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  1. Fishies1996!

    Mystery Snail Help!!

    We went to get some snails yesterday and at the same time we got our water tested, our water was apparently all good and I do a weekly 40-50% water change and have never had any issues with my test at home kit. This morning, each snail has excreted about 50 little black dots, at the first we...
  2. S

    Black Spots on Head?

    Hiya, first post here after snooping for a couple of years. One of my Channa andrao has developed black dots on her head, and she and the rest of the tank inhabitants are flashing regularly, but there are no other symptoms in the tank and parameters are absolutely normal (0ppm nitrites, 0ppm...
  3. back2thelotus

    Does my platy have ich? Please help!

    Hi, As mentioned in the title of this thread, I’m wondering if my platy has ich. About a week ago I noticed that the fish didn’t seem to be pooping, and seemed very lethargic. I fasted the tank for a day and fed peas afterwards. Then she seemed to perk up. Then, unfortunately she started to...
  4. H

    White spots on Guorami for the last month?

    Hello, I just bought a powder blue dwarf guorami a month ago. The day after I put her in the quarantine tank 4 white specks appeared. I’ve treating her steady with Paraguard (didn’t work), imagitarium parasite remedy, and currently ick-attack. In the one month I have only seen one speck...
  5. Kristin919

    Is it normal for fish to have debris on them?

    Hello, I recently got a betta fish after cycling my tank for a few weeks. I’m noticing that there are some particles on debris on the plants, filter rocks etc. and when my betta swims up next to one of these he gets the debris on him and it attaches for awhile but seems to fall off after some...
  6. Cameronb_01

    Concerned about Discus Health

    Hi, About three months ago one of my discus accumulated so many little black spots that he effectively half turned black. Apart from the visual deformation there were no changes to his appetite or behaviour around the tank, consequently I put the change down to a very severe and sudden case of...
  7. B

    Unknown Illness On New Otocinclus' - Fungus?

    Hello friends,   A few days ago, I brought home four otos. They appeared to have some minor ick (no surprise,) so they are in quarantine and being treated with Kordon Rid-Ich Plus. However, now it looks like something I'm unfamiliar with - maybe a fungus - is spreading among them. The dots are...
  8. A

    Sick? Stressed? Ich? Molly

    I got a fish a few days ago all ammonia level and nitrite is good and so is nitrate however one of my mollies has a white dryisish spot near its tail here it is 
  9. RedSandman

    White Spots On Decorations

    Hi,   I am half-way through performing a fishless cycle and I have noticed some white spots on a decoration log. The 36l tank is 10 days into the cycle. Water readings are what you would expect during the cycle with NH4, Nitrite and Nitrates all showing. pH is 7.6 and seem to be stable. I have...
  10. M

    Ich Death :(

    :,( Hypnos has succumbed to ich :( :( :( he developed little white spots on his tail fin about a week ago, then he started to lose his red colour :( I transferred him straight into my hospital tank, treated him with bettafix and salt and kept up my water changes in the hospital tank all week! He...