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  1. Tacocat

    Revamped Fluval spec V Caridina shrimp tank

    So I have had a 5 gallon tank just sitting here running, and it's been pretty decrepit and run over by guppy grass and algae. We've been putting off resetting it for months but recently we have been revitalized. My mom followed me into the shrimp store and was bedazzled by the pretty Caridina...
  2. S

    How to Stop Planaria in my newly established Shrimp biotape Nano Paludariam tank

    How to Stop Planaria in my newly established Shrimp biotape Nano Paludariam tank
  3. B

    Red tiger lotus in small tank

    Hello, I want to make a 5-10g shrimp tankin which I want to put red tiger lotus as a center piece and I was wondering if it is feasible in such a small tank. I know that they can grow quite big and that they use a lot of nutrients so I'm quite skeptical if I can use it or not. I plan to use...
  4. CozyCat

    Planaria - Good or Bad?

    Hi, Found this guy crawling around the substrate up against the glass in my planted aquarium this morning. Pretty sure it is a planarian. I caught it and put it in a small container, I also put a snail in to see what it does and it has eaten the snail 😂 😰 What do people think about them? Are...
  5. Honey Fish

    Shrimp 🦐

    I have recently been told in another thread called best fish for a 3 gal tank ( check It out!) that I should basically get some shrimp now this is a there about how to care for shrimp what shrimp should I get etc. I will be getting a new tank. ( Vote please!)
  6. SmexxyNick

    Today Was My Lucky Day (: But Anywhoser

    So i was at my lfs selling my 2 cichlids (story time, don't need to read) and he said i'd only get 15$ store credit and i told him i'm trying to find a small tank for a shrimp tank on my desk, but turns out the owner knows my uncle and he's a really good friends with him, and i was in there...
  7. greenmumma141

    New Shrimp Tank :)

    Finally cleaned the dust off of my old 10g tank and started up a little shrimp tank :)  The shrimp just arrived the other day, same day in the video.  This tank is going to get a major re-scape, as it looks a bit silly but for now I can stand it, until I find the perfect piece of hardsape.   You...
  8. greenmumma141

    The Journey To Black Lake....

     I decided to finally set up my old 10 gallon for a heavy planted/shrimp/fry/and maybe eventually betta? tank.         Well, here we go  Please excuse the traffic cones and toy rockets in the background, my son just had his 4th bday party and we're still in post party shock lol.... and if you...