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  1. J

    Chubby Guppy Causes

    A few days ago, I purchased a few female guppies from a chain pet shop. It looked like they did not care for their fish well and I decided to get a few to put them in a better environment. One of the guppies has a relatively large belly. Could she have something like intestinal worms? Was she...
  2. wayfareranima

    Female guppy not improving despite treatment

    What is the water volume of the tank? 28L not enough, I’m aware, and shopping for a second hand 100-200L tank. How long has the tank been running? Mid Oct /23 Does it have a filter? Yes HOB Does it have a heater? Yes, 25w What is the water temperature? 25-27*c typically What is the entire...
  3. Irksome

    Can I save him?

    My guppy has a bad prolapse. I treated him for a milder one a couple of weeks ago, which resolved quickly. This one is worse and he is looking thinner and very weak. I have isolated him for the time being. To me he looks a bit far gone, but guppies can be resilient. How can I prevent this in...
  4. Irksome

    I have a very aggressive female guppy. Is there anything I can do you reduce stress for her companions.

    I have two tanks the same size. I have a trio of guppies in each tank. One male and two females, with a small number of fry. The biggest female is chasing the other two fish relentlessly, and nipping fins of the male who can’t swim as fast. She never seems to stop. I have a small, cycled, bare...
  5. Mackamoora


    Hello, I’m freaking out. I have plenty of guppies and they live well, but just tonight I noticed one of my guppies has this ball like thing hanging by their stomach/rectum. I’m freaking out. What is this? What could have caused this? What do I do? PLEASE HELP.
  6. Irksome

    Is she likely to pass on her big tail to her offspring?

    My new guppy! She dropped some fry today but unfortunately perceived the moment of each birth as snack time. Luckily a few escaped. Her tail is larger then the male she is with, I’ve not seen a female with fins so big before.
  7. angryboi

    average rate of giant female guppy

    guppy breeders, how often do you get abnormally large female guppies?
  8. J

    Guppy Fry with very large belly and bloody looking line.

    Recently I’ve found 2 guppy fry in my tank that have very large stomachs and a red almost blood coloured line on the stomachs, I’m not sure what it is and can’t find an answer when I search for it. It looks like defect and it’s making it hard for them to swim. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. CaitlinElla

    Gravid Spot? Male or Female Guppy?

    Hi All, I have recently purchased this guppy and it was sold to us as a male. As you can see from the photo, it has a large black spot on its belly. Not sure what it could be so I googled and understand female guppies have gravid spots. What do you guys think? Is this male or female? And if...
  10. D

    Livebearer white tail disease?

    Hi all, After a few years I decided to convert my 30 gallon gourami tank into a livebearer community tank. I re-homed the last surviving gourami and added 4 platys, 9 guppies and 8 tetra. Stupidly I didn’t quarantine in any way and now regretting it (I’m not an experienced fish keeper I’ve only...
  11. tkoalas

    Platinum guppy has damaged tail fin and is hiding away

    Request Help. My platinum guppy is acting odd. See below for full explanation. Any insight would be helpful. Currently, the guppy in question has been moved to a quarantine tank in case he's being bullied by the other guppies or in case of fin rot. Tank size: 5 gallon (currently in 1/2 gallon...
  12. Ram419

    Guppy fry

    Found this single fry yeseterday just hanging out in the breeder box.
  13. A


    My guppy is definitely very pregnant with a black stomach bottom, I moved her to another smaller tank like bottle, but she looks very very stressed rather than calm as other sites tells me, is there anything I can do or should I just move her back to the bigger tank with other guppies? Thanks :)
  14. Freshyfishy

    All of my guppies (mainly female) dying in close proximity of eachother

    I have recently bought some guppies from 3 different stores, and now the death count (after a week) spiked to like 3 a day... Any ideas? There are more males than females, and they had white "floof" fungi looking things on their bodies. I did find a male and female mating and still "attached"...
  15. C

    What should I put in my 10 gallon tank?

    hey guys :) I have just bought a 10 gallon tank after my betta died and I wanted to try something new. I'm looking for suggestions on how to stock it. At the minute I'm thinking about livebearers although I would only get males because I'm not wanting fry. Guppies? Platies? Mollies? Endlers...
  16. Slammin’ Aquascaping

    Fungal infection (almost certain)

    This might been a more or less “she may survive but maybe not” thread, but one of my cobra female guppies started showing symptoms of an infection a week ago.I do not have much experience with fungus and infections but I have been treating the tank for a good 4 days with API Melafix (and ick...
  17. D

    My weird Guppy!

    Good Morning!! I’m new to this forum and very excited to be here. I’ve been keeping fish for many many years and now only keep one thirty gallon tank. I have this unusual male guppy that has a triple swordtail. Has anyone seen a guppy like this?
  18. ella777

    Guppy acting odd?

    One of my guppies seems to have distanced himself from the others about two weeks ago. I didn't really think anything of it, but hes always in one corner, in his own little world. He is still eating and looks healthy?
  19. Darya

    Update on my 3rd gen guppies!

    Hi! Checking in to give ya’ll an update on my guppy fry from my last post! They are about three months now. Some have great colors, others haven’t colored yet. What do you guyse think? The fry in the first pic is absolutely stunning.
  20. ella777

    Fat guppy?

    I have a very healthy 200l tank with a variety of fish who are all doing well. I've noticed that one of the ten guppies is very fat and I'm very concerned. I've had him for almost a year. I originally thought the guppies were female but it turns out they're all male, so he definitely isn't...