1. G

    Pink Zebra Danios with Rosy Barbs ?

    (Dont mind my bad English) I have 7 Rosy barbs in my 40gal tank who are 1.5 - 2.5 inches in sizes. They were living with a gourami(3 spot). The gourami have grown way too big so I've given her back to the fish store. I saw there some beautiful pink zebra danios and was very tempted to buy those...
  2. G

    Betta Compatibility for 40 gallons tank

    I got 7 rosy barbs in a 40 gallon all of them are of 2-3inchs in size with a 3 spot gourami. The issue is that 3 spot has grown too large so I am thinking of replacing it with a betta(male). My Rosy barbs have never nipped the fins of the gourami and 40gal seems right for this many fish. The...
  3. D

    Betta Diet Help Appreciated

    Hi everyone, I'm getting a Betta fish and have read a lot of conflicting information online about their diet. Can anyone give me some idea of what to feed a betta for a balanced diet? Sorry if that's a bit of a silly question, I just want to get this right. Thank you for any and all advice
  4. C

    Fish tank and loads of extras for sale

    Hi, I’m selling my horizon 182L tank with lots of extras: Fluval 307 Filter Platties Ottos Corys LED light Thermometer Gravel, Plants Drift wood Snails All for £250 - quick sale. Let me know if you’re interested. Based in Leeds (LS16)
  5. SAChichlidLover

    If you could have one freshwater fish, what would it be?

    Hiya everyone, Hope you're all well! Anyways pretty cool topic.. If you could have one freshwater fish, what would it be? Mine would be a blood red asian arowana but it's so much hassle to get them in the uk! Not only expensive but we have to have them microchipped aswell! It is all for good...
  6. G

    Pleco with just veggies...

    This might sound silly but could a pleco just survive on vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, spinach, cabbage etc.(these are the ones I've fed to mine pleco) without any special pleco food and algae wafers...
  7. P

    Diatoms that WONT go away

    Hey guys i’m new to fish keeping, i have 3 cory catfish in a 10 gallon. (i know i need to get more lol) but i have brown algae all over the walls of the tank. i do weekly water changes where i take 75% of the water out and then wipe down the inside of the tank with a wet cloth to get out all the...
  8. Falconwithaboxon

    Skirt Tetra with Popped Eyes

    I have a black skirt tetra that has popped eyes, is bloated, scales seems to be peeling off, he is breathing rather fast, and something red is hanging out of his butt, I think that's his but idk tho. I have him quarantined in case it is something contagious. He has been like this for 4 days. No...
  9. quyenquang1988

    How to prevent and treat Arowana fish with intestinal diseases

    Asian Arowana a with intestinal disease (or inflammatory bowel disease) is a common health problem. Although it is a large-sized fish with a long life span, the arowana is very susceptible to disease when the environment and care regime is not guaranteed. Arowana has intestinal disease that...
  10. Falconwithaboxon

    Betta 2.0

    I made a post a couple weeks ago about my girlfriend's betta fish not doing too well. Well the day has finally come, Arthur is dead. I have to assume it's just that he was a PetSmart fish who is in one of those little cups. Water is how it should be and the same as my other tanks. This post...
  11. 2

    Treated tank for Camallanus Worm outbreak, after treatment Krib still wont eat help.

    Hi im new to the forum and I've made a account as im trying all i can to remedy the situation as best i can and any advice would be great. Basically, over the last 6 months and lockdowns, i got back into fishkeeping. Everything was going very well i had a happy 130 litre/35 US gallon tank with...
  12. A

    Free fish -Chelmsford, Essex

    Hi all, can’t seem to log into my main account (Ava_Banana), however I’m shutting down my “thin” tank and have a last few fish that need a new home: these are FREE: no charge, but all to go together. 1 x Golden Bristlenose 3.5 inches 1 x Red-finned shark 4 inches 1 x Clown Loach 3.5 inches 1...
  13. Falconwithaboxon


    Do I need a bubbler for my tank? I have 1 running in each back corner currently but don't want them if I don't need them. It is a 45g (36Lx24Hx12W) It has live plants, rocks, and driftwood as decorations. Stocklist: 2 Opaline Gourami 2 Angelfish(Unkown what specific type) 8 Black Skirt Tetras 8...
  14. T

    What type of fish? Can anyone help? thanks

  15. R

    My new tanks and stocking plan! Any ideas?

    Hey I’m new here! Just found this website while doing some research. Anyway I currently own three fish tanks, a 75g with a red Texas, jack dempsey and rainbow shark, a 20 gallon with just plants, and a new 10g that’s been cycling for a while now! Anyway I’ve been trying to figure out what type...
  16. mmarx339

    New fishy, congo spotted puffer

    New fishy, spotted congo puffer in the 55
  17. M

    i was just wondering if peppered corydoras could lay on java moss

    hi i was thinking about getting a peppered corydora and i have java moss on the bottom of the tank can peppered corydora lay on the java moss?
  18. C

    Can somebody tell me what fish this is

    I’ve only got one of this fish left and wanted to get some more but I can’t figure out what it is
  19. D

    Help indentifying a fish that i got in a fish order

    A few weeks ago I got a fish order and it came with 3 fish I dont recognize, The fish have been doing great but I recently decided to add aquarium plants to the tank and only these fish are tearing them out of the substrate and its driving me crazy, Hoping to find plants they wont attack maybe...
  20. Falconwithaboxon

    45 gallon ideas

    Hello guys, I just bought a 45 gallon tank and am just looking for ideas. It is sand on bottom and will be heavily planted with driftwood as decoration. If anyone has a similar tank a picture would be appreciated so I can get ideas. I was also wondering good stocking ideas. I have 2 angelfish...