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    Bichir Eye Fungus?

    I was wondering if my new bichir I bought has an eye fungus? I bought it a month ago and it’s currently in a 10 gallon tank by itself. The tank used to have my feeder guppies in it so it was all set and cycled when but then all of the guppies disappeared after a couple of weeks and I’m pretty...
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    HELP! Algea, Fungus, and Snail Eggs???

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon aquarium that's been cycled for a month or so at least. No fish in it at the moment but a while ago a fish died and I couldn't find it so I couldn't take it out of the tank. Now I have - brown algea looking stuff on my rocks and plants - Some dark green or black algea...
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    New to the hobby and need some assistance

    Set up is a planted Fuval flex 15 gallon tank with 10 Cardinal tetras, 10 Amano shrimp, 12 cherry shrimp and a Betta.. Water parameters are 5Gh, 5kh, Ph@ 7.0, Ammonia @ 0, Nitrites @ 0, Nitrates @ 10-15 ppm, TDS 380 ish....I have a growth in the Aquarium, that I cannot identify nor find...
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    White fuzz on mollies

    Just noticed on a few of my mollies a while fuzz on their eyes, mouths and fins, is it fungus? Not sure what to do. Have some white spot and fungus treatment will that work? Tried turning resolution down for photo and video but it won’t work. Also have 4 molly fry that have it and they ask just...
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    Blenny Raised areas - Diagnose

    I came home and spotted my Blenny swimming around. I noticed two raised "pale" almost like areas on him. He seems to be breathing abit more and swimming just a bit awkward. I've noticed in the tank that a small blue eye tang is chasing him alot and has even pushed him out of his house. I don't...