help advise needed

  1. Big Boy Fish

    What has made this print in the algae

    It seems to be a long wiggly pattern on the algae. All i have is a abino oscar, about 7 inches and royal pleco, about 3-4 inches. I have a relatively small tank, a 30 gallon that will be replaced any time soon (i know its too small). I also have 3 small snails, i dont know what they are and two...
  2. 1

    Need help

    Hi. I'm new here but not to the hobby. I have been keeping fish for over 10 years now. I am currently keeping 2 3 gal male betta tanks a 5 gal glow fish tank. A 30 gal community tank and a 75 gal freshwater tank . The issue I'm seeking help with is in my 30gal tank i have a very small bala I...
  3. S

    Help identify new guy in my tank!

    I bought some live plants to add to my tank (cold water) and I thought I noticed something after putting I’ve plants in. Nothing appears bothered by this guys entrance however as I’m pretty new to fish keeping I wasn’t sure whether best leave it, or remove it. Please help I was wondering if it...
  4. C

    Sick Cory

    One of my Cory's is suddenly unable to swim correctly and is sat at the bottom of the tank all day. If it does try and swim it sort of bounces about at the bottom of the tank and takes a while to right itself if it falls on its side or upside down. Iv checked water parameters and all are spot on...
  5. J

    HELP OMG!!! renting questions!!

    Hey all! My partner and I rent an apartment in a high rise building in chicago (floor 10). We are allowed to have fish tanks up to 30 gal w insurance. We have insurance of course! The thing is, we have accumulated many fish tanks due to mollies and guppies having babies and us wanting to keep...
  6. A

    HELP! Guppy has strange tumor(?) under belly

    Heyy, I'm new here. I would like you guys to share your opinion on the condition of this little guy. Just got him from LFS and just realise it got that lump-ish thing right at the centre of the belly. I know for sure it's not poop bcs I'm pretty sure that's not the anus of the fish. Any help...
  7. H

    something is wrong with my aquarium plz help

    Hi everyone! So I am pretty new to the whole aquarium thing. I was given a 10 Gallon one as a gift. When I got it, there were 5 platyfish in there. All happy and cool. Shortly after, one of them died, but the rest were doing completely fine. I let the tank sit for 2 weeks before adding 4 more...
  8. Ama

    Help!.... Need advise to cure my fish

    Today i noticed protruding scales on my platy and i immediately changed it into another tank, However, fish seems healthy for me and no swollen belly. Is that the sign of dropsy. What are the effective methods to cure the disease. And how to stop spreading the disease to other fish
  9. B

    Please help! Platy will not give birth!

    Hello, I have had this mickey mouse platy for over a month and I bought her pregnant from the pet store (unbeknownst to me at the time). My roommate and I REALLY noticed how pregnant she looked Monday of last week. We have since went out and bought another 10 gallon tank to keep her in until...
  10. Quadda

    Please help, very cloudy water with no fish yet

    Hi everyone, I have recently got a 10 gal tank for some guppies and shrimp, a basic little build. I set it up this past Saturday and have been having some troubles with cloudiness. After about a day of setup, the tank got VERY cloudy. And I mean really cloudy, barely able to see through. I did...
  11. V

    Possible Popeye male Betta

    Hey guys! I'm new here. I've had my guy for a few months now, have him in a 5 gallon. Since moving him from a 2.5 gal to his 5 gal tank he has grown significantly. When I first got him I noticed he had a few scales that were a bit brighter than the others. I thought it could be ich, but he...
  12. S

    Aggression all Around (platy)

    I have been having some trouble with platies in a 10 gallon tank. About four months ago I went out and got for platies just for fun because I was considering getting into fish keeping. At the time I did not know but I ended up discovering that two of the platies were male two of them were female...
  13. K

    Male platy bullying other male

    Hi, I have 4 platys, two male and 2 female (complete accident, just bought 4 and didn't realise the sex) the larger of the males has been nipping at the smaller younger male and causing quite a bit of damage, I know this is probably due to wanting to mate but Im just looking for a bit of advice...
  14. S

    Green Spotted Puffer sick?

    I recently noticed my GSP looking a little weird, I assumed he wasn’t eating and maybe it was that. However, he eats and eats but isn't gaining any weight. His top fin also seems to look like it isn’t working anymore? Sometimes he swims sideways, or just lays at the bottom at the take. He is...
  15. J

    Pregnant or just fat?

    Hello people! I have a female guppy that seems pregnant as her gravid spot is very dark and quite large and she is not moving like she used to. Is she pregnant or just fat?
  16. S

    Cherry Shrimp

    I got 4 cherry shrimps two days ago I drip acclimated them for an hour and 20 minutes and since I've added them to the tank they've just sat in one place and hardly ever move you can see there claws or what ever they're called moving but they aren't very active I've checked my water levels and...
  17. B

    Help Fire Eel

    Hi I need help I think my fire eel is sick, it’s at the bottom of the tank bent in half and I havnt seen it eat since we got it about 2 weeks ago? What should I do?
  18. F

    Not sure to be concern or not (betta fish)

    Hey not sure if this is stupid or not but I fed my betta fish a piece of cucumber and a small piece floated somewhere and I’m scared it could somehow kill my betta fish.
  19. F

    Betta with Harlequin Rasboras and?????

    This is my fist time setting up a community tank with a male betta as the centre peice. I have 3 other successful community tanks right now! I have a 26 gallon bowfront tank that is currently cycling and im having trouble find accurate answers/find alot of mixed answers to a few questions i...
  20. T

    Male guppy tail growth

    So I have some guppy fry who are anywhere from 1-3 months old and are the babies of some of the guppies I had purchased at a Petsmart or Petco. I purchased males and females. And all of my males had long tails. I originally purchased these guppies to help my koi (lives in my koi pond) become...