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  • I just was in the chat room. I told the ladies how helpful you were about the storm. Alot of people have questions, like I did. Thanks for being my friend Donya. Seeya, twofish
    Hi Donya, Thanks for the info, I feel so badly about the fish friends on the east coast...You seem VERY intelligent. I myself could be ur mother! Im a disabled nurse and have a BIG interest in shrimp(Bamboo & Cherry). Would love to hear your experiences. Thanks again for listening to me about the eastcoast Sandy Storm, your friend, twofish
    Hi Donya! I hope you don't mind me bugging you, but didn't you have a write up somewhere about being able to use tap water for marine? I briefly read it, but can't find it because the MARC disappeared. Thanks! Have a great day!
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