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  1. CozyCat

    Planaria - Good or Bad?

    Hi, Found this guy crawling around the substrate up against the glass in my planted aquarium this morning. Pretty sure it is a planarian. I caught it and put it in a small container, I also put a snail in to see what it does and it has eaten the snail 😂 😰 What do people think about them? Are...
  2. KatNor21

    Need recommendations for a pest-eating nano fish

    I have a 5.5gal shrimp tank that is overrun with pests. I have flatworms and detritus worms all over the glass, plus little white specks that dart around, and some grammarus or something living in the sand. Mostly I just want to get rid of the worms. It's really hard not to overfeed the tank as...
  3. KatNor21

    Can anyone ID this worm?

    Hi everyone. This is a YouTube video that I shot and uploaded on my channel. Can anyone tell me what kind of worm this is? One of my endlers died so I gave his tank a good cleaning and discovered this worm on the bottom of some tank decor. Afraid it had caused the endler's death, I took it to...
  4. Irksome

    Tank is ready and cycled but now has worms. Advice please

    Hello, I have cycled my planted divided 10 gallon with mature sponges and fish food and levels are now good and stable ready for my shrimp and betta(that I have not yet purchased), the snails are settled and reproducing enthusiastically. The fish food method has created a possible problem of...
  5. thebeccatron

    Planaria worms?

    Hey, Panicking! I cleaned my tank a few days ago, still trying to get back on track from my last issue (water pump turning the water cloudy, has since been removed). I assumed the water was still cloudy or that I'd somehow got dust in the tank, however on closer inspection...THE DUST IS...
  6. G

    Planaria or dendritic

    These small worm like creatures are all over the front panel of my 5 gallon shrimp tank. I know that there are two types of worms. Planaria and dendritic, planaria being the more dangerous of the two. Is there anyway to remove these if they are harmful. Can i have some help identifying these...
  7. cowgirluntamed

    Planaria Or Detritus Worms? it seems I may have went from one problem to another one!!! I'm not sure what these little white, thread like worms are. They are very tiny! And my betta is having some issues as well(though I noticed this before I noticed the Hydra that I just dealt with! betta's fins are...
  8. Wreckzone

    Planarians Attacked Neon Tetra

    Hi everyone,   I'm new to the forum and I signed up today to specifically ask (and warn) about planarian.   Last night I witnessed a horrible, terrifying scene, but I'll get to that in a minute.   My 6 gallon Fluval Edge was hit with a fungus outbreak a few month ago and two of my five neon...