1. P

    Betta White Growth

    Hi, First time here and was hoping for some help with my Betta. He unfortunately wasn't that well taken care of for a while and developed a large white streak on his underside that I wasn't initially sure what to do with. I increased frequently of water changes (once every 5-7 days with his...
  2. G

    Rainbowfish Cottonmouth? Outbreak

  3. Irksome

    Betta fungal infection isn’t responding to treatment

    I initially did a salt treatment in a quarantine bucket, but didn’t feel good leaving him in a bucket that I couldn’t hide from inquisitive toddlers, so I moved him back into the tank and started an anti fungal treatment. I have been adding treatment every day and changing water every other day...
  4. Liv15

    Can I treat for fungus with a holding female?

    I’ll start with TLDR: -Can I use an anti fungal treatment with a currently mouth brooding female, and clown loaches and a pleco? -Can I also use salt with these species to enhance treatment? -Should I just improve water quality and see if the small amount of fungus on one fish goes away...
  5. newmag1659

    Driftwood Fungus is taking over my tank!

    Hi! I have a piece of driftwood that grew driftwood fungus almost immediately about 6 weeks ago. I looked around online and was told to leave it be and it'll go away. Well, it hasn't gone away and has now appeared to spread to my plants. I also have a very thick biofilm that my 3 gardneri...
  6. Kristin919

    Help! White particles on top of water, cycling new tank

    Hi everyone I’m cycling an old tank it’s about the 3rd day I’ve added fish flakes and now I have these white particles on the top of the tank. Some are collecting on surfaces but mostly on the top of the tank. Does anyone know what this is and or if it is normal?
  7. K

    Fungus, Ick or something else??

    1 of my black mollies has some weird disease. Just noticed it this morning. All the other fish in the tank look fine. At first I thought it was Ick but then noticed it is actually bumps on his tail but only 1 side. Seems to have white spots on his body & his color is not as black. Water...
  8. Kristin919

    Help! White particles in tank multiplying and wont go away

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what this white stuff is in my tank? These are old pictures from a year ago. I’ve since taken my tanks down because of this white stuff, I’ve bleached everything and this stuff just seems to keep coming back. I’ve set up this tank again with just water and afilter...
  9. Kristin919

    White multiplying particles in new tank

  10. Meg0000

    wood question

    Hi I have some wood but I got it from the terrarium section because there was not any in the aquarium section. It was 2 months ago and there is still fungus on the wood. Also it passed from very light color to dark brown from the time I got it. When I washed it this morning some some of the dark...
  11. S

    Serious help needed diseases

    This pearl gourami seems to have pretty bad fin rot on it's too fin and what seems to be fungus on it's eye and on it's front two fin bases. treating with eSha gdex and eSha 2000 any ideas
  12. M

    Disease/fungus identification

    Hello everyone I’m new here with a fluvel flex 57l running about 7-8 months. I had a few fish deaths early on but the fish have generally been fine. Today I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has developed a whitish cloudy growth on it’s face. Does anyone have any idea of what this is, the...
  13. S

    SICK platy fish - please help identify the sickness!

    Hello, Can anyone recognise which sickness is hurting my platy tank? I have an idea, but I am not sure. Basically out of the blue (no new fish added, no change in diet, but doing weekly water changes), quite a few of my platies started having light patches on their bodies -at first i thought it...
  14. T

    Potential Fungus on Dwarf Gourami?

    Last night I noticed a small white spot on my dwarf flame gourami. I had recently had a flagfish in the tank for about a day and he had ended up nipping the fins of my other fish, so I removed him immediately. My first thought was that perhaps the slight fin damage compromised my gourami's...
  15. F

    Betta developing dark spots please help!

    Pictured below is my male betta in the store (20 December 19) followed by his first days in his new home. He instantly became much more vibrant which I was very happy about. However he then developed a dark spot by his lip - starting off as a small grey dot. He was also glass surfing for...
  16. B

    White Fluffy Faced Panda Cory

    Hi, I purchased 3 panda cory's around 3 weeks ago from my local fish shop to place in with my platy fry. After a week I noticed one had a strange fluffy looking patch on his (presuming it's gender) on it's face between it's eyes. Having looked at recommendation online I turned the temperature...
  17. M

    Out of ideas for illness

    My female betta has a patch on her side that looks tan in some lighting and white in others for the last 3 weeks. It is not super raised but is noticeable. The patch has gotten slightly larger even after both fungal and bacterial treatment. She is active and eats like a pig and does not show any...
  18. Ch0le

    Driftwood fungus

    Hello everyone. I am worried that the fungus on my driftwood will harm my plants. If so, what should I do?
  19. B

    Is pimafix effective in treating body fungus?

    I bought fish from Petsmart yesterday and now my fish have fungus
  20. C

    Platy with Whitish Spot on Chin

    Tank size: 10 gallons pH: don’t know ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: <5 ppm kH: don’t know gH: don’t know tank temp: 75 F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Ok here’s the story folks. I’ve been planning to add another platy to my...