1. C

    Fish Activity

    Hello everyone. I recently setup a new tank and I was curious if anyone could chime in as to why my fish don’t move much and why they seem to stay behind the plants and are sort of slow moving and lethargic. The tank is a 60 gal with some live plants. I’ve got 2 penguin 350 marineland filters on...
  2. Salt


    Lol! 🐟😂🐟😂🐟 I meant pet store not grocery store. 🙃
  3. S

    The best brand for fungus medicine that won’t kill my elephant snails???

    My fish recently had a bit of a stress with a water change after I left my tank a little too long before cleaning. My water is perfect but I think it stressed them out a bit. One of my endler guppies appears to have tail rot from what I can determine and a couple of my glow light tetras have a...
  4. Circus

    Are these Muppies or just XL Guppies?

    So a friend close to me bought some tanks that came with fish, which he didn't want. I said I would take them off his hands. Ot was a mixed lot of neon tetra and supposedly guppies, but two of these female are absolutely huge. I suspect they are actually a crossbreed, and therefore infertile...
  5. C

    35L (7 gallon) shrimp tank advice

    I'm currently cycling a 7G tank for housinf cherry shrimp there a a fee zebra snails too. What small single(pair) tropical fish other than a betta can I add that wont eat shrimp fry or mind being solitary. All suggestions welcome?
  6. F

    guppy with mass in stomach area

    there is a red growth on the guppy i put in some medicine but i don't know if i need to do anything else or what it is
  7. M

    help with newbie

    long story short - I was wondering if you guys could help. I have a new tank with fish they were doing fine I then test for ammonia yesterday. The ammonia was high, come to find out it was rocks that we separated and separately test and each had ammonia. I did a water change last night the ph...
  8. Anonymous Fox

    Constructive criticism?

    My grandfathers tank size: 35-40 gallons tall bow front tank Stocking *warning, pretty bad*: 2 boenus aris tetras, 1 glow light tetra (probably gonna end up getting), 2 Glofish/tetras, 10+ fancy guppies No live plants, two filters ( one built into the log/ tree thingy), heaters, slate hides...
  9. G

    Guppy - sudden growth on belly

    Hi guys, New to the forum here. introduced 4 x guppies to a new tank (around 2 weeks since set up) today, and suddenly noticed one has a growth from the belly. Images attached. Has anyone seen this before? No other guppy has it, and we didn’t notice right away, leading us to believe it may have...
  10. KatNor21

    Betta eats a spider?? x'D

    Here's my beautiful betta. My son named him Goldie. 🤷‍♀️ This morning I went in to check on him and noticed he was investigating/pecking at something on the gravel. I was shocked to see it was a spider! A drowned spider and its abdomen looked crushed. I quickly took it out so my betta wouldn't...
  11. M

    An idea for a divided betta tank

    Hey I was just thinking and learning more about the benefits and disadvantages of dividing a tank in 2 with a divider to house 2 bettas. I know there are issues with pheromones and etc but thats not why I am here now. I wanted to share my idea and see if it is plausible; So what if I divide a...
  12. W

    Fish identification

    I recently fished a peculiar fish out of a pond near my house. I’m not a hundred percent sure what it is. I think it’s a pumpkin seed, half of its tail is black so I put it in my mollie tank.
  13. J

    Guppy with lump and red spot, getting worse

    Hi, If anyone could reply that’s great, Me and my partner have had our 6 female guppies since the start of april, they were pregnant at the time and i think this one still is. We added three albino corydoras and some shrimp yesterday and later that evening we noticed one guppy which we think...
  14. F

    Variety of Tropical Fish

    I need to find a new home for these lovely, well kept fish. All peaceful 1 x blue Opaline Gourami £8 4x Danios £6 1x YoYo Loach £10 1x Black Fin Tetra £2 All the fish for £20 I’m also interested in swap for a large school of tetras or corydora catfish Im based in North West London. HA8
  15. C

    Stocking 10 Gallon Tank

    I have a 10 gallon (approximately 20" x 10" x 12") tank that I have used for fish in the past. Recently, I have been looking into getting some fish now that I have time to take proper care of them. I'm not familiar with many different species of fish and need help deciding on how to stock my...
  16. sweeteybabey

    I Need Some Quick Reasurance!

    Hello everyone! I'm not particularly stressed, but I'm just curious and slightly worried about one of my albino female corydoras. She had a red spot that faded to black on her egg area around a week ago, but it's completely gone now and she was lethargic for one day but instantly improved (it...
  17. G

    Pink Zebra Danios with Rosy Barbs ?

    (Dont mind my bad English) I have 7 Rosy barbs in my 40gal tank who are 1.5 - 2.5 inches in sizes. They were living with a gourami(3 spot). The gourami have grown way too big so I've given her back to the fish store. I saw there some beautiful pink zebra danios and was very tempted to buy those...
  18. G

    Betta Compatibility for 40 gallons tank

    I got 7 rosy barbs in a 40 gallon all of them are of 2-3inchs in size with a 3 spot gourami. The issue is that 3 spot has grown too large so I am thinking of replacing it with a betta(male). My Rosy barbs have never nipped the fins of the gourami and 40gal seems right for this many fish. The...
  19. D

    Betta Diet Help Appreciated

    Hi everyone, I'm getting a Betta fish and have read a lot of conflicting information online about their diet. Can anyone give me some idea of what to feed a betta for a balanced diet? Sorry if that's a bit of a silly question, I just want to get this right. Thank you for any and all advice
  20. C

    Fish tank and loads of extras for sale

    Hi, I’m selling my horizon 182L tank with lots of extras: Fluval 307 Filter Platties Ottos Corys LED light Thermometer Gravel, Plants Drift wood Snails All for £250 - quick sale. Let me know if you’re interested. Based in Leeds (LS16)