1. carligraceee


    HEY GUYS THIS IS SUPER URGENT! So my Dalmatian molly (Sherlock) was doing fine ever since I purchased him. However, I just purchased a new tank with a filter and heater. I set the heater to around 75 degrees and everything was fine until this morning. One of my girls went into hiding in the...
  2. R

    What is wrong with my Mollie.

    My mollie is acting weird for the past few days. Sometimes I find it just standing up straight and doesn’t swim at all. I have a 30 gallon tank with 6 mollies 4 corydorays and a lot of guppy babies.
  3. Salty&Onion

    The reason of the shimmies

    Yesterday I have moved all my three mollies to my betta tank. My betta boy is fine with having around them and I'm aware that bettas aren't community fish no matter what and this is just temporary due to lack of heater in my 33 gallon. I'll be getting Eheim Jager today hopefully and I found one...
  4. S

    Is my molly pregnant?

    Hi, please can anybody tell me if they think my molly is pregnant? Thanks
  5. K

    Black Molly with 1 bulging eye

    Hi, I am new to this & also new to the fish world. I woke up this morning to find my black Molly with 1 bulging eye & some white around the eye. I did some reading about pop eye & maybe this was an injury but I am not sure how to treat her since I don’t have another tank to quarantine her. I...
  6. pjwilford


    I’m finding this fish has a mysterious white spot. seems like some sort of fungus. a black molly of mine has it all over as well. Will pimafix cure this? What is it?? I have a guppy currently giving birth right now too. will meds be safe for babies?
  7. M

    Molly laying at the bottom of the tank

    I have three mollies in a 15 gallon tank and my only regular Molly started to lay on the bottom of the tank not moving just breathing. I did switch their tanks yesterday but he seemed happy and okay and now he is the only one just laying there.
  8. C

    mollie staying at the bottom of tank

    i have a silver mollie in my tank and whenever the air pump is on it goes straight to the bottom and doesn't move that much but when i turn it off he is very active
  9. S

    Is My Molly Gravid?

    I've had my molly for about a month and she has started to swell up like this. Is she gravid? I have a 50 gallon tank with 3 medium size bala sharks, a 5" common pleco, a 2" albino bristlenose pleco, 5 longfin zera danios, 4 neon tetras (I had nine, but they have neon tetra disease. I am hoping...
  10. C

    Transparent Molly?

    about 4 days ago I moved my fish in my 38L tank to my new 90L tank, while I was catching my yellow Molly named Frazzle in the net, her tail started changing colour, the next day I noticed her tail, dorsal and anal fin were transparent and when i turn the blue light on the top of her head is also...
  11. tgwthf

    stocking my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium, thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I'm nowhere near close to setting up the tank, stand is still being built and needs to be cleaned out of all the sand and stuff, but i'm in the process of trying to find some fish i can put in there, will be keeping it around the 24C temperature mark. so far i'm thinking of...
  12. Tanya farrell

    Please help with my mollie

    hello could someone tell me if my mollie is female or male , the lady I got it off said it was felmale and was prego but nothing's happened , she has been swimming around really fast today don't know why ? , thank you , sorry about the bad pic , I have been trying to get a good pic for a while
  13. M

    Rescued mollies late last night I think there sick!

    the house I rescued it from had there electric turned off so fish had no air and nasty water.Lady had a 5 gallon filter on a 20 gallon tank. So far 1 molly has died. I have 3 left that I rescued.1 is in a tank by itself cause it's staying at bottom of tank..It's eating but not getting far from...
  14. S

    Help! What Is Wrong With My Dalmatian Mollie?

    What is Wrong With My Poor Dalmatian Mollie? Can Somebody please help me with knowing what is wrong with my Dalmatian Mollie? A month and a half ago I found her swimming like this, so I put her in a separator net. While she was in the net, I treated all the fish with clear all tablets...
  15. J

    Male Mollies Keep Dying!

    hello, I have a 40 litre tank currently containing 4 black widow tetras, a flying fox/ Siamese algae eater, two female mollies. I change the water once a week. Approximately 4-6 months ago I got a male mollie (along with one female mollie) until one day about 2 months later, he started...
  16. D

    Redness On Gill Plate Of Mollie

    Hi,   I have a half white/black female mollie that has some redness on the gill plates (both sides)  I originally thought she might have been nibbled on by another tank mate, but now she's looking a bit thin. She can swim around alright (no clamping fins) but sometimes she just sits at the...
  17. B

    How Do I Breed Balloon Mollies?

    I have never bred mollies before and I have a few questions.   My mollies are balloon mollies.  I have two females and one male.  He usually tries to breed about once every 3 days. Not as much as I would like to breed the females, but it should be enough.  Anyways, the females haven't gotten...
  18. R

    Is My Mollie Pregnant?

    Is my mollie pregnant??? It is dark under neath but i got it from the pet shop afew days ago... i have a breeding box and i have put into there just incase, i have researched it and it seems like it is, can anyone help???
  19. FishMamas

    Mollie Mom Freaking Since Fry Birth

    HELP! My most outgoing, happy and person friendly fish, a female platinum Balloon Mollie (who regularly lets me hand feed her) had a 360 degree personality and behavior switch since giving birth to 5 fry about 2 weeks ago.  She was the most outgoing fish in my tank and dominated even over my...
  20. Mackenzilynn

    No Filtration When Medicating?

    Both of my dalmation mollies came down with a case of pop-eye in their right eyes. I got some aquarium salt and Metro-Ms medication. I did a 3 gallon water change (20 gallon tank) and put a tablespoon of aquarium salt in the water. My question is: when I put the dose of medication in the tank...