1. A

    Rummy nose aren’t well

    I bought 19 rummy nose tetras the about five days ago. I’m relatively new to the hobby so I’ve only recently been introduced to the idea of quarantining fish. I quarantined them for three days, treating them with metroplex to hopefully handle any illness or ailments they could’ve had. After...
  2. G

    Vanishing fish

    Hello I’m new here and need help iv been running my tank a while with a common pleco everything fine thing looks like Godzilla I introduce about 6 tetra 6 mollies two briatlenoses and a red tailed shark again everything no aggression tank still over sized for stock I add 3 angelfish and 6 tiger...
  3. K

    Help! White particles on top of water, cycling new tank

    Hi everyone I’m cycling an old tank it’s about the 3rd day I’ve added fish flakes and now I have these white particles on the top of the tank. Some are collecting on surfaces but mostly on the top of the tank. Does anyone know what this is and or if it is normal?
  4. Aquarist2020

    Help! Nitrate 160 ppm!

    So I tested my water today and it said nitrate is at 160ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm PH 8.8 Is cause i did the test during feeding time. My fish and inverts are fine.
  5. G

    HELP! I don't want to lose this fish!

    I have a low tech aquarium with Japanese Blue & Gold double sword guppies and shrimp that have been doing fantastic. My shrimp in other aquariums have been thriving because I feed blood worms to the fish so they eat them as well. Today I decided to feed my shrimp in the guppy tank some blood...
  6. K

    Help! White particles in tank multiplying and wont go away

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what this white stuff is in my tank? These are old pictures from a year ago. I’ve since taken my tanks down because of this white stuff, I’ve bleached everything and this stuff just seems to keep coming back. I’ve set up this tank again with just water and afilter...
  7. skemp96

    Platy not swimming?!

    So around 2 weeks ago I added 4 platys to my 180L tank (which already had 6 zebra danios in). 3 of the 4 platy's are absolutely fine and swim around happily all day long, however one of them literally just sits in the top corner of the tank all day long and very rarely moves, unless when...
  8. RenC

    Tank after disease

    So I cleared my fish of disease (yay!!!) Do you guys recommend leaving the tank as is since they’re better and I dosed the water. Or should I move my fish to a small tank (4gal) for the day and do a thorough cleaning of the decor and gravel where I rinsed the gravel in boiling water and all the...
  9. LexiLex888

    Water is cloudy then turns to green cloudy water every week!

    So I’ve had my 40 gallon tank set up for about a month or two now. All the rocks and decorations were in my previous 20 gallon tank (besides one new one). I only have one goldfish in the tank at the moment. I recently removed all the gravel and ornaments to treat anchor worm for 2 weeks. I...
  10. Goldfishgirl35

    Help! New Snails!

    I don't know if this qualifies as an emergency, but i just received a box with a bunch of mystery snails. They seemed to be fine while acclimating, but now that they're in the tank they've stopped moving around. (they were when I first put them in. Is something wrong? Some of them are not even...
  11. I

    [HELP] Clamped Fins - Young Guppy

    Firstly, I’d like to say I’m a bit new to fishkeeping, but I’m learning every day — thanks in advance for understanding. [EDIT] Picture attached is rotated — he’s always swimming horizontally. That’s just him pecking at some algae. I currently have a 20 gallon freshwater tank with some...
  12. C


    I just got my water tested yesterday before I got my electric Blue ram (all at my lfs who has never steered me wrong)- he’s now swimming all sorts of ways. He’s having trouble staying above the gravel too. His colors are perfectly fine other than some white around his belly but that might be...
  13. Aquarist2020

    Hi new to the forum

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I have a new 55 gallon gold fish tank that is full of air bubbles. I have been gone for a month. they hardly ate so how can ammonia come in. I did a water change and all it did is take away the stink ( there was a very bad stink ). Should I continue the water...
  14. LexiLex888

    One fish dead the other not looking good help!!

    So yesterday evening I did a water change on my goldfish tank (40 gallons) that only had two small goldfish in it. They seemed to be fine yesterday but this morning I woke up to one dead and the other laying on the bottom of the tank and it looks like his skin is peeling off? I do this water...
  15. BlakeFisher

    Zebra Danio Help

    I have only ever had Bettas and Plecos, but after the recent passing of my Betta fish, I decided I wanted to get a school of fish. I got a used 45g tank off marketplace. When I went to pick it up the guy asked if I Wanted his four fish. The tank was caked in dirt, and the fish were in a small...
  16. RenC

    Idk what’s wrong ):

    So this guppy has had white poop (it doesn’t move at all) and now today has stopped eating. One of my others has a similar issue but still eats. The white spots are new and just started today and affect none of my other fish but I did notice white particles coming out of my new filter so I’m...
  17. LexiLex888

    3 Guppies dead, is this a disease?

    So two nights ago I realized that one of my guppies had died. I didn’t see anything wrong and I figured that it was just of old age or something since he was an old fish. Then another one died and another! I have recently added two new lamp-eye tetras (in addition to my one already in the tank)...
  18. RenC

    White dots on fish, I don’t think it’s ich?

    Hi! I know I’m probably annoying with all my questions but. I recently got a new tank and the filter was very loud. The company sent me a new filter today. I rinsed it well and put it in to replace the old very loud filter. Directly after installing the new filter I noticed quite a bit of white...
  19. B

    Guppy eating other fish

    Hi everyone, I recently added 2 yellow cobra guppies to my tank, and they've eaten my smallest Endler :( i'm heartbroken I did so much research before buying them to make sure they get on with my current fish and this has happened... I read guppies are peaceful but now they've eaten my...
  20. B

    Yellow cobra guppy laid eggs

    Hi everyone. Recently I started an all Male tropical fish tank. I began by 4 male endlers and then last week added in 2 Male yellow cobra guppies. I didn't understand why all my endlers were chasing one of my new guppies every second of the day as they're all males. But today I noticed one of...