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  1. S


    I have had my tank for about 9 or so months. Recently added a yellow mimic tang. Today i just noticed this. Is this ich? What do I do?! This is my first time dealing with this. None of my other fish have those spots. I went to a local pet store and a marine employee said he has seen tangs have...
  2. R

    Help, fish is sick, what do I do?

    I own an adopted Pterophyllum, it's about 2-3 y.o. A couple of days ago I noticed odd behaviour, it was more active than usual. Later some weird things started forming on it's head (see attachments). It's now much less active than usual and lost appetite. Also the straps are almost black, which...
  3. B

    HELP! Betta fish staying at bottom of the tank

    Hi all, I’ve noticed my betta fish is staying at the bottom of my fish tank a lot and only coming up for air, she sometimes comes up once daily for food but that’s it. I have also noticed her top fin is rather droopy and some red has appeared on her head which I have attempted to treat with...
  4. Kirysek

    Honey Gourami with weird underskin issue

    Hi all! Maybe anyone here would have any advice or seen anything similar... We bought 3 honey gourami from a local aquatic store. When we were buying them, a guy in a store changed one of them since he noticed white patch on its side. Rest of them looked good in the store. When at home, we put...
  5. 2tank

    Betta fish sick with a distended stomach

    hi everyone, I have got a sick fish one of my breeding Betta have become sick with a very distended stomach, and I have no idea what illness it is. he is also eating very little and his colour has faded, he used to eat 4 pellets a day hikari vibra bites. now only a bit of blood worm. PH:6.5...
  6. S

    Goldfish illness

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on an abscess growing on my goldfishes head. I have owned goldfish and other fresh water fish and this is first time I have come across this problem. I have a Ryukin goldfish with a lump on his head that has slowly grown over time. All other fish in...
  7. E

    Advice for Treating Columnaris

    Background Info on Tank: 10 G (cycling since 5.7.22) 3F Molly 3(?) Yo-Yo Loach 2(?) Bristlenose Pleco Temp: 78-80˚F pH: ~7.8 Ammonia: ~*0 ppm; ~**0.5 ppm Nitrites: ~*0 ppm; ~**0 ppm Nitrates: ~*40 ppm; ~**30 ppm *: as of 6.18.22 **: as of 7.2.22 **Note: Im not a professional, just a new...
  8. Lo Ki Gorgeous

    What's wrong with my guppy/ tank?

    Hello everyone I'm afraid I'm not sure how to add a video on here, but I'll try to explain what's up with him. Sorry if this is a bit long. But I appreciate the help. My guppy started swimming very erratically yesterday and was swimming up and down from the bottom to the top several times...
  9. L

    Betta fish is sick

    Hi everyone, I’m new to owning a betta and he isn’t doing too well. We’ve had him over a month but the last week he’s getting worse and worse. I’ve checked the levels in his water and they’re fine but I’ve also made sure to do regular water changes incase. He has been spending more time at the...
  10. F

    All of my goldfish get dropsy and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I have been keeping goldfish for 6 years now and for the past 4 years I have had a problem with drospy. It started when I bought a ranchu and kept it in quarentine. I had 2 other fish at the time ( a black moor and a fantail). This ranchu quickly developed dropsy and spread to a black moor in my...
  11. C

    Sitting on the bottom

    Any ideas why a fish would do this, it is concerning me as it's just sitting on the bottom most of the day and appears to be flapping its fin a lot to do nothing. Video of fish
  12. B

    My inherited betta is very sick and I can't figure out what's wrong

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out what's wrong with my poor fish and I'm having no luck. Backstory: teenage nephew bought a male betta fish, Poppy, about 8 months ago from a pet shop. Nephew took really poor care of his pet, including alternating overfeeding/forgetting to feed, not cycling the...
  13. S

    What's wrong with my fish and what should I do?

    I have an 85l tank with approx. 9 guppies, 8 platies and a handful of tetras. I bought a platy last Sunday and as soon as it got into my tank, it went down to the bottom. I thought it was just heading to the plants for cover in an unfamiliar environment, but over the next few days, I noticed...
  14. SAChichlidLover

    What are the first signs of hole in the head?

    Hi all, I will post pictures of one of my threadfin acara tomorrow when I turn the lights on but essentially around the fishes lateral line I’ve found two whitish circular looking patches which are definitely not ich, after monitoring the fish for today and checking the other heckelii it’s...
  15. J

    Help with Platy

    Hi everyone, first time posting here and just looking for advice. Does this look like Dropsy in our Platy fish? And if you think it is, is there any advice on what we should do? Our tank is an established tank (about 3 year old). No new fish added for over a year and no sudden fish deaths. I am...
  16. L

    Mystery Guppy Death

    Help! I’ve been keeping fish for years. Had a break from the hobby for a few years when we moved home. Set up a new aquarium details below. It’s cycled for 3 weeks and then added a group of male and female guppies from local store. All was well for about three days and the we began observing the...
  17. kapsey

    Health Question - White Spot on Betta’s Head?

    Hello! I’ve got a lovely Betta fish with a strange white spot on the side of his head. I’ve done my best to get photos, but fish are ever hard to photograph. It popped up a month ago and I first thought it was Ich, so I treated the water with Seachem Paraguard for a bit. It faded, came back...
  18. Allaboutcichlids

    Flowerhorn excreting weird white balls!!!!!

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. As shown in the pictures, my flowerhorn has just started excreting white lumps. I am not sure if this is normal or if this is the start of an illness. He is eating well and looks to be in full health (no body/fin damage). I have not changed his diet (other than...
  19. R

    Kuhli loach help

    Hi I just noticed this on my kuhli loach today is this something to worry about ?? None of my others have it and I’ve never seen this before on them...sorry if I’m being stupid and it’s nothing to worry about. Water parameters are all fine fish are healthy just this is a new thing that has happened
  20. A

    Loosing a fish almost weekly

    For starters, I'm not new to fish.... I have a 55g tank, water tests fine, I have ruled that out already. Tank has guppies/platys in it... Recently I added 2 super pregnant molly/mosquito fish hybrids to it (I breed them as feeders)... Being that they are mostly colorless, I'm wondering if what...