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  1. J

    Help with potential Camallanus Worms in Guppies

    Hi there. More than a month ago, I made a post asking if a guppy I had recently bought is pregnant. She has not had babies yet and I am concerned she is infested with Camallanus worms. I bought another guppy with this one and both looked a bit fat in the shop, but since then it's gotten much...
  2. xipo817

    What do you feed to your grindal worm?

    I feed grindal worm to my betta and guppy. And I feed cat’s artificial food to the grindal worm. There's no problem at all now, but I am very curious about what other people feed to their grindal worm. I will appreciate it if you would answer my question.
  3. S

    Large cichlid tank possible parasite?

    Silly question. I have a large cichlid tank with oscars, a blood parrot, and a green terror. I saw this floating across the tank and I was wondering if this was a worm or a parasite? I thought I saw it wiggle but it could have been from the filter current. I have a video of it but not sure how...
  4. KatNor21

    Can anyone ID this worm?

    Hi everyone. This is a YouTube video that I shot and uploaded on my channel. Can anyone tell me what kind of worm this is? One of my endlers died so I gave his tank a good cleaning and discovered this worm on the bottom of some tank decor. Afraid it had caused the endler's death, I took it to...
  5. L

    Can anyone identify if this is a parasite?

    Hey guys... I've had my otos for around 3 months now and even when I first got them I noticed a small discoloured spot on the underside towards the tail end of one of them and he/she seemed fine so thought it might have been scar tissue. I then thought it may be eggs but now I don't think so as...
  6. M

    What kind of worm is this? (Pictures)

    Hi, Over the past few days, one of my Endler guppies has been looking slightly bloated and lethargic. Yesterday, she looked pretty rough, so I euthanized her using cIove oil. I let her sit in the tub overnight to make sure she's really dead before I'd flush her. This morning, the fish was...
  7. A

    My guppy has worms

    I’ve just noticed one of my guppies has some of what I believe to be Camallanus worms ive watched a few YouTube videos and they all seem to recommend API General Cure, however I can’t seem to find it for sale in the UK. Does anyone know any alternative worming medications that are effective? I...
  8. Barry Tetra

    Worm Identification

    Hi everyone, I just walk down the creek to get more anacharis and this things stuck on my boots, can anyone Identify these worms, are they dangerous? @Colin_T
  9. A

    Identify this brown, long worm? Freshwater tank

    Hello! I have a 13 gallon freshwater tank which I cycled for 3 months, and I've had one betta and one mystery snail. I saw a long, brown worm moving in the gravel yesterday after I gravel vaccumed. (Photo attached) Do you recognize this worm? It's staying in the gravel. I wonder if it is...
  10. Ama

    Worms in aquarium

    I've planted an unknown grass into my old 1 gallon aquarium for an experiment It was used as a hospital tank before Then yesterday i found some white tiny worms in it... Like a lot of. Currently there isn't any fish in that Aquarium But my concern is,Is that harmful for fish? And what kind of...
  11. E

    What is this?

    So I just got rid of a heavy detritus worm problem. I cleaned the tank, did large water changes, and cut way back on feedings. Over the past few days I went from hundreds to only a few. Now, I find this chilling at the top of the water in the tank? What is it? It's much larger than the detritus...
  12. B

    Found a worm in my tank...

    So I was doing a water change and saw a little worm on my nerite snail. I’m pretty sure it was a detritus worm, still a little unsure. I’m wondering if garlic or aquarium salt will kill them. I don’t have many options because I have scaleless fish, invertebrates
  13. cowgirluntamed

    Planaria Or Detritus Worms?

    Ok...so it seems I may have went from one problem to another one!!! I'm not sure what these little white, thread like worms are. They are very tiny! And my betta is having some issues as well(though I noticed this before I noticed the Hydra that I just dealt with! Anyway...my betta's fins are...
  14. thrujenseyes

    Swimming Poop...well, A Worm Actually...help

    Hello all!  It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted but all has been going so well (knock wood).  Tank (6 gallon fluval edge, with live plants and 6 teeny endlers ad two snails) has been up and running very well for the last two and a half months. Once a week I do a 30-40% water change. ...
  15. L

    Water Change?

    Okay, so I just completed my weekly water change, about 45% this week since it had been nearer 10 days since the last one rather than 7, and things went smoothly but as i was watching my fish settle, I noticed a couple things. One, i can see green algae forming, finally, which means I'm going to...
  16. Wreckzone

    Sick Neon Tetra

    Hi everyone,   I have a 6 gallon tank with 4 neon tetras living in it at the moment. About 9 months ago I lost a neon tetra when my water quality got low due to rotting plants. I believe the neon tetra had parasites because when it died (I watched the whole thing happen) it released a bunch of...
  17. cowgirluntamed

    Black Worms In Tank!

    Hi, my name is Kristen and I've just found black worms in my tank! Or at least, around the edges and in my filter media! What are these things and are they harmful and either way, how do I get rid of them? They were not there a week ago!   Here is some more info for my tank.   20 gallon 6 black...
  18. GuppyGirl20

    Ummmm Help Please

    I am unclear as to which forum to post this under so I just picked this one. It's not necessarily an emergency but it needs to be dealt with quickly.   I have a five gallon tank with a baby betta and tiger snail in it. I've noticed my betta is a little on the fat side. I'm very careful about how...
  19. RRaquariums

    Bristle Worms Help?

    So just picked up a new 29 gallon saltwater tank for a steal but the live rock in it has what I think is bristle worms. Now I've just spent the better part of an hour reading up on these and just like everything else in this hobby there's a million and one opinions on if there good or bad most...
  20. B


    I have camalanus worms! What do I need to do to clean, and of a female dropped fry have them do the babies have them? They are separated from other fish and show no signs yet. I also have a live plant but I don't want to get rid of it so what do I do with it. Has anyone had this?