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Black Ghost Knife fish DISEASE?!


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Nov 19, 2018
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I have a BGK for more than a year. He seemed fine all this time, but today I noticed some very odd white spot on him. Maybe an early stage of fungus? I have no idea, but It doesnt look so good. I'm really scared for it to not start growing bigger. It looks a bit like a wound when I look more closely, looks like a white cut if I may call it. I know BGK is very sensitive to medications, so I I'm not sure how to cure him... I did a 50% water change and planning to do 25% tomorrow. I raised water temperature to 30°C because somewhere I've read that it might help. He is eating tho. Not so actively as used to but still eating. He became more agressive today towards other fish. Maybe because he feels some skin irritation? Few times he tried scratching in decorations, but just a few times. I can't really isolate him, because I dont have other tank that is big enough for him... What should I do? Tomorrow I'll probably go buy a UV sterelizer and some more decorations for him to hide... cause sometimes he starts to fight with my pleco for a hiding place which is a log. Maybe this disease came out because of stress??

Sorry, cant tell now anything about my water parameters, cause I still didnt get a testing kit... but for many years it seemed always a fine and healthy tank. I do 25 or 50% water changes every week or two using Aquasafe and JBL Ferropol for plants.
I didn't put any chemicals and treatments besides the things I mentioned.
I have 3 angelfish, 4 siamese algae eaters, 1 small mastacembelus circumcinctus, 3 betta females, 1 lyretail killifish male and a female, 2 bristlenose plecos (one with long fins) and 5 corydoras.
Tank size is 125 l. After few months I will upgrade to 450 l.
I recently added a small mastacembelus circumcinctus in my tank but he's not aggressive at all. Eats fine, seems healthy, I doubt the problem came from him... I will add a photo if possible.

Hope it's curable :(


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