1. S

    Help me identify what type of Cichlids these are!!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and I could use a quick help. I recently bought a pair of Cichlids from a local aquarium for 2$. The guy there didn't know what type of fish these are. Can you help me?
  2. RenC

    White dots on fish, I don’t think it’s ich?

    Hi! I know I’m probably annoying with all my questions but. I recently got a new tank and the filter was very loud. The company sent me a new filter today. I rinsed it well and put it in to replace the old very loud filter. Directly after installing the new filter I noticed quite a bit of white...
  3. P

    Help with my Corydora catfish!

    Intro: Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to read my first post. This isn't my first forum experience and I am well aware of the search function. However I wanted to post this asap and hopefully someone can help me faster then me looking for the answer. The problem: I noticed a...
  4. F

    20 gallon tall cycle questions

    i have a 20 gallon tall tank with gravel in it. (getting heater and filter soon) can i start cycling it now.? if so how do i do it. aslo do i need an air bubble thing? (fresh water tank)
  5. alloutweird

    Is my Ghost Shrimp pregnant?

    Hello all, I am still pretty new to owning fish and shrimp. I noticed one of my little ghost shrimp have 3-4 small green things in its belly and I was curious if it was pregnant. I did search around the internet and I could not find much, mostly everything I found said there should be a lot...
  6. M

    New Fish Tanks

    Hi i'm Alex I already have two tanks and I am looking to buy a good large or medium sized tank we are talking from 20Lto 60L does anyone know a website were I can get good cheap and good quality fish tanks from. Really cheap filters and equipment at low prices. Preferably an English company or...
  7. M

    Hello! I'm A Noob When It Comes To Aquariums...

     I have no idea what I'm doing. I got a free 30 gallon tank from some weird lady off of craigslist. It has 2 cracks on one side of it that I plain to seal up with silicone despite the fact that it does not leak. (i've tested it in my bathtub). Where do I get salt water? how does this work? I...
  8. Apothyc

    Betta Aquascaping

    I'm looking at aquascaping for a breeding pair of elephant ear betta, I haven't bought anything yet so I'm pretty open to ideas. I am planning for a 10 gallon tank, and I unfortunately have never done a tank with live plants and am not sure what would be best. I'm not in a huge rush, though I...
  9. P

    Not Sure On Lighting

    I have a 8 Gal Tank with tropica plant care substarte with fine gravel on top of it. The tank is about 12inch high and about 16 inch wide. I have 9w Blub atm, but I just cant seem to get a carpet growing. I have tried hairgrass and baby tears, both just crumbled into small pieces and went . is...
  10. D

    Just Introducing Myself...

    Hi all!   I'm still fairly new to fishkeeping, and am looking forward to all of the great advice I'll be able to get from this website!   I currently have a 200L tank (roughly 50 gallons) with goldfish in it, which I am planning on turning into a tropical tank and a 20L (roughly 5 gallon) tank...
  11. G

    How Many Cichlids

    I Was Thinking Of Getting A 120L Tank, And I Was Wondering What Type Of Cichlids Am I Able To To Put In And How Many Well, these are the details for my fish tank:
  12. M

    New To Plants, Advice Wanted... (Many Questions)

    Hi guys, I'm still a fish noob however, I'm really into fish keeping now, and I want to advance myself into live plants, sorry but I have quite a few questions... This is what iv ordered...