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What type of shrimp should I get?

  • Tiger pistol shrimp

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  • Sexy dancer shrimp

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  • Bumblebee shrimp

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  • Skunk cleaner shrimp

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  • Coral banded shrimp ( my personal favorite)

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  • Peppermint shrimp

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  • blood/ fire shrimp

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  • Blue shrimp

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  • Orange shrimp

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  • Green shrimp

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  • Chocolate shrimp

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Honey Fish

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Oct 5, 2021
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Torrance, CA
I have recently been told in another thread called best fish for a 3 gal tank ( check It out!) that I should basically get some shrimp now this is a there about how to care for shrimp what shrimp should I get etc. I will be getting a new tank. ( Vote please!)
I vote for Red Cherry shrimps, would also vote for amanos as well.

These two types of shrimps are pretty much ideal for the beginner to shrimpkeeping.

They are also a bit more forgiving for water parameters as a 3 gal tank, due to its lower water volume, is more susceptible to parameter swings if not maintained well.

One note, shrimps tend to do best in an established tank, normally ideally after 3 months of running the tank with fish is when I would consider a good time to add shrimps but not so in your case.

Would start of with just a few RCS or an amano or two and maybe a snail or two as well, see how things fare and then go forwards from there.

Once you have gained experience and know more regarding shrimp keeping you can perhaps then go for the more colourful, fancy and more expensive shrimps.

By the way I think sexy dancing shrimps are a saltwater specie. I kind of know this as am considering getting these shrimps for my nano SW tank. They’re not cheap by the way!!
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You really do need to do some serious research of your own, rather than just pick names out of a hat.
Some of the shrimp you list are marine species and I know for certain that you are currently incapable of managing a marine tank.
(The Tiger Pistol shrimp, for example, is a marine carnivore of other invertebrates and will even take small fish).

@Ch4rlie is correct in that 'Sexy Dancer's' are also marine species.

Shrimp were suggested to you, simply because your chosen vessel was inappropriate for most fish.
You were certainly never told to get shrimp and you should realise that these creatures will still need a lot of care and the small tank, whilst able to provide the necessary space for them, will still need to be properly cycled and established, with a good amount of biofilm/bacteria present.

That said, in the right space, shrimp are fascinating and I would concur with @Ch4rlie that Amano and Cherry Shrimp are good choices.
Did you not read that I’m gonna buy a new tank?
Is the new tank a SW tank?
or is it the 3 gallon tank that is for the shrimps?

Sorry but I did not see this part.

Anyhow, regardless of either tank you plan to use for shrimps, I still recommend RCS and/or amanos as these are the hardiest of the freshwater shrimps imho and easier for new keepers in keeping shrimps.

SW tanks are not easy for the beginner imo unless of course you have had SW before then sexy or pistol shrimps would be fine provided you know how to care for those, I have no clue on how easy or hard it is to care for such shrimps in SW as I have no experience of that at all am afraid.
Did you not read that I’m gonna buy a new tank?
I did.
The only tank you mentioned was the 3 gallon one.
You haven't even got the new tank yet and it'll be many weeks, once you've actually got it, before that tank will be ready for anything, let alone shrimp.
The fact that you're asking others what to pick for you, when we know what trouble you've had so far with fish and that you've stuck wholly inappropriate species on your list, tells me that you really are a long way from getting what you want.

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