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  1. O

    Pregnant, Fat or Sick? Please help!

    Hi Everyone, I have a very pregnant looking platy, but am not sure if she is pregnant or just chubby. We feed them twice a day and she is always the first to suck up flakes. This week she started hiding behind the rock shelter with her tank mate. Anyone out there know if she could be pregnant? I...
  2. S

    Jade goby growth in nose

    Hello everyone, this grew pretty quick in about two weeks and seems to continue. For a moment noticed a red strand coming out. My jade is about 5 years old and can't seem to figure out exactly what this is. Thank you.
  3. Stargazee

    Fish TB?

    I have been losing a fish every couple of months. I have 9 mbuna fish left (previously a chaos tank but do not want to introduce any more fish until this is solved), and a pleco in a 55 gallon with a FluvalSmart 706. I have 3 plants and barely any nitrates, 0 nitrites, 0 ammonia, ph 8.2. I...
  4. jedimildred54

    My new african dwarf frog is shedding weekly, is this normal?

    I recently got 2 african dwarf frogs for a 5 gallon tank. One frog, the biggest one, has shed once a week since I got him (it's been about 3 weeks). He always gets all the skin off after a day. There is no redness. A week ago the water was cloudy so I changed half the water. Also I've switched...
  5. Barry Tetra

    Urgent! Skinny Rosy barbs and swordtail

    I just caught 5 swordtail from the river (soft water btw might be from someone fish tank) and now they’re all infected, they are skinny and it seems to be parasite, I did used fish broad spectrum and salt and it doesn’t work as they are skinnier and paler everyday. should I move all of them to...
  6. O

    Possible parasites in aquarium

    Hi all. I have a weirdly specific question. I had my guppies die of parasites so now I only have a mystery snail in my 10 gallon tank. I’ve now acquired a betta but i’m hesitant with what I should do with him in regards to my tank. I’m worried that he could catch parasites if I put him in the...
  7. vikinglord13

    Dr. Erik Johnson, Koi Vet, interview

    Hello all, As some of you may know, I've been working on this video for some time now. It took much longer to edit than I anticipated, I hope you enjoy watching. If you like the video or learn something I simply ask you like my Facebook page, Zokomo Ranch; and, like the video on Youtube and...
  8. E

    Help- complicated anchor worm case

    Tank size: 30 litres, just an air pump filter with a spray bar, a full spectrum light for the plants and a water heater. pH: EDIT(7.6) misread it earlier as 6.8 (see below) ammonia: 0.25ppm nitrite: 0ppm nitrate: 5ppm kH: about 60ppm (I use test strips for kH, the value is between 40-80ppm) gH...
  9. B

    Mysterious worms infestation

    Hi I have an infestation of worms in my tanks which I can see squirming all over the tank walls, if anyone knows what they are and if they are harmful to the fish that would be good to know and also if anyone knows any methods to get rid of them? I've cleaned and re set up those tanks numerous...
  10. B

    Cherry barb - swimming sideways

    Male cherry barb, has been swimming sideways for a long time now. Have tried not feeding for a few days then feeding shelled peas - no result. Have treated with swim bladder treatment over the course of a few weeks, with temperature increased to 26 degrees, still no change. Have checked all the...
  11. Goosegrl2019

    Moss balls & parasites

    I just got 2 Marimo moss balls because they r beautiful & low maintenance live plants. I have no other live plants in my tank so I'm hoping these work out. Currently they r washed & put in a jar for a couple weeks because I'm paranoid to put them in my tank with my fish. I was wondering if...
  12. C


    My mystery snail had babies so I was using my phone to look at them zoomed in and noticed these barely visible with the naked eye parasite looking things. Anyone have an idea of what they are and what I should do?
  13. J

    Identifying Flukes in Fish

    Hi, New here and not entirely sure this is an 'emergency' or not but couldn't find a "fish health" section on here. I have a pretty well planted 40 gallon tank and have noticed my fish flicking and twitching parts of themselves onto plants , gravel or anything else in the tank. I noticed it a...
  14. Lauren J

    Mollies with sunken bellies???

    I lost my new black molly last week after noticing she had a sunken belly after giving birth. This week, my white molly has clamped fins and developed a sunken abdomen almost overnight. She is rubbing up against decorations and rocks. Also, my other black molly also has clamped fins and a slight...
  15. S

    What to do After Anchor Worm Infestation

    Hello all, Long story short, after battling an anchor worm infestation for 3 weeks all of my goldfish have passed away. I drained the tank and my canister filter but how long should I wait until I add new stock to restart my tank? I know anchor worms are parasites and cant live without a...
  16. B

    Does anyone know what this red mark, possibly sore? On my cory catfish is?

    I recently found white worms in my tank, I cannot get rid of them, so I started treating my tank with salt and water changes to no avail. I found my Cory cat with this on his side last night, does anyone know what it could be from?
  17. B

    Found a worm in my tank...

    So I was doing a water change and saw a little worm on my nerite snail. I’m pretty sure it was a detritus worm, still a little unsure. I’m wondering if garlic or aquarium salt will kill them. I don’t have many options because I have scaleless fish, invertebrates
  18. Peepss

    Opaline Gourami White Poop

    My Opaline gourami has been having normal poops lately but tonight I noticed he has this long white/clear string hanging. I’ve seen some people suggest internal parasites as well as just general poor water quality or from a crustacean? We do have shrimp in the tank & one recently died. Should I...
  19. YunoGasai212121

    Possible angelfish parasite

    not sure if the other one posted, I don’t think it did but sorry if it did. My fish has been acting weird lately with swimming like it’s been having more trouble with going where the filter flow is and it swims a little to the side and one time I saw it upside down but than 2 seconds later it...
  20. A

    Bloated gorami, please help

    My gorami has been very fat for a very long time almost 2 months now. He wont eat at all. Iv tried peas he wont eat them. Moved him to my hospital tank tried medicating the water. Didn't help. Regular water changes have perked him up. Hes still swimming around fine. He hangs around the heater a...