HELP! Algea, Fungus, and Snail Eggs???


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Apr 9, 2020
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Hi, I have a 55 gallon aquarium that's been cycled for a month or so at least. No fish in it at the moment but a while ago a fish died and I couldn't find it so I couldn't take it out of the tank.

Now I have
- brown algea looking stuff on my rocks and plants
- Some dark green or black algea in the corner of my tank
- White fungus looking stuff on my wood
- and a snail infestation... snails everywhere! I think I have eggs on the surface aswell

What should I do? What are these fungus/algea? How do I get rid of all the tiny snails and potentially eggs?

My dad told me to restart and just bleach the tank... sounds like a bad idea but wanted to also ask if this was ok to do?


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I don't think the situation is serious enough for such drastic measures. Take a deep breath and don't panic ;) - the tank most likely isn't ruined and can be stabilized with a bit of care. What are the water parametres (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphate)? I'd suggest removing the algae and the white fuzz manually if you can - you can use a toothbrush, old credit card or razor to scrape it off. If the parametres are out of whack keep performing water changes until they go down; daily if need be. How long do you leave the lights on in the tank? You might want to reduce the photoperiod a bit to discourage algae growth. And add some fast growing live plants like hornwort or floaters - they will consume some of the nutrients in the water and create competition for the algae, limiting its growth in the long run. The white things near the water surface are not snail eggs, it's just air bubbles/foam.
I don't see any snail eggs, all I see are air bubbles on the surface and some fungus on the wood.

Take the wood out and hose it off, then put it back in the tank.
Do a big water change (90%) and gravel clean the substrate.
Refill the tank with dechlorinated water.
Wait a few days then add a couple of fish.

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