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  1. E

    HELP! How to save fish

    Hello everyone, I have had this Oscar for a couple weeks and he was doing great in the tank. He loves to eat and always comes out when I get close. I saw 2 days ago he had some white spots and I immediately thought it was ich. I was told ich spreads fast so I waited a day to see if it was ich...
  2. W.R

    New Clown Killifish In Established Tank, Lethargic after ICH treatment

    Hey all, about two weeks ago I've purchased 8 Clown killifish for my 20L, 2 year established tank with a few neocaridina, I could not quarantine them because my QT was taken up that same day by a friends sick beta fish (who is fine now :D), the store did not want to keep the killi's any longer...
  3. N

    Does my Clown Pleco Have Ich?

    Hello everyone! New to the game and just noticed my young clown pleco (I think that’s what he is) has some white spots all over his body. Does it look like the ich? Also have in the 30 gallon tank: 1 Neon blue dwarf gourami 1 Angelfish 3 tetra glofish Thanks!
  4. B

    Ich problems

    Hey all, new to the forums (and fish keeping in general so don’t bash me too hard lol) I have about a 1 month old, 37 gal tank. It’s not fully cycled but getting close. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.25 Nitrate: 5 I know now about the nitrogen cycle and cycling a tank but in the beginning I just...
  5. J

    White spots/film on fish, need help identifying what it is

    Last night I noticed these white areas on two of my fish that were not there before, one of them has already died. My first thought was ich but these white areas appear to protrude off the fish and are not perfectly round, so I feel like it might be something else. It appears currently on the...
  6. R

    Ick help… new owner needs help

    Hi guys, I am a very new aquarium owner and am relatively nuanced about aquariums. My 29 gallon aquarium has an ick outbreak and I responded by adding doses of ick clear and removing the carbon from the filter. I added air stones and a sponge filter. My mollies and loaches seem to be acting...
  7. J

    Emergency: plecos might have white spot/ich

    Hi all, I’ve noticed these white dots on my super red LF plecos. They have recently been shipped to me, and I’ve only had them for 4 days, In their own seperate tank with a fully cycled sponge filter. I noticed it last night, and as I am not very experienced with ich, did some research. Now I...
  8. W

    Platy in distress!

    Hi all! A few months ago, my partner and I inherited a tank from a friend who was moving across the country. We have had some issues because the tank was not properly cycled before our friend put the fish in and the water quality was very poor when they arrived with us but up until now, all of...
  9. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  10. N

    Ich for 2 weeks

    On 1/21 I got 2 new Mollies. On 1/23 noticed ich on a Molly. A cory cat died on 1/28. The Ich is still in tank as of 2/4. Treating with Tetra Lifeguard since 1/30. Prior I used API Pimafix/Melafix and Imagitarium Parasite Remedy because I went to 2 stores and couldn’t find ich treatment and then...
  11. F

    Help! Disease or stress?

    Hey all! New Betta owner here; I got my male Betta (his name is Pax) from the pet store yesterday. Have had him as well as the tank for about 24 hours now. There are two white dots on him but it doesn’t look like ich to me, though it very well could be. One white dot on each eye, almost...
  12. M

    Brooklynella, Velvet or other??

    I have had a case of what I think was brooklynella in the past 5 months. It started with my clownfish and they ended up dying despite our medication. We got a second batch of fish 4/5 weeks as per recommended by our fish guy, and they ended up dying of the disease too. We weren't able to treat...
  13. abegonzalez0221


    Hi, I have this really shy parrot fish and i’ve had her for almost a month now, she’s still really shy. She’s in my 55 with a few juvenile rainbows, they all get along fine. I was looking at her today and noticed she had a really small white marking on her fin (see picture below) but I’m really...
  14. M

    Brooklynella or Ich? And what are alternative treatments?

    So in the past 2-3 days, my new clownfish showed symptoms of what I assume is brooklynella. I had fish with brook in the past so I started treatment right away. Where I live, formaldeheyde is illegal to sell, so I'm doing a 5 minute FW bath followed by a 60 minute metronidazol bath, and dosing...
  15. S

    How to treat ich when I have aquarium salts in the water?

    Hi there, Some of my guppies have ich, but I have aquarium salts in the water. The only ich treatment I can find contains formaldehyde and malachite green oxalate. I've been told that this is lethal when combined with aquarium salts. Any advice on what I can do? Thanks
  16. L

    Ich or fungus?!

    I noticed one of my plates has white blobs all over her body. From looking at photos of ich I’d say these are bigger than the ‘grains of salt’ described. It’s only really visible when she’s right under the light. One of the other platies has some white on her tail. I’m about to go to the pet...
  17. M

    Is this really Ich?

    Hi, everyone. I’m not exactly new to fishkeeping; however, I finally have a tank again after 18 years of break from the hobby. I’ve just started out again with a new cycled tank and some angelfish I purchased from Petsmart. After putting them into my aquarium I noticed something strange looking...
  18. V

    Rope fish white dots everywhere? (pls help)

    I recently got a 8” rope fish for my 55 gallon tank, 2 days ago he started getting little white bubbles all over his body, I initially thought they were bubbles because he likes to swim through the bubble pad stone. But considering they did not go away; rather increase in amount, I have my...
  19. Snoyo1

    Ich in my 60L tank (I think it’s ich)

    Good evening all, Ive had a bit of a situation here this week with my 60L planted tank. I noticed one of my neon tetras had some white spots on his fins and tail earlier this week. I also have corydoras, a pleco and snails but the only fish that looked infected was that one neon tetra. I did...
  20. R

    Fish tank has Ich

    Hello, I am new to fish keeping only had this freshwater tank for a year it is a 30 gallon tank I did have 2 clown loaches (one was a year old) and the other was only maybe a month old, I didn't have a hospital tank and my father had fish for years probably maybe 10-20 years ago but I noticed...