1. S

    Tank disease?

    Hi, I know it’s a blurry picture but can anyone identify what is happening in my goldfish tank? I am at a total loss. It’s a 70 gallon. Here is the back story. I have had this specific goldfish tank for over 2 years, have been keeping fish my whole life, and have many other tanks in my house...
  2. C

    Seemingly faded patch on one side of zebra danio

    Hello, firstly, sorry if this is the wrong category, please do correct me if I am wrong. Yesterday I noticed a white patch on one side of my female zebra danio, she doesn't seem affected by it or anything and is behaving normally. Just curious of what it could be and if it needs treating or...
  3. 2

    Pregnant or Dropsy??

    i thought my female guppy was pregnant and laying on the bottom of the tank because she was about to give birth. 4 days later she’s still laying on the bottom and has her scales sticking up. i still can’t tell if she’s pregnant or if it’s dropsy, she has had babies before.
  4. F

    Help! Disease or stress?

    Hey all! New Betta owner here; I got my male Betta (his name is Pax) from the pet store yesterday. Have had him as well as the tank for about 24 hours now. There are two white dots on him but it doesn’t look like ich to me, though it very well could be. One white dot on each eye, almost...
  5. G

    Anyone know whats wrong with my Black Skirt Tetra?

    Uploaded a video of him, he was fine yesterday, but now he's like this.
  6. R

    Help with my guppy

    Hi Everyone, I have a 30cm cube tank with 2 muscles, 20 cherry shrimp 5 dwarf rasboras, 5 neon tetras, 1 female betta and 4 guppys 2 male and 2 female. Recently one of my male guppies has developed a white colouring on his bottom lip but no other signs of anything on his body. He has stopped...
  7. CozyCat

    Please help! Cloudy water

    Hi I set this tank up in September 2021 and have been dealing with cloudy water since late November. The filter sponges constantly clog with brown gunk and you can't see the back of the tank let alone the big piece of driftwood that's suppose to be in the middle. A layer of brown gunk coats...
  8. C

    Fish Dying ?

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some help. So, I got a freshwater tank in Setember last year. I follow all the tips i could find so it would go smootly. I have 7 corys in the tank and 3 plecos (i know you not supposed to keep plecos together, i didnt know about that until recently but they...
  9. D

    White flim?

    Any idea what this is?? About 3 weeks ago 2 of my Otto fish died and a kinda white film on them but figured they were dead a few days before I noticed them (tank was heavily planted and they like to hide) did many water changes over the past few weeks. I JUST put the droft wood in maybe two days...
  10. E

    Poorly Balloon Molly

    Please can someone help, my molly has all of a sudden been swimming funny today and I have noticed split fins. I’m unsure if this is injury from fighting or fin rot, I did my research and made sure all tank mates are compatible to the best of my knowledge. I have 3 balloon mollies, 5 neon tetra...
  11. C

    Help with seachem flourish excel

    If someone could help me it would be great. I have a 200L tank that is planted with java fern and dwarf saggartia (probably spelt wrong) i am using seachum flourish excel and the bottle says after a large water change I need to add 20ml then every day its 5ml for the 200L. Am I over dosing it...
  12. S


    Guys only recently i posted both my goldfish having finrot....and they healed...moved em to the main again the 2nd goldfish is having severe finrot again incase if yall...
  13. S

    Help pls!! Giant Gourami Coughing

    Hello everyone, I have a wonderful giant gourami and recently he has started coughing out bubbles violently. It happens occasionally. He is also sleeping more and taking naps often. Occasionally he twitches and it looks like he has involuntary spasms. His appetite is good as usual. We generally...
  14. N

    Fat corydora?

    We got 3 corydoras at the same time and they were all the same size but one of them is now much bigger than the other two? Does anyone know why and should we be worried? (We have 6corydoras now) Thanks x
  15. E

    Goldfish Disease Identification ?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using an other forum for 5 years but we can’t seem to figure out this problem with my goldfish. Thanks in advance for any help and advice. I’ve had this common goldfish for 6 years. Currently in a 20g cycled aquarium alone with a filter and aerator. Ammonia...
  16. biofish

    How to breed a kinda gay fish?

    So I have this male guppy, Menma, and im about 92% sure he’s gay. He flares his fins and goes the little seizure mate dance thing to his fellow guppy men in the male tank. There was one male guppy, Nards, in particular that Menma followed around like a love struck puppy; no aggression no nips or...
  17. D

    Snail problem?!

    My tank is being over run by pest snails. I currently have my betta in a 10 gallon and when I noticed snails started appearing I purchased an assain snail, they producing faster than it was eating so I purchased another and planned on moving the second one to a different tank once the pests were...
  18. G

    Will this be to many fish?

    I've got a 50 gallon tank, it's length is 40 Inches, Width is 15 Inches and height is 20 Inches. I've had the tank for over a Month now I've currently got: 6 Black Skirt Tetras 6 Emperor Tetras 8 Neon Tetras 5 Zebra Danios I want to add these fish to the tank: 2-3 Neon Tetras 6 Diamond Tetras...
  19. P

    White skinny but thick poop from angelfish

    Had my angelfish for about a week and today one was pooping white stuff. Only posting because it doesn't look stringy to me, but maybe I'm wrong. Only other thing I've noticed is that is one of my other angelfish getting air from the surface. I did find another one of these poos floating around...
  20. G

    Something wrong with Zebra Danio?

    Got these zebra danios 2 days ago, he was fine this morning and after feeding them flake food, he's stuck floating at the top of the water. he's still quite active as you can see, but he's not going down and seems to be slightly floating on his side at the top.