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  1. Kyanite14

    How does salinity work for freshwater tanks?

    I want to raise the salinity so that the water is 1%, since I read this may slow down the progression of columnaris enough to wait for the antibiotics to arrive in the mail. Problem is I have zero idea of how salt works. I don’t know how much to add to make it “1%” or how that translates to the...
  2. R

    New Fish and Shrimp and Fuzzies

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look here at my situation and giving me opinions. A few days back I got some new fish and set up multiple tanks anew in addition to adding to one of my current tanks. The only problem is with my betta and by extension my new shrimp. Originally the betta...
  3. Convictlover

    Aqua One Tropical Conditioning Salts For Nitrite Poisoning?

    Hi all, been dealing with a nitrite spike for the last 7-10 days at 0.25ppm. Currently doing water changes everyday to try and get it down to 0 but it’s not really working atm (I’ve done another threat for that proborn). 😐 In the meantime I’ve been adding Aqua One Tropical Conditioning Salts in...
  4. B

    Can Salt affect API ammonia test reading?

    Short question, can aquarium salt affect the reading of ammonia using the API liquid master test kit? Background: I have a guppy tank that is cycled, not overstocked or overfed, well maintained and regular water changes and the fish are doing very well but my ammonia readings for the tank are...
  5. Barry Tetra

    What’s the science behind adding salt?

    Yeah, I was wondering, why do we have to add them? Especially with medication. Does it help with the healing of wound or like those Hospital Saline thing people use??? can anyone do a scientific explanation to this?
  6. Irksome

    Can I use rock salt instead of aquarium salt?

    It appears that aquarium salt is just NaCl without iodine and anti caking agents. I already have loads of coarse rock salt that has no additives in. Is there any good reason why I need aquarium salt instead?
  7. A

    Opinions on aquarium salt with smaragdina?

    I'm setting up a 60l tank for B. smaragdina, hopefully the fish will go in in about a month (waiting for tank to cycle and breeder's females to grow out). I've seen mixed opinions on using aquarium salt with Betta, with some people swearing by it and other people saying to avoid. Does anyone...
  8. L

    plecos, ich and salt???

    Hi all, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I have a 105l tank (27.74 us gallons) & 2 fancy goldfish (1 oranda & 1 shubunkin) and a small Bristlenose Pleco. It’s looking like my goldies have ich. I’ve been reading up about treatments & am slowly increasing the tank temp from 23C (73.4F) which is...
  9. M

    General Questions

    I have had fish for about 2 years and they usually all died after 6 months. I always got 5 livebearers at a time for a 20 gal tank. Whenever I clean it out, there is a bunch of poop and particles that rise from within the rocks, however my ammonia levels have remained at 0, as well as basically...
  10. cooledwhip

    I Want To Start A Nano Reef Sometime This Summer...

    Hey guys I have a lot of freshwater tanks but this summer I wanted to set up a saltwater tank. I have some live rock/dry coral or something that my dad got from florida a long time ago. It's a pretty big piece, and I think it would fit nicely in a 10 gallon. I have never had a saltwater tank...
  11. RRaquariums

    10 Gallon Nano Reef

    I recently had to downsize my 220 gallon tank dew to moving later this year but I couldn't really give it all up lol. So I've kept a few corals and set up a little 10 gallon nano tank with a hang on back refugium. Since I can't post pics on this site from my iPad for some reason I'll post...
  12. vwdank

    My Ich Treatment - High Heat Saltwater 29G Tank

      Well My new Electric Blue Rams have Ich and after a day in half of research I began treatment last night. I am super OCD about doing something wrong and I am the type that likes to find very detailed instructions and/or opinions on the issue. I know Ich is very common disease and this is not...
  13. M

    Ich Treatment Procedure

    Ive been keeping tropical fish for 15yrs now and not had any problems until afew days ago. I bought some new fish and plants 2 weeks ago (6 cardinals, 2 dwarf gouramis, betta) Then afew days ago i noticed one of the dwarfs was spending alot of time at the surface and seemed abit twitchy. Next...
  14. PrincessKiara

    How To Clean Ramshorn Snail And Elodea? Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sal

    Hello! I was poking around the 'Web and came up with a few solutions for disinfecting my tank, but since I really don't want to kill my guppy fry, I will try them all. Today I filled the tank with warm water and loads of table salt. Tomorrow, I'll drain and rinse it, then wipe it with vinegar...
  15. ChaseO

    Filter For 20G Reef Tank

    New to saltwater aquariums, I have had a freshwater aquarium before but want to get started with salt water aquarium. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium. I want to get a filter for it, that will be suitable for corals in the future anemones, and fish. I don't want to spend over hundred and $120...
  16. AngelAi

    I Have An Idea!

    I dont know much about salt water tanks. but What if someone Made a filter that was also a heater? if there is not something like that already. It would save space in your tank.
  17. AngelAi

    Are These Fish Hard To Take Care Of?

      I Never had a salt water tank before just fresh water. I was thinking when I get the money to of getting a salt water tank and I would really like a tank of these little guys, And I was wondering if any other fish can go in with them or can they even be in a tank with more then one? are they...
  18. Nordk

    What Happened To My Snails?

    So, a month ago I put a melon sword in my gourami tank. About 2 weeks after that I noticed some Malasian Trumpet Snails crawling around, so I've been keeping an eye on the little hitch-hikers to make sure they don't take over. However, I found none today. The only occupant of the tank is a male...
  19. M

    Ich Death :(

    :,( Hypnos has succumbed to ich :( :( :( he developed little white spots on his tail fin about a week ago, then he started to lose his red colour :( I transferred him straight into my hospital tank, treated him with bettafix and salt and kept up my water changes in the hospital tank all week! He...
  20. Nordk

    Can Guppies Handle Salt Treatment?

    Hello everyone! Recently, I moved both of my guppies to a new tank, after their tank mate outgrew them. Shortly after, one of them died, and the other one became extremely ill, dying shortly after, despite many 70% water changes and a temp. raise with extra airation. One thing I did not try was...