Help with potential Camallanus Worms in Guppies


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Aug 10, 2023
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South Africa
Hi there.
More than a month ago, I made a post asking if a guppy I had recently bought is pregnant. She has not had babies yet and I am concerned she is infested with Camallanus worms.
I bought another guppy with this one and both looked a bit fat in the shop, but since then it's gotten much worse. One of my other guppies has now started to look a bit bloated, though nowhere near the size of the other two. This is my fault for not quarantining against worms.

I think I've seen small red worms hanging out their bums at times, but I'm really not certain (they have red food, could be a red poop? I'll watch to see if any of this fall out). They go crazy for food so I fear that they are starving due to the worms. Whenever I try to look, they swim around expecting food which makes it really hard to confirm the worms.
Their poops are stringy and usually either blackish or the colour of their food - though there has been the odd white section in the strings. I rotate their food: Hikari Fancy Guppy, Tetra Prima Granules, live mosquito larvae and the odd vegetable.
Would someone be able to confirm if this sounds like Camallanus?

Additionally, I've done research on treatments and I'm a bit worried at being unable to get the right medications in my country.
I can't find levamisole, would I have to purchase it from a livestock shop?
I've found some stores that sell NT Labs Anti-fluke and Wormer, which contains flubendazole. This was listed at the What to do if your fish has Stringy White Poop post. Is this good enough? I've also read that this kills the worms and they can then rot in the guppy's intestine before they poop them out - is there any way to minimise this?
Should I feed them more than usual until the worms have been dealt with?

I've only attached an image of the biggest guppy's body due to difficulties capturing the potential worms. I can try take more if that'll help anyone.

Thank you so much.


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Can you get Waterlife Sterazin? Apparently it is available in South Africa...
Flubendazole is fine and will kill all worms in the fish. The worms do not rot in the intestine after treatment, they get pooped out especially if the fish are fed regularly.

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