Can anyone ID this worm?


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Jun 30, 2021
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Hi everyone. This is a YouTube video that I shot and uploaded on my channel. Can anyone tell me what kind of worm this is? One of my endlers died so I gave his tank a good cleaning and discovered this worm on the bottom of some tank decor. Afraid it had caused the endler's death, I took it to the aquarium store where I'd bought the fish and they told me it was "harmless" planaria.

I've since done more research and this doesn't look anything like planaria to me... Does anyone know? The way it swims and moves is very unique. It doesn't even seem to be a simple detritus worm, mainly because it was about an inch long fully extended.

Thanks for any info!
planaria are white, that thing is red and moves like a leech
Looks suspiciously like a camallanus worm, an internal parasite that does the host no good whatsoever and can kill fish, including guppies. Nasty lickle feckers.
Camallanus are nasty but they are kinda small - has OP seen any red worms emerging from fishes anus?
Yeah I thought this was bigger than camallanus. I saw no worms in the fish. I removed this one and replaced the gravel in my tank. I haven't had any more problems.

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