Is my Ghost Shrimp pregnant? Pet of the Month
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Jan 2, 2017
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Hello all,

I am still pretty new to owning fish and shrimp. I noticed one of my little ghost shrimp have 3-4 small green things in its belly and I was curious if it was pregnant. I did search around the internet and I could not find much, mostly everything I found said there should be a lot more of them if they are pregnant?

Please excuse me for not knowing much I am still learning!


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That does kind of look like three little eggs. They usually do have alot more, maybe about 20 or so. They hold the eggs on their underside like that to protect them and you can see them kind of rake their legs at times to keep the water circulated around the eggs
Yep that shrimp is/was pregnant. What I guess happened is she already pooped out her other 50/whatever number of eggs and those three are remaining. I'm sure you have baby shrimp around your tank, unless I remember correctly that the eggs won't hatch unless the salinity level is up.

For ghost/amano shrimp they need high salinity for the eggs to hatch. But who knows, maybe you have some babies in your tank. Just becareful doing a water change and in a month some babies might show up when they get bigger.
Yes look like eggs . The baby are very small as big as n needle point. You must be carefull when doing water changes you will suc them up without knowing . My wife shrimp with eggs . Lovely little guys


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