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  1. E

    HELP! How to save fish

    Hello everyone, I have had this Oscar for a couple weeks and he was doing great in the tank. He loves to eat and always comes out when I get close. I saw 2 days ago he had some white spots and I immediately thought it was ich. I was told ich spreads fast so I waited a day to see if it was ich...
  2. W

    My black mollies are sick

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, thank you for reading. My black mollies seem to be having an ongoing health problem. I received a 64 liter (17 gallon) fish tank, it has been running for a couple of years. It was stocked with a black molly colony, a Chinese algae eater, a pair of yoyo...
  3. R

    Honey gourami turning white?!

    Morning everyone, I turned on my tank today to see a (maybe?) very sick dwarf honey gourami. I noticed his colour was fading about a week ago but I assumed it was to stress from a large water change (half the tank) due to one of the fish eating and killing a tetra (ammonia had spiked slightly...
  4. E

    How long has this fish been trapped in my plants??

    My threadfin rainbowfish are extremely skiddish, and apparently when they get scared they nose dive so deep into my valisneria that they get stuck and can't get out. I lost (they literally disappeared) one fish a week or two ago, one fish two and a half days ago, and one fish just today a...
  5. FrezhFinz

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Sick?

    I just got home from work today I have a 29 gallon with one firemouth, two blood parrots, and a EBJD and I noticed he was hiding a lot yesterday and today I see him at the bottom of the tank laying on the sand and I saw him doing a roll on the sand almost equivalent to how a gator does that...
  6. M

    Fish Sick. Possibly graphite??

    Early this morning I noticed that my betta fish had a grey streak going across the side of his body that was not there before. My fish was also laying on the bottom of the tank at one point breathing very heavily. From research I have done it looks like it could possibly be graphite but I am not...
  7. B

    Glofish swollen belly?

    Hi friends - I have a freshwater tank that’s been pretty stable for a while. We have four glofish and four tetras. A few weeks ago the blue glofish got a swollen belly (see pics). She was still peppy and energetic so I though maybe she had eggs? But it’s been this way for a few weeks at least...
  8. P

    Molly in danger

    Alright, so I wake up in the morning one day and find one of my mollies(potentially interbred with swordtails/platies) has a gill problem. So, I look at it and say it’s due to fighting. Later on I see some problems with the small fish; she has gotten visibly bloodier and her gill plate (or what...
  9. D

    Panda cory no tail

    Panda cory has no tail Very small panda cory has lost its tail along the way more then likely due to tiger barbs Is there any hope for him or more then likely not Have him isolated as of now in a breeder box ad I don't have another tank as of now As you can hopefully see it is still alive
  10. W.R

    New Clown Killifish In Established Tank, Lethargic after ICH treatment

    Hey all, about two weeks ago I've purchased 8 Clown killifish for my 20L, 2 year established tank with a few neocaridina, I could not quarantine them because my QT was taken up that same day by a friends sick beta fish (who is fine now :D), the store did not want to keep the killi's any longer...
  11. N

    Does my Clown Pleco Have Ich?

    Hello everyone! New to the game and just noticed my young clown pleco (I think that’s what he is) has some white spots all over his body. Does it look like the ich? Also have in the 30 gallon tank: 1 Neon blue dwarf gourami 1 Angelfish 3 tetra glofish Thanks!
  12. omega59

    Betta With White Lump

    My male Betta has this lump on it's top side I'm not sure what it is. I tried Pima Fix for body fungus i did 2 rounds and its still there. I also just recently started adding aquarium salt each water change, as suggested by my LFS. Can someone help me with this and what to do. I live in Canada...
  13. A

    HELP danio!!!

    I’m very much a newbie to fish keeping I have a 21 gal tank which I had 7 danios 3 white clouds 2 plecs and a few guppies. now I have only 3 danios I don’t know where the others went they just slowly disappeared the only theory I could come up with is them died over night and the others eating...
  14. M

    Sick cardinal tetra?

    Hey! I’ve just come to my fish tank to see one of my smaller cardinals are looking a little pale! It’s also swimming ever so slightly funny to the rest, more jerky and like it’s struggling to stay level (not floating or sinking like swim ladder) It’s active and has eaten some food this morning...
  15. L

    Betta with bent spine

    Hi everyone. I got a new Betta 2 weeks ago and I’m looking for some advice. We cycled the tank for 6 weeks prior and did all the checks to make sure the water was safe. However after 2 weeks the betta began to become less active and more lethargic. I thought I may have over fed him and stopped...
  16. R

    Guppy with swollen belly and yellow/white patch

    I noticed my guppy had a swollen belly and on closer look at the front there’s is a yellow/white patch on it. Anyone know what this is and how I can help him. Ammonia and nitrates are 0 Nitrates is 6 Ph is 7.6 Tank is 100 litres
  17. D

    Keyhole behavior change

    I've had a pair a keyholes for mo this. They normally are always together. Last weekend I redid their tank and added live plant and switched around their driftwood. Since then I barley see one of them or if I do it's just laying low on the gravel behind rocks or In plants. It also looks like her...
  18. S

    Black skirt tetra- white scabs(not spots) on head

    Hello!! I’m new here but I joined because I’ve got a sick fish and I have no idea what’s wrong with him. He’s in the family tank (I don’t have any personal fish), and I’ve got mollies(2), zebrafish(3), black skirt tetras(2), Cory(1), pleco(1), and two baby mollies. I’m scared he will infect the...
  19. K

    Pleco Cancer?

    Hello! I joined to ask you all what you think. Is my Pleco sick? I’m leaning towards a tumour at this point. He didn’t have it when I first got him about five-six weeks ago and it’s been slowly getting bigger. None of my other fish are sick. Thanks for your help!
  20. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    What's wrong with my guppy/ tank?

    Hello everyone I'm afraid I'm not sure how to add a video on here, but I'll try to explain what's up with him. Sorry if this is a bit long. But I appreciate the help. My guppy started swimming very erratically yesterday and was swimming up and down from the bottom to the top several times...