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  1. D

    Whats coming out of my keyhole?

    I noticed my keyholes forehead area color was changing so I did water change but figured it was due to stress since my beta died and they've been together for years (beta was old no signs of sickness) but then today I noticed this. What is it and how do I treat it?🥺
  2. D

    Livebearer white tail disease?

    Hi all, After a few years I decided to convert my 30 gallon gourami tank into a livebearer community tank. I re-homed the last surviving gourami and added 4 platys, 9 guppies and 8 tetra. Stupidly I didn’t quarantine in any way and now regretting it (I’m not an experienced fish keeper I’ve only...
  3. F

    Is this a fluke?

    Hi, I’ve just noticed this on both of my rams gills. By phantom tetra also has something similar towards its tail that looks like a pimple. I just wondered if these are flukes? The female ram doesn’t seem to have it anymore and the tetra just has a lump without a white part sticking out. The...
  4. ella777


    I'm confused. I recently acquired 4 algae eating snails, I'm not sure what species they are. They arent nerite snails, they're covered in algae so I really can't tell. I've noticed one of them has a white mark on its underside, I can only see it when it's on the glass. I'm not sure if its eggs...
  5. Little-Nipper

    Neocaridina shrimp worm

    Hi guys, So I have just been enjoying looking at my little 35L shrimp tank and I noticed that 1 of the blue dreams has got a worm attached to it's head, I have heard of this before and the common answer would be "Scutariella japonica" but it doesn't look like any of the pictures I've seen...
  6. syren

    Flesh eating bacteria???

    Title is an attention grabber, I know, but I am back again after having minimal issues with Grosso! (insert massive sigh here) I got sick of the 10 gallon shortly after experiencing back to back canister issues and it almost killing him, so shortly after I upgraded to a 36G and things have been...
  7. outofwater

    Is this fry fat, or does it have worms?

    Hi everyone, last Saturday I went by a nearby lfs and bought 3 ottos. Upon arrival at home I noticed a small, unknown fry in the bag. Couple of days later an otto died, so I went back to the store with the fish and water sample. After confirming all params were OK, (0 ammonia and nitrites, 10...
  8. Willow59

    Scutariella Japonica - Shrimp Stopped Breeding

    I had a thriving colony of Bloody Mary Shrimp that went from 12 to 300 in roughly nine months. I noticed Scutariella Japonica, the parasitic nematode, in late December so I culled down to 2 dozen and did salt dips on 12/27, 12/29, and 12/31, followed by a month of quarantine to remove their...
  9. T

    Tiny black line on Platy monopodium

    Hi! I have noticed a recent appearing of a tiny black line on the gonopodium of one of my male blue and black Platys (see attached photo). I have been researching all kinds of worms, pests and parasites, and have found nothing that looks like this. Is it likely just a color spot appearing as...
  10. S

    Tank disease?

    Hi, I know it’s a blurry picture but can anyone identify what is happening in my goldfish tank? I am at a total loss. It’s a 70 gallon. Here is the back story. I have had this specific goldfish tank for over 2 years, have been keeping fish my whole life, and have many other tanks in my house...
  11. S

    Large cichlid tank possible parasite?

    Silly question. I have a large cichlid tank with oscars, a blood parrot, and a green terror. I saw this floating across the tank and I was wondering if this was a worm or a parasite? I thought I saw it wiggle but it could have been from the filter current. I have a video of it but not sure how...
  12. M

    Is this really Ich?

    Hi, everyone. I’m not exactly new to fishkeeping; however, I finally have a tank again after 18 years of break from the hobby. I’ve just started out again with a new cycled tank and some angelfish I purchased from Petsmart. After putting them into my aquarium I noticed something strange looking...
  13. Oman

    Tank of yellow cherry shrimp dead

    Hi guys, I had a tank of 9 yellow cherry shrimp and over the last week they have all died, there was one left but it died last night. Whilst inspecting the corpse of the final one I have noticed small red markings and circles, does anyone know what this is from? Maybe a parasite? The tank also...
  14. T

    Clownfish has white slime! Help!

    Hi, please help, any advice is appreciated! My sisters clownfish has these “spots” and has has them for a couple of weeks. Her smaller clown had them and now they’re gone, but this one is still “infected”. He has been acting fine and eating like normal, thanks in advance.
  15. KatNor21

    Can anyone ID this worm?

    Hi everyone. This is a YouTube video that I shot and uploaded on my channel. Can anyone tell me what kind of worm this is? One of my endlers died so I gave his tank a good cleaning and discovered this worm on the bottom of some tank decor. Afraid it had caused the endler's death, I took it to...
  16. Z

    Please help!!!!

    I have a large panther grouper who has a couple of flat worm-like parasites on his eyes. They are like wavy and only attached on one end. Earlier this year I had a Niger trigger who I had for 2 years and he passed after being completely covered by the same parasites, his fins rotted and he...
  17. R

    Leeches? On my shrimp?

    I've been having some problems with my cherry shrimp. They seem to keep dying and the female's eggs are going bad. At first, I thought it was fungi but now I think it's probably parasites. I saw a male with what looked like 2 white stripes inside his thorax. And today I saw a worm on the glass...
  18. MagicGirl33

    Does Parasite Treatment Affect Snails?

    I have a platy that has some sort of internal parasite. I was given the medication to treat it but I was told not to use it if I had scaleless fish. I asked if it was ok for the mystery snail and they said they weren't sure. I have Titan Green Water Purifier Parasites and Fungus. Should I remove...
  19. K

    Angel Fish with parasite?

    We have 2 large angel fish in an established tank. No new fish for months. We thought that maybe they have ick and have been treating for this but it only seems to be getting worse. This morning I saw the attached picture. It seems like they are popping and then they go away after a few hours...
  20. L

    Can anyone identify if this is a parasite?

    Hey guys... I've had my otos for around 3 months now and even when I first got them I noticed a small discoloured spot on the underside towards the tail end of one of them and he/she seemed fine so thought it might have been scar tissue. I then thought it may be eggs but now I don't think so as...