1. B

    What are some peaceful south american dwarf cichlids?

    I currently have a 140 liter freshwater aquarium with 10 cardinal tetras and 4 corydoras duplicareus catfish. My end goal with the tank is to turn it into a blackwater setup once I have enough floating plants and once it has finished the nitrogen cycle I will add the birch driftwood and dried...
  2. R

    Splitting freshwater stock between 3 gallon and new 5 gallon

    Right now I have a 3 gallon planted nano freshwater tank, cycled, heated, and filtered. Living in it are 1 Betta, 1 mystery snail, 1 pom pom crab, and some random MTS & pond snails. There's 3 anubias nana, 2 marimo balls, 1 3x3" moss carpet, two small slate rocks covered in Christmas moss, and a...
  3. Aquarist.exe

    Fish identification help

    I caught these really pretty fish in my local freshwater canals, being in Florida, I can’t tell if they are a sort of cichlid fry or something more common in Florida. I’m currently keeping 3 in one of my aquariums. If I could get some help identifying them that would be amazing!
  4. B

    How to prepare driftwood from the local lake?

    I am planning to get my first fishtank quite soon which will be a blackwater setup with 10 cardinal tetras in a 118 liter tank and possibly some mystery snails or cherry shrimp. I live in the countryside where trees and rivers are abundant and I was thinking of collecting oak driftwood from the...
  5. GobyMaster11276

    Sand as a substrate

    Hi all, I’m planning a new setup at the moment and want to use sand as the substrate. For anyone who has used it: how do you keep it clean (especially in planted areas)? Where did you get it from (I’ve been recommended play and pool filter sand)? And how did you go about cleaning it before use...
  6. Captivatingcreatures

    Stiphodon goby fry, If anyone has ever had cb fry of the stiphodon plmk

    I have 3 kinds of stiphodon goby in my tank you can see the fry look like all the stiphodon kinds, From everything I have read it's never happened because the fry drift to a marine water and grow up there until they become juveniles. The 3 kinds of Stiphodon I have are neon blue, rainbow and...
  7. M

    New algae? Problem

    We have a 30 gallon freshwater tank that is been set up and running for about 10 years without issues. Recently we've noticed a series of brown spots appearing randomly on the glass on various sides of the tank. They probably average about the size of a quarter although they are not round and...
  8. A

    Nitrate spike!

    Not sure if in qualifies as an emergency as all the fish appear normal and are eating well. I have a 75 gallon freshwater community tank with 12 fish total (2 Angelfish, 4 Cory's, 2 Rams, 4 Mollies), 2 live plants on driftwood (rest are decorations and silk plants) Today before my water change...
  9. G

    Questions about Freshwater Predators and oddball fish

    Q 1. is there any nano piscivore or carnivore fish species which is readily available all over the world ? Q 2. 4 ft long tank pure predator fish recommendation but fish should be readily available all over the world. and some odd balls that can live with them. Q 3. i love pink tail chalceus and...
  10. Peepss

    1 Month Transformation

    Just super happy with the way this turned out and has grown into itself. 1st day - 1 Month (plus a couple additions in the front). I use the Fluval Aquasky light & adjust its location throughout the day. This is a 60 gallon tank.
  11. Peepss

    Combining Tanks & Increasing Volume

    hey everyone! I have a couple tanks currently that I, ideally, would like to combine into a single, large tank. I have a 10 gallon that has become way over stocked with guppy fry (thank u very much guppies) with an Opaline Gourami as the pièce de résistance and a 10 gallon with a few Angels...
  12. K

    What freshwater fish eat small copepods?

    I'm getting back into the hobby, and have never had copepods in a tank before. I have an explosion! Rather than just kill these, what would eat them?
  13. Inkweaver313

    Suggestions for treating popeye?

    Hi guys! I recently rescued a black Moore goldfish a friend of mine was keeping in a fish bowl. They had him for about a year before asking if I’d take him. By the time I got him he had a pretty nasty case of popeye and some pretty obvious signs of ich. I now have him alone in a 30 gallon...
  14. A

    Is This Fin Rot Or Worms On My Betta?

    I got a male betta recently to breed with my female later and I realized when he flares his bottom fins dont flare and I realised a little white wormish thing on there. I dont know if its worms or fin rot but can someone tell me? I'll post links to photos because this space limit wont let me...
  15. ukdamon

    My 60L Auquarium

    Hi Guys, here is a pic of my 60L Fluval Aquarium I have more photos on my new website
  16. Verminator89

    Sump Plumbing Help Needed

    Hellooooo! First post in nearly 6 years (probably!) Im trying to plumb a sump. Local plumbing shops have palmed me off, local Aquarium shops directed me to said plumbing shops and videos and threads I've come across haven't given me the confidence/answers i need. Has someone a good guide to...
  17. hmiddleb13

    Starting 2nd tank

    I started my first tank in August and did a fish in cycle. I actually posted some questions here because I never quite showed typical nitrogen cycle stages. Basically I never saw it happen, but it obviously did and I have a 15 gallon tank with 10 glofish tetras and 4 golden otos all very happy...
  18. Inkweaver313

    Fish for a 45g tank?

    Hi Everybody! I recently just moved my goldfish from my 45g tank to my new 125g tank and I'm undecided/unsure what I should put in my 45g tank. Do you have any suggestions? I'm pretty much good with anything fresh water. I was leaning towards either cichlids or angels. If I go with cichlids...
  19. S

    Possible Ich, please help me identify it!

    Request Help Tank size: 20gal long pH: unknown ammonia: unknown nitrite: unknown nitrate: unknown kH: unknown gH: unknown tank temp: 24c Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behaviour): White, “flaky” lesions (see images) Lethargy (flicking tank...
  20. K

    Sexing my pea puffer

    Hi, I am new to pea puffers and am having trouble sexing my puffer. From what I’ve heard females tend to have less spots but this one seems to have a rounder belly. Could someone please help sexing it? Attached is links to images and to the folder they’re in in my drive...