snail eggs

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  1. K

    Nerite snail eggs?? Help!

    I thought I had a pest snail problem but after speaking with a local fish “expert” she said I have nerite snail eggs. 🤨 I have had nerite snails for 3 years (got them because I was told they would not reproduce) and have never seen an egg until recently. So why now?? I have these little white...
  2. K

    Nerite snail fungus?? Help!

    So I admit I don’t know much about snails. I have had a freshwater tank for about 2 years now & nerite snails were recommended. I got them & they have been fantastic! A few have died & been replaced but besides that great! I noticed some white spots on 1 of the snails & wondering what they are...
  3. Tacocat

    How should I get rid of my Ramshorn snail eggs?

    I have a 5gallon tank with a Ramshorn and some cherry shrimp. The other day I noticed something that I'm pretty sure are eggs, but are quite small. However, my family and I don't particularly want any baby Ramshorns as I have heard they are quite prolific. How should I encourage the shrimps to...
  4. T

    HELP! Algea, Fungus, and Snail Eggs???

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon aquarium that's been cycled for a month or so at least. No fish in it at the moment but a while ago a fish died and I couldn't find it so I couldn't take it out of the tank. Now I have - brown algea looking stuff on my rocks and plants - Some dark green or black algea...
  5. K

    Will Other Fish Eat my Mystery snails' Eggs???

    I bought some mystery snails for my new tank because they are excellent cleaners since they like to munch on the left over food on top of my substrate. I knew they were breeders but I didn't know that they would breed *this* fast. I've had them for about 4 days now and they started laying eggs...
  6. S

    Snail eggs ???

    Hi, Are these pictures below snail eggs? I was sure they were until I noticed the colour, they are almost a transparent orange in colour with small black dots, not clear with white dots which is what is showing online. Thankyou
  7. M

    Snail Eggs

    Hi i have had snail eggs on the side of my tank for 23 days now and they haven't hatched can someone help.
  8. T

    Are My Snails Laying Eggs?

    Hi everyone!   I have a small filtered tank that I felt only suitable for snails. I currently have three baby snails I assume are apple snails (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!) I got the little guys/girls from a pet store about two weeks ago and they're already growing.    Two out...