1. P

    Is my molly pregnant?

    Is this female Dalmatian molly pregnant?
  2. A

    How pregnant is my Molly?!?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this hobby and I’ve noticed that my New black mollies are slowly but surely getting bigger. The store I got them from store Males and Females together so there is no real way of knowing how long she has been pregnant. I have attached a couple images, can anyone estimate...
  3. Tacocat

    How much longer till my guppy gives birth?

    Hi there! I have a pair of fancy guppies, and the female looks pregnant. Can someone tell me roughly how far in she is until she gives birth? Thanks! The first photo is just now, the others are a few days old.
  4. O

    Is My Pearl Danio Pregnant??

    Hiiii! My Pearl Danio is looking much rounder lately and I'm new to this hobby so can someone please tell me if my Danio is knocked up.
  5. J

    Guppy with lump and red spot, getting worse

    Hi, If anyone could reply that’s great, Me and my partner have had our 6 female guppies since the start of april, they were pregnant at the time and i think this one still is. We added three albino corydoras and some shrimp yesterday and later that evening we noticed one guppy which we think...
  6. G

    Pregnant molly

    How much longer do you guys think sorry she’s pooping
  7. G

    Here is the video! Is she pregnant

    Is she pregnant? I’m posting the video for people.
  8. G

    Is molly pregnant

    Is my Molly pregnant? The white one
  9. G

    Molly pregnant???

    Is my molly pregnant?? I have one picture up if you have Instagram I have a video to add
  10. S

    Possible pregnant molly?

    I recently got 3 fish at the beginning of March and I’m not sure if my one molly fish is pregnant but I have been reading up and it sounds like she is. I’ve attached two pictures of her and I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know a definite answer and if she is expecting, about how long...
  11. Dopatri

    Is my balloon molly pregnant?

    I bought my balloon molly roughly 4 weeks ago, however, this past week I’ve noticed she has more of a defined tummy than she did. Since I had her she did have a round belly but it does seem a little larger now. It also has a slight boxy look to it. It think it’s really hard to determine whether...
  12. Dopatri

    Is my guppy pregnant?

    Hi, I’m wondering if my female guppy is pregnant, she looks pregnant to me, but I could do with other people’s opinions. I’m just a bit skeptical because the previous female guppy I bought ended up dying 3 days after I got her. I was told she was pregnant from the store I got her but I’m pretty...
  13. C

    Is my platy pregnant? If so when is she due?

    Hello everyone! I bought 3 female platys last Sunday as I did not want any fry and after noticing one of my females looking larger than the other two and noticing a black part in her belly, I investigated what it could be and I am assuming that she became pregnant before purchase. If anyone...
  14. sam_mitchell98

    Pregnant Neons

    Hi all, I have 9 neons, of which 2 of them are looking ‘pregnant’ They have been like this for a few months now. At first I just assumed they would soon release eggs, but that hasn’t happened. Can anyone share some advice. Thanks
  15. A

    Pregnant Platy

    Hi, I’m pretty sure my platy is pregnant and im not too sure how far along! I made a note of the date I first noticed she was getting really big which was March 14th! I don’t have enough space for a separate breeding tank so have purchased a breeding box to give the babies the best chance of...
  16. N

    Pregnant or Sick Molly? Dark Spot on Stomach

    Hi y'all! I noticed that my female speckled Molly has a little bulge on her belly, particularly her left side. She is a little stretched and these scales seem white, with a little gray discoloration (see pics) Water: nitrate/nitrite 0 PH is 7.5 Ammonia 0 Take has been established since October...
  17. david.molloy2009

    New platys pregnant??

    I have just started keeping fish and think I have been doing ok I have a 40ltr biorb {see pic}(not the best I know but it was for the kids to start with and will hopefully be upgrading to a bigger tank soon) Current stock is 4 danios 5 platys 6 shrimp and a zebra snail. I did start with the...
  18. S

    Guppy fish lump

    Hello All experts, Please have a look at my guppy and suggest if you find anything wrong. I think she is pregnant and I see a lump on her sides. Do you think it's normal or some kind of disease? Sorry for the photo quality
  19. N

    Ready to give birth?

    Hey y’all, does she look like she’s ready to give birth? She did about 4 weeks ago and she just looked much larger today and so did the gravid spot. Thanks for any help!!
  20. G

    My cardinal tetra looks strange

    I’ve noticed my cardinal tetra, Timothy, is looking a little tubby. I was wondering if he is actually a pregnant girl or if he is constipated