1. Falconwithaboxon

    Parameter test

    Hello, So I made a post a couple days ago about some of my snails dying and people told me that the API test strips I am using are not accurate so they might have been getting ammonia poisoning even though the strips tell me that it's not an issue. It's not surprising since they were the...
  2. MagicGirl33

    How can I get my clown pleco to come out more?

    As you may already know, I have a 240 gallon tank in the process of being set up but I also have a well established 20 gallon tank with a 4-6 month old clown pleco. I've only really seen him like 3 or 4 times!!! How can I get him to come out more?
  3. S

    HELP PLEASE. Fish staying at surface.

    Hi all. I’m new to the fish keeping hobby, I’m from uk. We bought a 40L tank from a pet shop, cleaned tank, gravel and plastic plants etc, installed filter and heater set at (25 degrees Celsius)that came with the tank, filled tank to the water level marked on the filter, we added tapsafe and...
  4. E

    Small Guppy Not Eating

    Hi, I recently got three male guppies, and are keeping them in a 5 gallon tank with lots of plants and places to hide. My smallest guppy, Fabio, is being chased by the other two a lot. He spends a lot of his time in the corner of the tank at the top of the water, usually by the heater...
  5. E

    16 gallon or 62 stocking ideas

    Hi there I have an old 16-gallon tank (it is 62 litres), I have had the tank for years now and used to keep many different fish species in it, but for the last year and a half, it has been sitting empty in my loft. I have now considered filling it back up and resetting it up. I have kept many...
  6. R

    My fish are having weird behaviors

    I’m relatively new to the aquarium hobby but I’ve seen that my fish are having a weird behavior. I’ve had a 15 gallon tank for 3 months now and I have 5 neon tetras and 2 of a little bit of a larger species of tetras(I don’t remember the name) and their all doing fine but the 2 larger tetras are...
  7. Sgooosh

    Is she pregnant? Sry if wrong place

    Blue one she is heavily breathing
  8. MagicGirl33

    Tetra for my Aquarium

    I also want at least 2 different schools of tetras in my aquarium. Please vote!
  9. MagicGirl33

    What Loach Should I get for my Tank?

    I really want a loach too! Keep in mind I organised these polls to fit almost all the other fish I want to get so the water parameters are taken care of. also please pick 2 because loaches are one of my favourite types of fish!
  10. S

    Help identifying fish please

    Hi guys, so I picked up this tank today which came with these fish. Any help identifying them would be much appreciated. I bought this tank to rehouse my Angel fish as my other tank is 60l and too small for them when they grow so I need to know if these fish are compatible with them.
  11. Phalloceros


    Hi everyone, I’m a Dutch fish tank keeper, and I currently own two tanks. English is not my mother language so excuse me if I make a mistake. I own a 32 gallon tank with some Cory cats, livebearers, Rineloricaria, and shrimp. I also own a 130 gallon tank with loaches, American cichlids, black...
  12. quyenquang1988

    Some important notes in freshwater fish farming

    Every year around February and March (lunar calendar) when the weather warms up is also the time to enter a new fish farming season. For a successful crop, farmers must strictly follow the technical process of fish farming. Recent practice shows that weather and environment are somewhat...
  13. Falconwithaboxon


    Hello I have been on this forum for a couple of months and just felt sharing my tank! I started it the 2nd week of August and it is my first tank, 29 gallons. My plans for it are to just get a few more plants in it and start a 2nd bigger tank by May. Any opinions or advice is appreciated...
  14. Falconwithaboxon


    So I have a 125 gallon tank and I'm currently deciding what to stock it with, I've made a post before on suggestions. I read that I can keep freshwater stingrays in a tank of that size. So I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with those.
  15. C

    Tank Humidity

    Hi, I have around 36g worth of aquariums. One 30g and one 6g I was wondering whether this amount would produce a lot of humidity for it to be problematic? The 6g is a fluval edge so has a complete glass top and the gap is also covered by a plastic grated top The 30g also has a hood, granted...
  16. Falconwithaboxon

    New Tank

    So I just got a 125 gallon tank for free, found on roadside. I was talking to previous owner and she said it was filled about 3 months ago but she couldn't take care of it after her husband died. I need to clean and and do a leak test before I do anything with it. It came with the tank, stand...
  17. Falconwithaboxon


    So I have way over stocked my tank and I'm looking to get a new one. I have 2 angelfish, 3 dwarf gourami, 2 mollies, 4 platies, 10 neon tetras, 4 cories, 4 algae eaters, 4 danios, and 3 snails. I had 20 ghost shrimp but I'm pretty sure they got ate by my other fish as there's no bodies from...
  18. sweeteybabey

    Advice to Help My Bloated Neon?

    So my black neon tetra has become very bloated (I've attached some photos). She's still swimming and eating fine, and she isn't separating herself from the fish which is good! I suspect it may have been due to me feeding her flakes, but I've now switched to micro pellets. The neon has been...
  19. Falconwithaboxon

    Lights Off

    So I have a 29 gallon tank and a few of my fish, my gouramis, platies, and mollies, always charge the glass when I turn my lights off. They are the only fish in my tank that do that so I'm just wondering if that's normal behavior for them. They've been doing that since I got the tank about 2...
  20. bettaworldforbettas

    Starting Betta Fish Advocacy Project (Betta World For Bettas) -- Seeking like-minded people

    Hello! My name is Ariel and I'm a new member here :) I've started a project called Betta World For Bettas, because I see there's still a lot of misinformation about betta care among consumers and pet chains. I've been working to address these misconceptions through acrylic paintings and social...