ghost shrimp

  1. J

    Cherry shrimp with cherry barbs and ghost shrimp

    Was thinking about getting RCS although have been reading mixed results with cherry barbs and ghost shrimp eating them. I would provide plenty of hiding and currently have 2 small amanos with no fatalities.Any advise would be great not trying to buy expensive fish food.
  2. S

    Caridina Simoni, how to get?

    Hello! I am a hobby shrimp and fish keeper/breeder, living in Norway. I have been trying to get a number of different shrimp species, but have thus far been unable to find anywhere that sells them. Shrimps like Caridina Simoni (Sri Lanka shrimp) and Palaemonetes paludosus (Ghost shrimp) Seem...
  3. Annemarie

    White Patch Neon Tetra

    Hello! So as of a few days ago my largest fish seemed to develop a white patch overnight on his fin. It looks like it’s a little fuzzy? But I’m not sure. I have aquarium salt I could use, but I have a shrimp (ghost) and dont know if he would be okay in salted water. I know how to use aquarium...
  4. S

    Pregnant ghost shrimp???

    Hi guys, new to here! I’m looking for some advice, iv had my 2 ghost shrimps for 6/7 months now and I noticed about 3.5 nearly 4 weeks ago that one of the shrimp had grown double in size and had little (yellow balls) under the belly (will attach a pic), googled it straight away and self...
  5. A


    Hi, I currently have a male betta veil tail in a 3 gallon tank and he is fairly docile and tame. I've only ever owned my betta because I took him in after having to use a betta fish in a somewhat cruel and cramped ecocolumn experiment at school. I've been wanting to upgrade him to a bigger tank...
  6. K

    Amano shrimp disappearing act.

    Hello! So I've got a 5gal lightly planted aquarium with some oto's ,Danios, a betta, and 2 amano shrimp. The amano shrimp were added in yesterday they seemed to be doing fine all night. They were eating algae like nobody's business. This morning I look around for them and am unable to find...
  7. Lyuba_buk

    Ghost shrimps and red shrimps (?)

    hi! I sm looking for some piece of advice. I recently cycled my 10 gallon tank, got one baby betta and three ghost shrimps, one of which died already. I loved shrimps a lot, and bought two more red ones (they didn’t tell me the type, but they are red and smaller than ghost ones). Then i read...
  8. Mr.JRosewolf

    Bottom feeders all dying

    Ok so after a very long time I finally got back into the fish hobby I got myself a 40g acrylic filled it with plants, cycled it, had my water tested and all my fish are happy and healthy..... except for any bottom feeders I add... Death count 2 green corys, 1 bristle nose pleco, 1 clown pleco...
  9. Naidisbo

    Is it possible that a Ghost Shrimp would be attacking a Glofish?

    My mum has a 10 Gallon Glofish tank with two Green Glofish Tetras, a Goldfish and two very tiny Otos. There is also one of two Ghost Shrimp that were egg laden when we bought a batch to be Eel food, and so we let her live in my mum's tank. She has a lot of personality and is the hardest working...
  10. X

    Pea Puffer Community Help

    Hello all (first post!!!), I am about to pick up a 60 gallon tank and am trying to plan out my community. I know I want freshwater tropical fish. I am not completely new to the hobby but it's been awhile and I have never had a large variety of fish. I had a 150 gallon Oscar tank with one Tiger...
  11. alloutweird

    Is my Ghost Shrimp pregnant?

    Hello all, I am still pretty new to owning fish and shrimp. I noticed one of my little ghost shrimp have 3-4 small green things in its belly and I was curious if it was pregnant. I did search around the internet and I could not find much, mostly everything I found said there should be a lot...
  12. Wreckzone

    Nerite snail shell deteriorating

    Hi everyone, I have a planted 6 gallon fluval edge with 3 inhabitants - 1 neon, 1 ghost shrimp, and 1 zebra snail. I have been neglecting my nerite snail's shell for as long as I've had her (about 5 years) and it's to the point that I think her shell may break in half. Please look at the...
  13. Crazy_fish_mom

    Pregnant ghost shrimp

    i just got a few more ghost shrimp for my 10 gallon tank which also contains a gourami, a Cory catfish, and a Betta fish. I go to put the shrimp in my tank and I see one has lots of little specs inside of it. It turns out it is pregnant! What do I do to help it give birth and help the babies grow?
  14. R

    Please Id This Shrimp!

    So I want to start by apologizing to the other post that I put this under. I'm still finding my way around this site!   I bought some ghost shrimp, and this guy was in the mix. Any idea what it is? 
  15. D

    Over Population Of Ghost Shrimp

    I have a 30 gal tank with mostly Platy's, Guppies, and Mollies.  I added four ghost shrimp six months ago and now the tank is overwhelmed with them.  Is there a natural way to control the population? 
  16. 214jay

    Where Have All The Ghost Shrimp Gone?

    Hello   I thought I would post because I have noticed a huge decline in shrimp numbers/varieties in all of my local fish shops since I started the hobby over a year ago.  I remember pets at home always stocked lots of random shrimps and were guaranteed to have Ghost shrimp in stock.   It would...
  17. B

    Cherry Shrimp And Ghost Shrimp

    I was wondering if ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp can live in the same tank? I have five small cherry shrimp and would like to add more shrimp if they don't get much larger. 
  18. monahan95

    Is My Ghost Shrimp Carrying Eggs?   Is my ghost shrimp definitely carrying eggs? If so should I remove her from my tank?
  19. B

    Would This Work Out?

    I have a 30 gallon that is going to be redone.  I read up on some of your guy's ideas and have kind of put together another possibility.   I would want a betta, hopefully I can get a female betta, male if I have to 4-7 neon tetras a few breeds of livebearers, probably mollies, guppies, and...
  20. B

    Should I Get Ghost Shrimp?

    Hi! I was wondering if you think ghost shrimp are good tank mates.  If you could tell me your experience with them or ones you have heard about that would be awesome! I know they are compatible with my fish, but I don't know if people have ever had issues with them.  So any stories and advise is...