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  1. Sovereignty

    Best place to put Co2 Diffuser/Drop Checker

    Good morning all. I'll start off by saying I am new to Co2, but I have done research on it, however; I'm facing some... maybe not issues... but... ones that potentially can CAUSE issues down the road if I can't get this figured out? I bought a Co2 system from my LFS for this tank, its an...
  2. E

    Very pregnant molly!

    Hi there, I believe my molly is extremely close to giving birth. I am just about to separate her from the main tank, but want to ensure it isn’t too soon. What do you guys think?
  3. S

    Goldfish illness

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on an abscess growing on my goldfishes head. I have owned goldfish and other fresh water fish and this is first time I have come across this problem. I have a Ryukin goldfish with a lump on his head that has slowly grown over time. All other fish in...
  4. ella777

    Peacock eel?

    Hi, I have recently got a peacock eel. He lives in fresh water, not salt water. This may be controversial but hes lived in fresh water for a little over a year, he seems happy and healthy. My question is, how often should I feed him? I feed him frozen bloodworms which he loves. Google says 2 -...
  5. PygmyMitch

    White dots / Freshwater Limpet Eggs ?

    On a previous post of mine, I found I had freshwater limpets in my tank. Now i have discovered these little white dots all on the suction pads from my filter. are these the eggs of the limpets ?
  6. R

    New Fish and Shrimp and Fuzzies

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look here at my situation and giving me opinions. A few days back I got some new fish and set up multiple tanks anew in addition to adding to one of my current tanks. The only problem is with my betta and by extension my new shrimp. Originally the betta...
  7. E

    Advice for Treating Columnaris

    Background Info on Tank: 10 G (cycling since 5.7.22) 3F Molly 3(?) Yo-Yo Loach 2(?) Bristlenose Pleco Temp: 78-80˚F pH: ~7.8 Ammonia: ~*0 ppm; ~**0.5 ppm Nitrites: ~*0 ppm; ~**0 ppm Nitrates: ~*40 ppm; ~**30 ppm *: as of 6.18.22 **: as of 7.2.22 **Note: Im not a professional, just a new...
  8. S

    High nitrates, but water changes don't help. Any ideas?

    I have a 55G tank with plants and a bunch of shrimp and fish. All my water values were always stable, but I had to put in some Nitrofurazone and API Pimafix (separately, about a week apart) to try to fix some cotton mouth on a few of my neon tetras. Now I constantly have high nitrate values...
  9. Divinityinlove

    Unusually swollen guppy!

    Been keeping an eye for a few days and I'm unsure if I should treat for dropsy with medication or.... Euthanize? Never seen swelling like this but she was eating and swimming fine until just this afternoon, now she is facing down..... The photo of the orange tailed guppy in plain background is...
  10. K

    Goldfish Vertical!

    Can anyone give me insight as to why my goldfish is doing this?! The lil guy is hanging out in the back corner vertically. He is also breathing very heavily. He is usually very active. If anyone has suggestions to what is causing this and how to fix it it would be greatly appreciated! :)
  11. K

    PLEASE HELP! Gigantic Molly Unexplainable - Photos and stats included

    Hey y’all! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to tank things and what I lack knowledge on, Google to the rescue. But this one has me all sorts of confused. I “adopted” this Molly 3 months ago. My local fish store has a “Kae Tank” that he puts fish in that he can’t sell for...
  12. G

    Selling Freshwater Fish

    Well cared for fish and tank content. Selling only because we're moving to a salt water tank. Will also provide care information and tips on each fish etc. Selling all together or individually: Mollies - $4 each Platies - $3 each Angelfish - $12 Neon Tetras - $3 each - SOLD Guppies - $4...
  13. crupp29

    Fish ID

    Does anyone know the name of this fish?
  14. O

    New Freshwater Tiger Moray Eel.

    Got him yesterday. He’s such a badass.
  15. CozyCat

    Treating velvet disease

    Hi all, I have just noticed a milky cloudy stuff partially covering the head of a guppy fish, it's also on the body and tail fin of my betta fish. They are also quite lethargic and are sitting on the substrate (especially the guppy). Though after some googling and youtubing, I'm pretty sure the...
  16. Stormyrose786

    Filtering tap water

    Hello. I wasn't sure where to post this, hope this is okay. I need advice about filtering tap water. But first, I want to mention that yes, I know about RO water, but that is not an option for me at the moment. I really hope someone who has either dealt with this before or knows about it can...
  17. MuddyWaters

    I Did Everything Wrong

    I started a new 15 gallon aquarium right at the beginning of September. I have kept aquariums off and on since I was 12 years old and I have never tried to update myself on new stuff as it came along- I just always did it like I did when I was 12- mostly it worked out (with some casualties...
  18. R

    55g EBAs and Angels

    Hey all, I have a 55g tank that currently houses 2 male EBAs (still about 3in and 2in) and 9 black skirt tetras. I just picked up 1 Koi Angelfish (about the size of a quarter) to add to the tank but was wondering if I could get away with adding 1-2 more Angelfish? I currently have a 60g HOB...
  19. CaptainBarnicles

    Hygrophila?? 🤔

    Any idea what this is? I bought a mystery bunch with all sorts of different plants ages ago and I've never worked out what this is... It didn't do well in the last tank I had it in, probably because of poor lighting and not enough nutrition in the gravel....so it's been pushing out all these...
  20. crupp29

    Plant Identification

    I just bought a couple of plants from my LFS and need help identifying them.