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  1. B

    Is my baloon mollie pregnant and when should I be expecting to see the fry.

    Is my molly pregnant? I recently bought this baloon molly and kept thinking that it had a belly that was lager than it was supposed to be (i thought 'baloon' molly ment they would have a large round belly). I did some digging and found out that its a female (i think) and possibly pregnant. I...
  2. J

    911! What’s going on?

    My mollie had a clamped fin for a day or so because my Nitrite level went up to 1. Then down to .5 with 30% water change. Then 0 with addition of API Quick Start. He seemed fully recovered. Yesterday I noticed him laying down under a plant, but came out when fed. Tonight he is swimming in...
  3. M

    One stressed Molly?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum: I have a 120g tank 5 x 2 x 2, which I moved the fish from 2 tanks into So it currently has 24 tetras (neon, black neon and harlequin) About 20 or so mollys 2 gourami's (a honey and a snakeskin) 2 bristlenose (baby and a fully grown 1 synodontis...
  4. E

    Is my Molly supposed to look like this?

    Hi all! Relatively new to the hobby here. This Mollie was given to me mid December, and she's progressively gotten bigger over the course of 3 months. Is this just the type of Mollie she is? Or is she just fat lmao. Many thanks!
  5. C

    What should I put in my 10 gallon tank?

    hey guys :) I have just bought a 10 gallon tank after my betta died and I wanted to try something new. I'm looking for suggestions on how to stock it. At the minute I'm thinking about livebearers although I would only get males because I'm not wanting fry. Guppies? Platies? Mollies? Endlers...
  6. J

    Molly with white spots. Is it fungus?

    Hello all. I noticed last night that one of my full black mollies has some "faint" or "soft" white spots on him. At a glance, it does not look like ich like I experienced before, these seem a tiny bigger, and it's kind of fainted (the picture below doesn't make it justice). From what I saw...
  7. MollyFishMomma


    I have a 40 gal tank with 3 adult mollies and 4 “teenager” mollies and one bristlenose pleco. I’ve just noticed these “bugs?” Or maybe “mites?” crawling around on the intake and plants. I do 50% water change weekly, haven’t added anything (no new decor, fish, etc.) to the tank in months. Any...
  8. Stefan3289

    Mollies are trying to breed

    Hello all, So I had one of my mollies pass away but I decided I’ll get a new one to replace his spot. Turns out the one I managed to pick was a female. I see now that a few of the males are following her a lot trying to mate. I know I can’t really prevent this, but will this cause a lot of...
  9. R

    Rate my tank?

    Some info: Size-20 gallon long tank Stock-Golden dojo loaches, yo-yo loach, red tailed shark, mollies, white cloud minnows(gold variety), albino cherry barb, banjo cat, too cat, Nerite snails. Planted-half planted half artificial. Filtration-Aqueon10 and sponge filter for redundant filtration in...
  10. R

    Ick help… new owner needs help

    Hi guys, I am a very new aquarium owner and am relatively nuanced about aquariums. My 29 gallon aquarium has an ick outbreak and I responded by adding doses of ick clear and removing the carbon from the filter. I added air stones and a sponge filter. My mollies and loaches seem to be acting...
  11. N

    Ich for 2 weeks

    On 1/21 I got 2 new Mollies. On 1/23 noticed ich on a Molly. A cory cat died on 1/28. The Ich is still in tank as of 2/4. Treating with Tetra Lifeguard since 1/30. Prior I used API Pimafix/Melafix and Imagitarium Parasite Remedy because I went to 2 stores and couldn’t find ich treatment and then...
  12. B

    Is my fish pregnant?

  13. M

    Can’t seem to get water levels down

    Hello! I am very new to fish keeping . I got a 20 litre tank about 2 months ago (the pets at home one) . I cycled it and then added 2 mollies , 4 neon tetras and 2 shrimp. All started well but then one of the mollies just randomly died . I thought it was just a classic pets at home thing so I...
  14. L

    Mollies/Platys dying one by one

    Hello, So I have a 130 litre tropical aquarium that has been running for at least 7 years now. For the past year I’ve only had black skirt tetras, black phantom tetras and rasboras, all of which are doing fine. About 6 weeks ago I purchased 4 Platys and 4 mollies and didn’t even think to...
  15. G

    Fat bellied Mollies make the world go round

    Hey guys! I have recently encountered a problem in my planted breeder tank. My mollie mama looks pregnant constantly even after giving birth and her fry ate coming out with swollen bellies. I caught a video of some sort of white worm in the tank as well. I know they have worms but I can't figure...
  16. carligraceee


    HEY GUYS THIS IS SUPER URGENT! So my Dalmatian molly (Sherlock) was doing fine ever since I purchased him. However, I just purchased a new tank with a filter and heater. I set the heater to around 75 degrees and everything was fine until this morning. One of my girls went into hiding in the...
  17. R

    What is wrong with my Mollie.

    My mollie is acting weird for the past few days. Sometimes I find it just standing up straight and doesn’t swim at all. I have a 30 gallon tank with 6 mollies 4 corydorays and a lot of guppy babies.
  18. Salty&Onion

    The reason of the shimmies

    Yesterday I have moved all my three mollies to my betta tank. My betta boy is fine with having around them and I'm aware that bettas aren't community fish no matter what and this is just temporary due to lack of heater in my 33 gallon. I'll be getting Eheim Jager today hopefully and I found one...
  19. S

    Is my molly pregnant?

    Hi, please can anybody tell me if they think my molly is pregnant? Thanks
  20. K

    Black Molly with 1 bulging eye

    Hi, I am new to this & also new to the fish world. I woke up this morning to find my black Molly with 1 bulging eye & some white around the eye. I did some reading about pop eye & maybe this was an injury but I am not sure how to treat her since I don’t have another tank to quarantine her. I...