1. B

    OMG!! Please help me and my Banjo!

    so basically i moved him to my corydora breeder i think it all started by getting nipped by my semi aggressive yo yo loaches, giving the catfish its stress. There after a week went by i gave half doses of melafix. Then i started to notice huge white sore on him, they are so big i almost...
  2. R

    Is my Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    I was looking at my fish today and felt like it’s stomach looks like it’s big and need to know if I’m going to need to watch out for babies so I can separate them when they’re born so they don’t get eaten. I’m wondering if anyone is able to tell! Thank you for your help!
  3. C

    Beginner question

    Hi all I am very new into the fish keeping world and I made the horrid mistake of buying a black comet goldfish and a shubunkin a while back (3 years) and they have been kept in a small prison 30L tank which not to my knowledge until recently is far far too small for them. I have actually...
  4. A

    Vampire crab BREEDING!!

    Hey guys! Wondering if there's any information you guys can give me about breeding vampire crabs? There isn't much information online only categorizes it as difficult and tells you what the female does once pregnant. Any information would be brilliant!! Cheers Ath
  5. W

    Pregnant or not?

    Hi, One of me dwarf guaramis has gradually become bloated, originally we thought pregnant but now after researching this I’m unsure. Please let me know what to do, I’m pretty new to the fish keeping life. I know my tank isn’t clean was in the process before I noticed the fish! They were my first...
  6. A


    EDIT!!!! Update!!!! MOLLY HAD BABIES ABOUT 3 HOURS AFTER POSTED. HERES PICS. My molly is pregnant and about to pop I just don’t know what I’m doing and need help lol. Here she is. Idk how long she’s been pregnant all I know is she’s about to give birth maybe. The male is freaking out hanging...
  7. Sgooosh

    Is she pregnant? Sry if wrong place

    Blue one she is heavily breathing
  8. carligraceee


    HEY GUYS THIS IS SUPER URGENT! So my Dalmatian molly (Sherlock) was doing fine ever since I purchased him. However, I just purchased a new tank with a filter and heater. I set the heater to around 75 degrees and everything was fine until this morning. One of my girls went into hiding in the...
  9. jedimildred54

    Help is this dropsy? African Dwarf Frog

    I fed my African dwarf frog brine shrimp for the first time a day and a half ago. He was floating near the top, but he DOES go down. I did a 25% water change today. All the levels are good.. He seems more bloated then usual. Is this dropsy? Link to video of him swimming: .
  10. L

    Missing fish?

    Hello, I have only had my tropical fish and the tank for a week now, however in that week some fish have started to go missing. 3 tetras and one guppy have mysteriously vanished with no sign of their bodies (we also checked the filter today with no luck). We have reason to believe they have...
  11. N

    Random Pattern Appeared (Blue RCS)

    Hi all! Any ideas what this random pattern is? I doubt it is associated with being berried as I have 8 others who currently are and all is well with them! Yesterday it was 4 dots, today it is 5!
  12. K

    synodontis catfish sudden death :'(

    Hi everyone. We have had a synodontis catfish for most of our fish keeping life. I came downstairs this morning to see he had passed away. I am utterly devastated, he was the friendliest fish we have had in our tank and he was absolutely gorgeous, even neon looking around his edges. He was my 3...
  13. ShmolanMcGolan

    Round beetle-like creatures found in my aquarium (and flatworms)

    I need some assistance... I recently bought some aquarium plants, and with them came detritus worms (which I expected) but after a while, small flea looking bugs started swimming around my aquarium. There seem to be two different types as well. Some tend to glide around, while others dart super...
  14. M

    Help is my Cory dying?

    Hi, I'm new to fishkeeping and have been loving it, however I am worried about one of my Corys. I have 3 in a 57 litre (12.5g) tank along with 6 neon tetras, 4 danios and a dwarf gouramis. A few weeks ago the smallest Cory disappeared and I couldn't find him. A few days later I found him stuck...
  15. S


    Hi, I have a 60 liter tank quite a few live plants a eheim classic 250 and a seachem tidal 35. My nitrates have slightly spiked to about 40ppm and have done lots of water changes but I think my tap water has naturally high nitrates can't get rodi machines or water. So was thinking about Nitra...
  16. E

    Betta Illness Help

    Hello! I got my betta Neptune four months ago and he has been doing amazing until this past sunday (five days ago). I noticed he was tending to the corner of the tank and didn’t sleep in the leaves of my java fern like he normally does. I noticed a bulge towards his tail and that he would tend...
  17. valentea

    Betta Fish is sick... don't know what he has

    Hello! I've had my betta for around a year now, he's always a very hungry guy and energetic. A week ago I noticed his fins were starting to get folded but I didn't think much of it (out of ignorance). Then, two days ago he was just at the bottom of the tank, didn't come up to eat, had no...
  18. W.R

    Another Help! what sex are my honey gourami! Post

    Heya! so I've got three honey gourami, one male? in sunset colours who's starting to show some black on the cheeks, one wild coloured variant lady?? who I got from a really renowned fish store but who is now starting to show a black nose to anal fin and white dorsal, is she a he?? and another...
  19. newmag1659

    I cannot shake this algae and it’s starting to starve my plants

    I just tested my parameters about 10 minutes ago so I know they’re pretty accurate. pH: 8.4 (tap is nearly 9.0) Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm It is a 20 gallon high with 6 corys, 2 adult Gardneri killifish, and a couple Gardneri fry. Relatively under stocked I think, but fully...
  20. J

    Celestial pearl danio feeding habits

    Hi guys, i recently got 3 cpds for my 10g tank (will be adding more as time goes by, i do not want any ammonia spikes). They are a really shy bunch and they hardly ever eat the food i throw into the aquarium unless it has sunk to the floor. I have noticed that if they feel like eating they will...