Unknown Illness On New Otocinclus' - Fungus?

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Apr 23, 2013
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Hello friends,
A few days ago, I brought home four otos. They appeared to have some minor ick (no surprise,) so they are in quarantine and being treated with Kordon Rid-Ich Plus. However, now it looks like something I'm unfamiliar with - maybe a fungus - is spreading among them. The dots are larger and more yellowed than ich I've seen. Curious if anyone knows what this is, and if the medicine I'm currently using is a good fit or if I should try something else. They are currently in quarantine with a few other new fish (a scarlet badis and a few neon dwarf rainbows,) and the other fish there are not showing any signs of illness other than a few spots of ick that they came with. I have them separated in a small keeper within the quarantine for now. At first I thought it was the coloration of the otos, and they they were just weird looking otos. The color of the dots seem about in tune with their normal lighter hues. It looks like it's spreading though, and two of the fish are exhibiting some minor fin clamping. 
Any help would be appreciated! And if I'm just being an idiot and this is just some sub species I'm unfamiliar with, feel free to tell me that too. I'm not claiming to be an expert here. :p


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if you think it is a fungus, than you can try adding anti fungus medicine, as it does looks like a fungus growth on them. And as you described it, it may infact be a fungus infection. Ick usually doesnt turn yellow from my knowledge so try adding some anti fungus meds into the tank

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