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  1. ella777

    Sore lip?

    A few months ago, my mums friend had to move and couldnt take her fish. She had 2 platies and 1 guppy. They were in a tiny tank with a small plastic plant. I decided to keep them and they were very happy in a larger tank. I only have my female platy left now. But I was wondering, her bottom lip...
  2. ella777

    Substrate is confusing.

    Hi, I have just got a 200l tank and I'm not sure what substrate to use. Some people say hydroton clay balls are best but others say the Seachem Fluorite is best. The tank I got comes with a ton of gravel which I would love to use but I'm not sure if it's good? I dont know the name of it as it...
  3. O


    why is there snails in my tank and i never bought any snails make sense. HELP ME PLEASE WHAT THE HECK. AND WORMS
  4. A

    Strange Dwarf Gourami Behaviour

    So I've had a male and female Dwarf Gourami in a 60 Litre tank for 4 months and had zero issues, but the last couple of days I've noticed them on the floor of the tank and the female seems to just rest on the bottom almost panting. I thought that they were supposed to be mid to top dwellers in...
  5. C

    Cuban Limia

    Hello everyone. I just recently purchased a couple female cuban limia fish from a petstore around me. I did some general research on them and was prepared for the buy. I’ve got my water parameters around where they like it as I am pretty sure that they are closely related to mollies. I guess my...
  6. A


    hey there, so basically I have a 60L tank in my bedroom, it currently has two guppies, 1 molly and 6 neon tetras.. my fav fish, the molly was displaying signs of swim bladder disease and I recently got some treatment from Maidenhead aquatics. I was in a rush and without reading instructions...
  7. T

    I need help with finding good tank mates

    Hey guys, I have a 55-60 gallon tank, I’m looking to get another mate(s) for the tank. I have 10 tiger barbs about an inch or less in length and 2 3 inch Pictus catfish. All are doing well together. I have two pleco as well.
  8. R


    hi, so i’ve got some danio and platy fish in my tank and i didn’t know that any were pregnant however when i looked in my tank tonight i saw this hovering near the filter and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what breed it is. I’ve been looking very closely on images and videos of...
  9. V

    Snail death

    So, a snail in my dad's tank died. It's been there for at least a year, I don't remember. However exact age is unknown since it was a river snail. I think that most likely one of the other fish ate it, but he insists it was old age. I highly doubt that because that's his go to whenever...
  10. K

    Don't know what fish to add to 45 gallon tank

    My 45G is currently stocked with - 12 Neon Tetras - 8 Otos - 8 Guppy Endlers - 4 Panda Cories - 1 Male Kribensis I was wondering if anyone have some good suggestions for a colorful/good schooling fish that would make a good addition to the tank. Thanks! Note: I use to have black skirt...
  11. V

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    I just want a general consensus as to what's popular in this hobby.
  12. V

    Do pet stores carry such bad stock that you should quarantine?

    I've heard that you should quarantine new plants and fish. Is this accepted practice in the community? If so, pet stores are in the wrong for selling such dangerous stock enough to kill fish. If there's instances where they sell sick fish or harmful plants isn't that animal abuse and shouldn't...
  13. V

    What fish would you like to eventually keep?

    These are mine. Angelfish. I like their body shape and the way it looks like they glide across the water. Discus. I've heard that these fish are very smart, and they look like colorful pancakes from their flat bodies. Pea pufferfish. It's cool that we can have freshwater small pufferfish as...
  14. V

    Centerpiece fish for 20 gallon?

    For those of you that have read my other posts, I am not getting any more fish any time soon until I solve the situation with my current tank. This question is for the future down the line when I no longer face life threatening issues with fish. However, I will list all my current stocking with...
  15. meezazee


    So, this may be a bit of a random one, but has anyone had any weird / disappointing encounters at pet shops? The last handful of times I went into my local pet shop, I noticed a large amount of their fish were dead, so the last time I was there, I politely mentioned to them that I wanted some...
  16. S

    How to clean java moss before adding it to my tank

    Hi all, I bought the java moss about 2 months ago and it's been sitting in water in a plastic tray on my window sill growing waiting for me to get around to doing something with it, hence this post. I have read that rinsing it, soaking in a 5% chlorine solution for 20 minutes, and then rinsing...
  17. I Like Rare Fish

    Fish and reptiles on my YouTube channel

    Hi guys, some may not know, but I have a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is solely based for animals, specifically my pets. I will be posting daily, and I have a fantastic selection of videos, and from now on I will log them here. Feel free to check them out and give me feedback. Stay a while 🍻
  18. W

    Tips for my first aquarium!

    Hi all! I have just completed the set up of my first aquarium. It has driftwood, sand, a plant nutrition soil and plenty of plants. Something on the aquascape seems a bit off to me and I'm wondering if anybody has any tips! This tank is an EHEIM LED second-hand 150 litre aquarium, 60cm x 50cm. I...
  19. A

    help me.. please!

    Hi, I'm relatively new to keeping fish and although I haven't had any problems with establishing my tank (60L) - I've noticed that my filter (Superfish AquaFlow 200) is a bit too strong, and although it comes with a spray bar, it seems to be pushing air through creating lots of bubbles and my...
  20. T

    Axelotle in container

    I went to an exotic reptile and amphibian shop. I saw some axelotles in Tupperware containers with some air holes in them. Is this normal for pet stores to keep axelotles like this? There was almost no room for movement and smelled absolutely terrible. Just wandering if this is reasonable...