1. 1

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Mirta, I'm from Italy, and I share an aquarium with my boyfriend Chrysovalantis. We have two aquariums and half(...). I'll explain what I mean! We have a 30L aquarium (with glass structure), a 16L aquarium (same as the previous one) and a 5L aquarium that we use as quarantine. We have...
  2. Divinityinlove

    Unusually swollen guppy!

    Been keeping an eye for a few days and I'm unsure if I should treat for dropsy with medication or.... Euthanize? Never seen swelling like this but she was eating and swimming fine until just this afternoon, now she is facing down..... The photo of the orange tailed guppy in plain background is...
  3. L

    Why do my fish keep dying

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my tank and so far every fish I’ve got has died after a few weeks. I have cycled the tank, checked all levels are ‘good’ and the only issue I can think of is that our water is hard with a PH of 8. I have had two bettas (not at the same time) but after...
  4. Couwu

    Guppies seem afraid of new Tank mates

    EDIT: 30.05.22 So, I am not sure if the tetra has/had lockjaw in the firdt place? Is there perhaps something similar to lockjaw? When we got him, his mouth was wide open and he could only move it a little bit. Now after a week of treatment, isolation and a clean hospital tank, his mouth can...
  5. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    One of my guppies looks very sick, her spine is bent and she looks thin and she has some kind of stringy material coming out of her (worms?) All of my other fish seem completely healthy lively and normal. I only noticed it yesterday so I did a 50% water change and tested the water (everything is...
  6. F

    Is my pH too high? Help please

    Hello :) I have a planted 24l tank with four male fancy guppies. The pH in the tank is 8.2, I have read that guppies like it between 6.8 and 7.6. I have a bottle of API pH adjuster, it says 1ml for 38l but it doesn't say how much that actually lowers the water by. I know that sudden changes in...
  7. G

    Guppie hanging by heater and tail down

    I have a 10L tank with 3 guppies and 1 patty all male. and a sail. I am new to fish I got them for my kid who wanted a pet. I do regular water changes about ones every 2 weeks. I have live pants. Lately my guppies have been hanging by the heater my tank is at 76° and one has been swimming with...
  8. E

    Is my pregnant guppy about to give birth?

    I have had this female guppy for about 2 weeks and she's been pregnant since day 1. I just separated her into a birthing container but am unsure if she's actually about to give birth soon. Her belly seems to have that "shape" I've read about and her gravid spot has gotten very big over the last...
  9. Evergreenwolf53

    By breeding guppies, am I “subjecting generations of animals to rape”?

    I sent an image of my brand new, 50 gallon, planted guppy breeding tank as I was very proud of it. I’ve been wanting one since I had gotten my 20 gallon guppy tank in October or September. 1 male per 2-4 females or so, all healthy. About 20 of them, soon to be a lot more. A few hours later...
  10. N

    Fisherman taking care of fish :)

    Hey all, I am a lifelong avid fisherman who is kind of a new fish keeper. Had to take care of my sister's HUGE comet goldfish (we named her Fatty), a severum, and some of those glowing tetras like 3-4 years ago because her work place didn't have any more time to care for them. She brought them...
  11. NearMeBettas

    Magenta Red Dragon x Albino Koi

    Female gave birth 3 days ago. Fry are on frozen bbs and 25% water changes a day.
  12. R

    Guppy with swollen belly and yellow/white patch

    I noticed my guppy had a swollen belly and on closer look at the front there’s is a yellow/white patch on it. Anyone know what this is and how I can help him. Ammonia and nitrates are 0 Nitrates is 6 Ph is 7.6 Tank is 100 litres
  13. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    What's wrong with my guppy/ tank?

    Hello everyone I'm afraid I'm not sure how to add a video on here, but I'll try to explain what's up with him. Sorry if this is a bit long. But I appreciate the help. My guppy started swimming very erratically yesterday and was swimming up and down from the bottom to the top several times...
  14. xipo817

    I can't tell the difference between tigrinus ,bar and zebrinus. In this article it is written that there are tigrinus ,bar and zebrinus. All of them looks similar to me. Can anybody explain difference? I haven't taken photo but I will upload a photo of unknow "bar"...
  15. xipo817

    Is red dorsal X link?

    I bought a strain of guppy some weeks ago. I haven't taken photo and now my camera's battery is too low. Well they are Japan blue with clear round tail. And what I thought is good aabout this strain is that their dorsal is big and looked like that of red grass. The female had no color. In this...
  16. CozyCat

    Bent spine?

    Hello! I have been keeping guppies since May 2021 and my first batch of fry are now juveniles/semi-adults. I remember when they were no bigger than a grain of rice!🤩 Anyway, I have noticed a couple fish have an interesting body shape. They are wonky and not the smooth torpedo shape like the...
  17. Rachealmax

    Lou needs help!

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knows what this is and how I could help Lou? It all started about 2/3 days ago. She started with her head swimming down and her tail up, I then noticed a pink spot by her backside. Today she is just sitting up at the top off the tank and near the filter. I’ve...
  18. M

    Pregnant guppy

    HI, I adopted them a few weeks ago and one of them is pregnant now. I don't know when she will give birth so can you tell me? When should I separate her? Thanks.
  19. xipo817

    Sex reversal observed in wingei reticulata hybrid

    This fish used to be female with usual gravid spot.(Laguna de patos strain of wingei and reticulata hybrid) After isolating this fish with only female she lost gravid spot. Then I took her into a tank with males hoping that she will have the gravid spot again. But she continues to become like...
  20. I