tank soon. For the last week or so, I thought one of the males might have had a swollen abdomen, but I also thought it could just be fat. However, I just...
  9. C

    Guppy emergency! Please help!

    Hello, everyone -- I had four baby guppies in a five-gallon tank -- three males, one female. As they got bigger and the males got more excited, I got a ten-gallon for my female guppy. I moved her into that tank, and I got a second female and put her in as well. I let the tank cycle, tested the...
  10. F

    Guppy fighting gonopodium disappeared

    A fully cycled planted 100L tank with: 50+ cherry shrimp 1 betta 8 male guppies (I have way too many guppies as the first four female guppies I got actually had a male (in the tank at store) so from that I’ve now got too many guppies to count so when I could tell the males I’ve put them in a...
  11. O

    Guppy suddenly fat with stringy white poop

    hi all, i need some help with my female guppy. I’ve had the 3 of them for almost a year now and my one orange guppy has suddenly gotten fat and started having stringy poops. I thought I was over feeding so I cut down on the amount I was giving them but she didn’t lose weight. this started a few...
  12. L

    How long has my guppy got left?

    I think she is due soon but wanted to check and see what you all think.
  13. E

    Help- complicated anchor worm case

    Tank size: 30 litres, just an air pump filter with a spray bar, a full spectrum light for the plants and a water heater. pH: EDIT(7.6) misread it earlier as 6.8 (see below) ammonia: 0.25ppm nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 5ppm kH: about 60ppm (I use test strips for kH, the value is between 40-80ppm) gH...
  14. S

    Baby guppies staying at top of tank

    Hi all, in my 54 litre tank I currently have 6 zebra danios, 3 amano shrimps and 4 guppies (three of which are babies - around 3 months old) and the tank has been cycled for around 10 months now. The readings from the tank are: 0.25 ammonia (can never get it below this), 0 nitrite and around...
  15. L

    Pregnant guppy, how long left?

    My guppy is pregnant but I have no idea how far any help app
  16. J

    pls let my guppies be pregnant

    Hi! My partner and I are really struggling to determine which guppies are female and which are male. I know about the gravid spot, male gonopogulum (sorry I don’t know how to spell it), and such but I feel like I’m loosing my mind. I have some guppies I would like to make sure are pregnant and...
  17. F

    Help identifying male guppies

    Hello, I’m unsure if these red tuxedo x guppies are male, they’re a few months old but exhibit signs of both sex: As you can see they have stripes on their body and what looks like gonopodiums that they move around (left, right, tucked) as they swim. It’s also hard to see the gravid spot because...
  18. C

    Guppy Dieing

    Hi So I have a 105 litre tank, in it is the following 3 neons (less than there should be but I currently can't change that given lockdown) 1 adult female molly 6 molly fry (around 3 months old) 1 guppy My issue is the guppy has come oddly docile, barely moving and barely swimming. I found...
  19. Irksome

    does columnaris have to be introduced?

    Hello. I was asking earlier about red fin rot. It was a small patch this afternoon and now it is much worse. Half his tail is down to the rays in the space of a few hours. I suspect a bacterial infection. He was quite badly injured and nothing new has been added to the tank, could it be...
  20. Irksome

    Can fin rot be red?

    Hello. My guppy sustained a bad tail injury during cleaning last week and I have been keeping close eye on him since for fin rot. It appears he may have a little but it is bright red. Is this something worse than fin rot? I have not seen red on torn fins before.