dwarf gourami

  1. GothFishKeeper


    Hi, so my dwarf gourami (Gideon) has early stage ich and I’ve been treating the tank for the past two days. All my mollies and otos in here are fine which is a good sign but Gideon has been effected by it in the usual ways, he’s been sluggish and hasn’t eaten much. This morning when I turned the...
  2. N

    please help sick dwarf gourami :(

    my dwarf gourami has been looking like this for a couple weeks now. it still has a normal appetite and shows no signs of lethargy... could someone help? the water parameters are normal
  3. R

    Help! My honey gourami’s are turning black?

    So I got my “honey gourami’s” a few weeks ago and since I have had them they have gotten darker, with almost a black colour on them. I have been trying to find out what might be wrong with them and I’ve came across a few posts saying that they might actually be thick lipped gourami’s? Can anyone...
  4. HevvyC

    A dwarf gourami query..

    Hi guys, I have a female cobalt blue gourami and a new male dwarf (standard type blue with red stripes) in a 30 gallon with 8 neons. The female was glass surfing as she was alone in there with just shrimp, so I added company which I intended to do anyway. The male started making a bubble nest...
  5. C

    Quarantine Timeframe for Fungal Infection?

    I have a 36-gallon planted freshwater aquarium. The aquarium has been up and running for years now, and the current stocking is harlequin rasboras, kuhli loaches, shrimp, and a dwarf gourami. About a week ago I noticed one of my rasboras wasn't eating, and after some inspection I noticed he had...
  6. A

    Strange Dwarf Gourami Behaviour

    So I've had a male and female Dwarf Gourami in a 60 Litre tank for 4 months and had zero issues, but the last couple of days I've noticed them on the floor of the tank and the female seems to just rest on the bottom almost panting. I thought that they were supposed to be mid to top dwellers in...
  7. G

    Beginner issues - Please Help!

    Hi There - Brand new to fishkeeping and have read a lot online. So I think I know where I went wrong, but need to confirm before I make the same mistake again. We started fishkeeping last spring when my daughter’s 1st grade teacher asked us to keep the classroom goldfish over the summer. The...
  8. H

    Is this light so bright for my dwarf gourami,new to dwarf gourami hobby

    Will this light be so bright or make my dwarf gourami stressed if i kept this light on the entire night
  9. G

    DGD In Honey Gourami?

    Tl;dr - Is it possible for Honeys to get DGD? Does the attached image accurately represent DGD? Over the past few months, I've been buying Honeys and "Red Honey" gourami from my LFS. I wanted to buy Dwarfs originally but I was warned off by users here (thanks!) due to the prevalence of DGD. The...
  10. outofwater

    10g tank for dwarf gourami

    This was supposed to be a quarantine/planting tank, but plans went sideways when I realized that this dwarf gourami, Mr. Bluerami; was bullying my cories and pretty much all others on my 29g tank. My son grew attached to him, so returning him (it was a gift) or otherwise getting rid of him...
  11. N

    Ich for 2 weeks

    On 1/21 I got 2 new Mollies. On 1/23 noticed ich on a Molly. A cory cat died on 1/28. The Ich is still in tank as of 2/4. Treating with Tetra Lifeguard since 1/30. Prior I used API Pimafix/Melafix and Imagitarium Parasite Remedy because I went to 2 stores and couldn’t find ich treatment and then...
  12. K

    Gourami sex?

    Can anyone help identify the sex of these 3 gourami for me please. From what I've read it's to do with top fin shape but someone else said colour and now I am unsure?
  13. J

    Male or Female Dwarf Gouramis?

    After some advice on the sex of my Gouramis please
  14. fishyfun&fans

    Fred the Gourami said “shush I’m hiding” Mexico the sail fin had to give his spot away

    Fred and Mexico Best friends forever
  15. fishyfun&fans

    Dwarf Gourami Do Yours Play with Bubble bars?

    Recently I’ve noticed most days my Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami plays with the Bubble bar in the tank all day long Does anyone else’s do the same?
  16. G

    Dwarf Gourami - Not breathing normally

    Hello guys, I am a beginner to fishkeeping... I have a 100 liters tank with 2 Tin foil barb 2 Angel Fish 1 Marble veil Angel 2 Dwarf Gourami 4 Silver Shark last week i forgot to turn on the filter after feeding and then found out that the 2 tin foil barb and a silver shark is dead. I moved...
  17. N

    Dwarf Gourami laying on side?

    I got 2 dwarf gouramis 3 days ago and one has been basically laying on its side the whole time, it’s sides look a little puffed out, it’s breathing heaving, and isn’t moving. He seemed to be gasping for air at the top a lot when I first got him and it really accelerated to this fast. I have an...
  18. D

    Tank Capacity?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of getting the aquastyle 620 tank dimensions are 62cm W x 52cm H x 39cm D. It says the capacity is 90L but when I put it in to Aq advisor it says it's 120L and I'm mega confused. Would this stocking work? My tap water GH is 1-2 and PH is 7.56 - 8.01 2 Dwarf Gourami 6...
  19. M

    Gourami not eating

    I have a 60 gallon planted tank with a dwarf gourami, two opaline gouramis, a veil angel and 6 Von Rio flame tetras. I’ve had the gouramis and the angel for about two and half months without a problem, and the tetras were added 3 weeks ago and have been doing great. Then a week ago, my dwarf...
  20. H

    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    I am in desperate need of help. Our favorite fish, a dwarf gourami, is in a hospital tank and in dire need of treatment or euthanasia. He had been showing signs of some kind of spots all over for a few months. No treatments of ich worked and no other fish in the tank had any of his...