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Dec 12, 2020
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New york
On 1/21 I got 2 new Mollies. On 1/23 noticed ich on a Molly. A cory cat died on 1/28. The Ich is still in tank as of 2/4. Treating with Tetra Lifeguard since 1/30. Prior I used API Pimafix/Melafix and Imagitarium Parasite Remedy because I went to 2 stores and couldn’t find ich treatment and then got sick myself so I couldn’t go out again. I did a 50% water change by gravel vac on 1/23, 25% water change on 1/27, and 25% water change on 2/2. The water changes were prior to adding treatment. My filter cartridge has not been in the tank because it had carbon but the actual equipment is still on to circulate water/medication. The Molly and now one Platy are not doing good. I don’t know what else to do to get ride of the Ich.

20 gal tank
Aqueon Quiet Flow filter
Tetra Whisper aerator
There is bark and Amazon sword plant

2 Siamese algae eaters
1 plecco
1 emerald cory cat
2 dwarf gouramis
2 platys
2 Mollies
2 guppies
1 female betta

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 10
Nitrite: 0
GH: 150
Chlorine: 0
Alkalinity: 120
pH: 7.2
Temp: 86 F
Has your tank always been at 86F or did you turn it up because of the ich infection?
Can you post pictures of the fish so we can confirm white spot?

Carbon filters need to be removed from filters before using medications otherwise the carbon will remove the medication from the water and it won't treat the fish.

Pimafix and Melafix don't do anything to white spot.

I don't know if Imagitarium Parasite Remedy will work on white spot.

Do a huge (80-90%) water change and gravel clean the substrate. This will remove most of the parasites and there will be fewer to re-infect the fish.
Make sure any new water is free of chlorine/ chloramine before it's added to the tank.

Clean the filter too. Wash the materials/ media in a bucket of tank water and re-use the media. Tip the dirty water on the lawn.

Increase aeration/ surface turbulence whenever using medications or using heat to maximise the oxygen levels in the water.

Raise the water temperature to 30C (86F) and keep it there for 2 weeks or at least 1 week after all the white spots have gone.
Use a thermometer in the water to check the temperature.

If you are concerned the parasites are not dying at 86F, then increase the temperature to 88F.

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