1. A

    Need help identifying this disease!

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to figure out what disease is afflicting my betta for over a month now. A little backstory - I adopted this Betta when COVID-19 began. It was our "office fish" and unfortunately, lived in a 2.5 gallon, without a heater or filter, for close to a year due to lack...
  2. Barry Tetra

    How do I disinfect my fish tank after disease?

    Hi again :thumbs: So months ago I set up a new tank which is a 24 gal Rosy barbs and kuhlis tank. I had bought 6 rosy barbs and moved 27 kuhli loaches to the tank (as everyone may know about the kuhli I have rn) then rosy barbs started to turn pale and 3 of em seems to be dead So.....kuhli...
  3. H

    Unknown Red Blotch

    I noticed yesterday a bright blood red blotch directly on top of my female Tiger Teddies head. I don’t know what this can be. Any ideas? I have a few ideas but want to be sure before I start medicating. Don’t want to loose this pair as they are more rare to find.
  4. L

    Suspected velvet!

    I’m new to fishkeeping, and I was wondering if someone could advise me on these yellow patches that have appeared on my female guppies. They’re quite small, and are located near the front fins. After doing a bit of research, I’m really worried that I’ve got velvet in my tank, although apart...
  5. A

    Loosing a fish almost weekly

    For starters, I'm not new to fish.... I have a 55g tank, water tests fine, I have ruled that out already. Tank has guppies/platys in it... Recently I added 2 super pregnant molly/mosquito fish hybrids to it (I breed them as feeders)... Being that they are mostly colorless, I'm wondering if what...
  6. M

    Is this hole in the head?

    A few months ago I got my first fish tank, cycled it, and introduced fish at staggered intervals until I had 6 neon tetras, 3 Corys, 4 danios and a dwarf gouramis. One of the danios just disappeared so I'm not sure what happened there. However in the last few days I've been noticing what I think...
  7. D

    White Covering on Fish

    (I am not including water parameters yet, as I just finished a 75% plus water change, but I can add them later.) This tank is about 30 gallons and has been up and running well for about two years. It currently holds 6 Celestial Pearl Danios, 4 Cory Cats and a few Mystery Snails. The Danios...
  8. pkenziep

    Help! What did my catfish die of and is it contagious?

    First off - I apologize as this will probably be a novel. Can anyone help me ID what killed my albino corydora? I've had two for over a year (which I know they need more friends, but I didn't have tank space until very recently and haven't even had a chance to increase their school size), and...
  9. ajr0053

    Help with friend’s betta

    Hi all, I’ve got a question about a friend’s betta fish. He’s about 4 years old now in a 5 gallon planted tank. A few weeks back he developed a tumor on his side, and now his owner has noticed he has what seems like a possible fungal infection? His head has some weird texturing on it, which I...
  10. T

    Dead Molly

    Hi, I woke up today to find one of my Mollies dead. Over the past two days this molly has seemed lethargic, just sitting at the bottom of the tank although he would still swim around and eat at feeding time. I am really at a loss to say why he died and am worried that it could be something...
  11. LexiLex888

    3 Guppies dead, is this a disease?

    So two nights ago I realized that one of my guppies had died. I didn’t see anything wrong and I figured that it was just of old age or something since he was an old fish. Then another one died and another! I have recently added two new lamp-eye tetras (in addition to my one already in the tank)...
  12. W

    Help needed - mysterious cause of death for all fish. 4 remaining but not doing well.

    Request Help Tank size: 100L/26gal pH: 7.2-7.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20ppm gH: 150 ppm tank temp: 28 degree Celsius (previously 26 but have upped since fish started getting sick) Volume and Frequency of water changes: Normal routine 1-2 per week 25-50% - treat with prime and stress...
  13. Allaboutcichlids

    Help! My fish is ill, any ideas on how to treat it?

    Hi everyone, As you can see from the images my cichlid is very ill. It has been like this for a couple of months now, slowly getting worse and worse over time. As you can see, there are lumps (which are very hard to touch!) all along the fins of the fish and its mouth has swollen which has...
  14. Filip

    Cleaning Post-Disease Aquarium/Filter

    Hello! I recently had a fungus infestation in my 20-gallon tank, and it sadly killed all my fish because I was having ammonia problems at the same time, and the combination was too deadly for the little guys:( Anyway, I want to get back at it, and I want to make sure that I get rid of ALL...
  15. LexiLex888

    Bubbles on Fish, 4 dead

    Help! About 2 months ago I decided to purchase a 55 gallon tank and start a tropical fish tank. I set it up, let it cycle for two weeks and then slowly started to add fish. I have about 25 (all tropical) fish in there now, and 4 snails. There was a slight bacterial bloom a while ago, and my...
  16. Hamdhan777

    Hole in head, and growth on gill? Sparkling Gourami Help.

    Hi guys, One of my female sparkling gourami has developed what appears to be a dent on her head, and discoloration to part of one of her gills (there is also some white growth protruding from this area). She still eats, but is swimming rather lethargic. Tank is cycled. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0...
  17. F

    shubunkin is sitting at the bottom of tank

    Hi everyone, My shubunkin goldfish has swim bladder. I’ve read a lot about treatments and solutions already. How would you feed him if he doesn’t eat the peas? Would you hold him out of the waters and force feed? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  18. S

    Help! What’s wrong with my fish?

    I just checked my tank and have noticed one of my Glowlight Tetra’s swimming rather strangely. Is this Swim a ladder or something else? It’s only the one fish, none of the others seem to be affected. It seems to keep turning to the side or turning upside down, is there anything I can do to help...
  19. nasy

    Need urgent help with my red parrot fish!!!

    Hello all, I hope this reaches someone soon. I have had these red parrot fish for almost six years. Today I noticed that they swam to the top of the tank, started to loose their color, and are swimming erratically. I've never seen them have all these symptoms in one, and I am very confused and...
  20. M

    Disease/fungus identification

    Hello everyone I’m new here with a fluvel flex 57l running about 7-8 months. I had a few fish deaths early on but the fish have generally been fine. Today I noticed that my bristlenose pleco has developed a whitish cloudy growth on it’s face. Does anyone have any idea of what this is, the...