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  1. D

    Livebearer white tail disease?

    Hi all, After a few years I decided to convert my 30 gallon gourami tank into a livebearer community tank. I re-homed the last surviving gourami and added 4 platys, 9 guppies and 8 tetra. Stupidly I didn’t quarantine in any way and now regretting it (I’m not an experienced fish keeper I’ve only...
  2. J

    Molly with white spots. Is it fungus?

    Hello all. I noticed last night that one of my full black mollies has some "faint" or "soft" white spots on him. At a glance, it does not look like ich like I experienced before, these seem a tiny bigger, and it's kind of fainted (the picture below doesn't make it justice). From what I saw...
  3. D

    White fungus?

    I have a white fungus type thing growing on the plastic, can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid, I don’t want it to harm my fish. Thanks in advance!
  4. FrezhFinz

    Can anyone help me identify this on my driftwood??

    I have a 40 gallon tank and I just recently set it up a week ago I have a weird bacteria or fungus growing on it can anyone help me identify what it is and how I can prevent it from spreading also can it be harmful to my fish if I don’t react to it? Also if you have any general tips for...
  5. R

    New Fish and Shrimp and Fuzzies

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look here at my situation and giving me opinions. A few days back I got some new fish and set up multiple tanks anew in addition to adding to one of my current tanks. The only problem is with my betta and by extension my new shrimp. Originally the betta...
  6. D

    Problem with Neon Tetra?

    Hello, I added 11 neons to my 30 gallon about 2 weeks ago and I noticed a day or 2 ago that one fish has some discoloration around its belly and near the dorsal fin. It's not acting unusual, eating fine and showing no other symptoms. The tank also has 5 cherry shrimp and several live plants...
  7. syren

    Flesh eating bacteria???

    Title is an attention grabber, I know, but I am back again after having minimal issues with Grosso! (insert massive sigh here) I got sick of the 10 gallon shortly after experiencing back to back canister issues and it almost killing him, so shortly after I upgraded to a 36G and things have been...
  8. bettafishlover86

    What in the heck happened?

    So this morning I noticed my betta was missing, but I didn’t have time to look for her until after school. It appears as if she is attached to the driftwood by some sort of fungus. Does anyone know what this is or how it happened? I don’t know if she is dead, but I will update in a few.
  9. S

    The best brand for fungus medicine that won’t kill my elephant snails???

    My fish recently had a bit of a stress with a water change after I left my tank a little too long before cleaning. My water is perfect but I think it stressed them out a bit. One of my endler guppies appears to have tail rot from what I can determine and a couple of my glow light tetras have a...
  10. KatNor21

    Fungal bloom from new driftwood took over tank

    I added a large piece of driftwood to my 10 gallon tank. It grew the usual white-clear fuzzy fungus film, but instead of just sticking to the wood, it seems to have taken over the entire tank. It's all over my plants and the substrate. A couple of my plants died because their stems rotted. This...
  11. JamieTYV


    Hello! Fingers crossed someone can help... I have a large, established tank with a variety of fish, my parameters have been good and stable for a long time... 6 x peppered corys 1 x Male Betta 6 x Female Bettas 6 x Glass Catfish 1 x Female BN Pleco Recently I introduced a Male BN Pleco in the...
  12. 3

    Should I treat for fungal

    A couple of my females are starting to look a bit beat up. I think it’s from the males harassing them to much. I also notice the females going for each other. I did have a 1 to 3 ratio but some died from old age(Nothing was wrong with them). There is a lot of female juveniles growing up so in...
  13. P

    Betta White Growth

    Hi, First time here and was hoping for some help with my Betta. He unfortunately wasn't that well taken care of for a while and developed a large white streak on his underside that I wasn't initially sure what to do with. I increased frequently of water changes (once every 5-7 days with his...
  14. G

    Rainbowfish Cottonmouth? Outbreak

  15. Irksome

    Betta fungal infection isn’t responding to treatment

    I initially did a salt treatment in a quarantine bucket, but didn’t feel good leaving him in a bucket that I couldn’t hide from inquisitive toddlers, so I moved him back into the tank and started an anti fungal treatment. I have been adding treatment every day and changing water every other day...
  16. Liv15

    Can I treat for fungus with a holding female?

    I’ll start with TLDR: -Can I use an anti fungal treatment with a currently mouth brooding female, and clown loaches and a pleco? -Can I also use salt with these species to enhance treatment? -Should I just improve water quality and see if the small amount of fungus on one fish goes away...
  17. newmag1659

    Driftwood Fungus is taking over my tank!

    Hi! I have a piece of driftwood that grew driftwood fungus almost immediately about 6 weeks ago. I looked around online and was told to leave it be and it'll go away. Well, it hasn't gone away and has now appeared to spread to my plants. I also have a very thick biofilm that my 3 gardneri...
  18. Kristin919

    Help! White particles on top of water, cycling new tank

    Hi everyone I’m cycling an old tank it’s about the 3rd day I’ve added fish flakes and now I have these white particles on the top of the tank. Some are collecting on surfaces but mostly on the top of the tank. Does anyone know what this is and or if it is normal?
  19. K

    Fungus, Ick or something else??

    1 of my black mollies has some weird disease. Just noticed it this morning. All the other fish in the tank look fine. At first I thought it was Ick but then noticed it is actually bumps on his tail but only 1 side. Seems to have white spots on his body & his color is not as black. Water...
  20. Kristin919

    Help! White particles in tank multiplying and wont go away

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what this white stuff is in my tank? These are old pictures from a year ago. I’ve since taken my tanks down because of this white stuff, I’ve bleached everything and this stuff just seems to keep coming back. I’ve set up this tank again with just water and afilter...