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These small worm like creatures are all over the front panel of my 5 gallon shrimp tank. I know that there are two types of worms. Planaria and dendritic, planaria being the more dangerous of the two. Is there anyway to remove these if they are harmful. Can i have some help identifying these pls. Thank you!
If the last photo doesn't work, here's another one
do they swim or inch crawl on the glass?.... looks like detritus worms to me - if they have a pointed head or swim sort of like a leech they'd be planaria
They inch across the glass. I haven't seen them swim, is there a way to get rid of them besides improving the cleanliness of the tank?
sounds like detritus worm, harmless but an eye sore.... feeding much less will def get rid of them... I'm pretty sure prazipro will kill them as well but I don't recommend treating just for this - feed much less and keep up on water changes, they will go away before you know it and you'll save money in the mean time.

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