1. S

    how to lower tds for shrimp tank? (also preggie shrimpy, tips please? :>?)

    Hello! im a new shrimp owner (cherry shrimps) i recently found out two of my females is pregnant. i dont want to see anymore pregnant shrimp dying because it happened before (only once and it was traumatic ) im worried if my water TDS will effect their pregnancies since mine is over 300ppm. I...
  2. H

    How far along in their pregnancies? Two separate guppies. Please refer as guppy 1/guppy 2.

    People told me that guppy 1 was 2-3 weeks away from birth, while guppy 2 was 1-2 weeks away. Just looking for some reassurance so I can be prepared. Thanks!
  3. J

    Is my pineapple gonna have baby’s soon

    How many days until she’s do
  4. F

    Platy Pairs

    Hello! I have 4 Platies in my tank. They are always in the same pairs. I think they are male and female based by their colors, each pair has 1 that is almost completely orange(female?) and 1 that is orange body with black spots with an almost completely black tail(male?). The ones that I assume...
  5. R

    Is my fish pregnant or sick?

    One of my molly fish seems to be pregnant, but I’m not sure about it. Compared to the other molly fishes in the tank, this fish has a big tummy. Also I’m not sure if its a male or a female fish. Thanks in advance
  6. L

    Strange phantom pregnancy and death...

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group and hoping somebody can help me with a strange issue. There is some backstory but I will try to be brief... The phantom pregnancy Two days ago I noticed a platy I have reared from birth (fry of one of my existing platties) which looked to be in distress. Her...
  7. J

    Does my Molly look pregnant?

    Hi, Looking for some help if possible. One of my mollies looks huge compared to the others. Do you think she's pregnant or just well fed?! We have moved her into a hatchery as we aren't sure if she's ready to drop or pop. Any advice greatly appreciated! Jamie
  8. C

    Is our Platy giving birth? What is happening??

    We have a VERY pregnant platy. We are new to this. Our pregnant platy has been passing a few strings with these big white balls attached. Does this mean she’s in labor?? Should we use a birthing box or no?
  9. C

    Pregnant orange molly fish, black fry?

    Hi, First post on here so apologies if I've done anything wrong... So, I have 4 female Mollies in my tank. The orange Molly is the one who is more obviously pregnant but the fry are black - is this normal or is there a chance that 1 of the other mollies has given birth to them? Another thing...
  10. FishFry420

    Pregnant Guppy

    Hey guys, ive had this pregnant guppy for a minute now and an wondering when shes supposed to pop?? can anyone tell me by looking at her?
  11. B

    Information about pregnant molly

    I have a pregnant molly fish. There are a lot of questions I have, some just for curiosity reasons and others so that I can provide the best care possible. How long does a molly pregnancy last? Also, how long is left of the pregnancy when the molly starts showing? This is also the mollys first...
  12. Sotto

    is my platy a female? and is she pregnant? during ich battle

    Hi all! Quite new to the aqua world and first time owning fish just wondering if this is a female platy and is she pregnant? im currently fighting off an ich battle with kordon rapid-cure and just want to know if it is a female and if she gives birth will the ich medicine kill the fry? (using...
  13. BlakeFisher

    Zebra Danio Help

    I have only ever had Bettas and Plecos, but after the recent passing of my Betta fish, I decided I wanted to get a school of fish. I got a used 45g tank off marketplace. When I went to pick it up the guy asked if I Wanted his four fish. The tank was caked in dirt, and the fish were in a small...
  14. brokenoob!

    Platinum/Creamsicle Lyretail Molly with tiny black spots?

    Hello everyone! I've had the most amazing Platinum Lyretail Molly named Pearl for just over two months now. She has the biggest personality I've ever seen, if I get within 5 feet of the glass she comes up to me sounds crazy but literally almost wags her tail in excitement like a dog...
  15. S

    Is my molly pregnant?

    Hi, please can anybody tell me if they think my molly is pregnant? Thanks
  16. K

    Swollen leopard danios? Or pregnant?

    Hello all! I woke up this morning and noticed some of my leopard danios look swollen and one is even swimming slightly tilted to the right. I’ve had my tank for about 7 weeks now and I did a water change this past Saturday. I also placed at the time of water change API aquarium salt as I was...
  17. S

    Is my ballon molly pregnant?

    Heya! I’m a beginner hobbyist and I recently got a 36gal tank. I had 5 guppies before, all female. As expected they had babies so I got a bigger tank. I now have some ghost shrimp, cory catfish (small ones), my guppies, a mystery snail, and a ballon molly. My ballon molly has been acting really...
  18. T

    Is my Balloon Molly pregnant?

    We have noticed the black spot on her belly which also looks a bit boxed-shaped (usually signs of pregnancy). She has been a bit aggressive with the other fish but staying particularly close to one of the other balloon mollies pretty much all the time. She has been staying close to the heater...
  19. S

    Pregnant tetra or bloat?

    Hi, I’m looking after my cousins fish. He has some guppies and two tetras. I noticed one of them has a very distended belly and wondering if it’s pregnant or bloated? If the latter, how can I get it’s stomach down. He feeds tropical flake food. In photos is the size difference between the two.
  20. D

    Pregnant Dalmatian & panda molly?

    Also I have a female Dalmatian molly showing strange tank behavior. She will settle at the rocks and pretty much let the water push her around. Any thoughts?