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Jun 28, 2017
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I came home and spotted my Blenny swimming around. I noticed two raised "pale" almost like areas on him.
He seems to be breathing abit more and swimming just a bit awkward.
I've noticed in the tank that a small blue eye tang is chasing him alot and has even pushed him out of his house.
I don't know if this is a symptom of him being stressed by the other fish.
The tank is 180 litres and the water is 10/10.


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Hard for me to tell what's goin on from the pics. How long have you had the blenny? Is there any sign of injury, like burns or punctures? Sometimes stings from corals/anemones will swell, as can injuries from little sharp things like sea urchin spines where the tips can break off in the skin (urchins with very thin, fragile spines can easily do that to a panicked fish that isn't watching where it's going). Fish that have had an event like that will often breath heavily for a while and behave strangely until the reaction settles down. Keep an eye on the fish and in particular watch out for any reddening - whether around the affected areas or elsewhere on the fish, which typically indicates some sort of infection.

This may not be what your fish has, but I will put it out there just in case: I had an engineer goby once that, after he reached full size, would regularly develop weird fluid-filled sacks in the same 2-3 places on his body over and over again with no apparent environmental cause. This went on for years, with bubbles hanging around in those spots for months until they'd eventually get popped from him digging around in rocks. I never did figure out what it was and could never see any evidence of infection/parasites/etc. No other fish in his tank ever came down with something like that, so my conclusion was that it was some non-contagious skin condition specific to that particular individual.

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