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May 18, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look here at my situation and giving me opinions.

A few days back I got some new fish and set up multiple tanks anew in addition to adding to one of my current tanks. The only problem is with my betta and by extension my new shrimp. Originally the betta was in a tank by itself, a 10 gallon. However, We moved it to my 20g long that I have 20 ghost shrimp in as well as plants. Once we noticed symptoms on the betta, we moved the it back to the 10 gallon in the bathroom, and began treating it with Fungus Clear. This is my first time having shrimp but I have read that they are sensitive to chemicals and didn't want to use chemicals on them, so I was going to use aquarium salt to treat the 20g shrimp tank.

Does this sound like a sound plan and does anyone else have any advice? This will also be my first time using salt to treat a freshwater tank... so advice/instructions are very welcome!! Thank you all so much for taking a look and helping out :D

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